Best Fetch Toys For Dogs, & Toys For Dogs To Chase



In this guide we list some of the top dog fetch toys, and toys for dogs to chase. 

We’ve divided those toys into 1. Balls & Ball Launchers, 2. Frisbee Toys & Discs, and 3. Flirt Poles & Lure Toys (designed for short distance chasing).

We’ve also included a link to a general buyer’s guide and answers to some FAQs about dog toys.

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


Best Fetch Toys For Dogs, & Toys For Dogs To Chase: Top Toys

Some of the top fetch and chase dog toys are:

Ball Toys, & Ball Launchers


Ball Launchers


Frisbee Toys & Discs


Flirt Poles & Lure Toys


Best Fetch Toys For Dogs, & Toys For Dogs To Chase: Reviews


Best Fetch Toys For Dogs, & Toys For Dogs To Chase: Buyer’s Guide

Ball Toys vs Frisbees & Discs vs Flirt Poles & Lure Toys

Balls are probably the most versatile and durable. You can throw them for your dog, but you can also pick them up and launch them with a ball launcher. The good balls usually last a while.

Frisbees and discs need to be thrown by you as the owners – there’s hard, nylon and polyester frisbees and discs available.

Flirt poles and lure toys are great for getting your dog to chase over the distance of a metre or two. You can simply handle the lure rod, and move the lure toy back and forth and get your dog to chase it.

So – pick a toy/device that suits your needs and preferences.


General Buyer’s Guide & FAQ Guide For Dog Toys

We’ve put together this buyer’s and FAQ guide for dog toys where we outline information on:

  • The substitution of interaction, attention and exercise for dog toys
  • Different types and styles of dog toys
  • Different materials commonly used in dog toys
  • New, secondhand, homemade and DIY, and sustainable/eco friendly and natural dog toys
  • What size dog toy to get
  • How you might maintain your dog’s interest in it’s toys
  • Safety considerations for dog toys
  • How you might find safe dog toys (and some further information on dog toy safety)
  • Other potential problems with some dog toys
  • Dog toys specifically for puppies
  • What to do with used dog toys
  • How to wash/clean dog toys safely


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