Best Indestructible Dog Leashes For Chewers


Having a leash that is at risk of being chewed to pieces every time you take it out is not only a safety hazard when walking, but they get frustrating and expensive to replace.

We’ve already outlined what some of the overall best dog leashes might be, but in the guide below we look at some of the best indestructible and chew proof dog leashes for more aggressive and heavy chewers.

We want to point out that no pet product on the market is completely chew proof, and that includes dog leashes, but these leases are as heavy duty and chew resistant as it gets.

Let’s take a look at them!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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Best Indestructible Dog Leashes For Chewers

Nylon Leashes

Our top pick for the best indestructible and chew proof dog leashes are the:


Other indestructible type, and chew resistant type leashes include:


Metal/Chain Leashes


Leather Leashes


Retractable Leashes


Other retractable leashes you might look at:


We want to point out that in our opinion, retractable dog leashes are not the best option for bigger powerful dogs, and dogs who pull a lot.

Shorter standard leashes are much better for those dogs.

We also want to put out that the retractable leashes mentioned in this guide are not completely unbreakable or indestructible – they are just the most heavy duty leashes we could find available on the market at the moment.


*Other Notes – don’t get a chain/metal leash if you believe your dog will chew it and damage their teeth.


Best Indestructible Dog Leashes: Reviews

Pet Lovers Heavy Duty Premium Dog Leash

View On Amazon

A double layer heavy duty dog leash which makes this leash 2 x stronger than regular nylon leashes.

Despite the strength of this leash, it is still very lightweight. It’s also waterproof and equally good in warm or cold weather.

One of the great things is this leash has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The bright blue and red leashes stand out, and the leash also includes reflective stitching to better pick up the light.

Really soft padding in the handle makes it soft to grip onto while walking or training.

Suitable for small, medium and small dogs.

Comes in 5 colors and types in total – black, blue, red, reflective red, and reflective black.

View Pet Lovers Heavy Duty Premium Dog Leash (on Amazon)


Hamilton 4 Foot Metal Chain Dog Leash

A 4 foot long metal chain dog leash with a nylon webbing handle that is 100% first run, professional grade.

It includes a snap bolt at the end to attach to a harness or collar.

All the hardware on this leash is guaranteed against rust, tarnish or breakage.

Not the best leash for walking your dog long distances, or for dogs that pull.

Hamilton 4 Foot Metal Chain Dog Leash (on Amazon)


Primal Pet Gear Premium Heavy Duty Dog Leash

A 6 foot dog leash made of only nylon, that is guaranteed to stand up to the pressure of dogs up to 200lbs, but is also equally as suitable for small and medium sized dogs.

3mm thick and 1 wide with a 2″ Heavy Duty Clip – the leash is 1.5 times thicker than most standard leashes.

It’s very versatile as you can use it for walking and training + adventure and hiking.

It has reflective stitching for extra visibility and safety for night time walks. The handle is also padded for comfort and a soft grip.

There’s also a chrome plated D ring half way down the leash to clip dog poop bag holders to.

Comes in 3 cool colors – black, red and blue.

View Primal Pet Gear Premium Heavy Duty Dog Leash on Amazon


Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash

A leash that is 1.5 times thicker than most standard leashes.

Measures 3mm thick and 1” wide with tightly webbed nylon for strength in construction.

The neoprene rubber handle is very comfortable to grip.

Reflective stitching for safety, and has large a 2” heavy duty clip and thick D-ring for further attachments.

Comes in 2 colors – black and blue, or black and green.

100% satisfaction guarantee for complete peace of mind.

View Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash (on Amazon)


Max and Neo Double Handle Dog Leash, 6 Foot Long

The thing we love about this leash is that for every leash bought, they donate a leash to a local dog rescue so the dog rescues don’t go without.

1″ wide and made of 2mm thick heavy duty nylon. Has two handles for greater control.

The handles are very soft, and the leash also inclues the standard heavy duty clasp, D ring and reflective stitching.

LIFETIME warranty included.

Comes in 5 colors – black, blue, pink, purple and red.

View Max and Neo Double Handle Dog Leash (on Amazon) – lifetime guarantee


Best Indestructible Dog Leashes: Buyer’s Guide

I Just Want A Leash That Can’t Be Chewed Through … Which One Should I Get?

The Hamilton 4 Foot Metal Chain Dog Leash (on Amazon) metal/chain part of the leash can’t be chewed through.

Most dogs won’t try to chew a metal/chain leash, but some might.

You take the risk if they do try to chew it that they may damage their teeth.


Nylon Dog Leash vs Metal Chain Dog Leash – Which Should I Get?

Nylon dog leashes are much lighter and much better as an all around dog leash in our opinion.

Metal/chain dog leashes can’t be chewed through (apart from the nylon handle), but if your dog does try to chew on them, they can hurt their teeth.

Also, metal/chain dog leashes are much heavier and usually shorter than nylon leashes.

A metal chain is also quite painful to grab on any part of the leash apart from the soft nylon handle.

Fort these reasons, we prefer the heavy duty reinforced nylon leashes.


My Dog Just Won’t Stop Chewing On His/Her Leash No Matter What I Try – What Do I Do?

If you’ve tried teaching and training your dog yourself to stop chewing on his/her leash – it’s worth going to a professional dog trainer for a few sessions to get a training program you can use.

Ask your vet, or ring up a dog club or dog training facility in your area and ask for a recommendation of a good trainer.

Common training for stopping chewing include:


Treat/Reward based training

You bring your dog’s leash towards them.

When they go to chew if, you say stop – if your dog stops, you reward them with a treat. Repeat until your dog doesn’t want to chew on their leash anymore.

Once you’ve mastered this with the leash off, progress into the same training with the leash on, and then with the leash on and slowly walking.


Re direction training

You say stop, unclip the leash, and replace it with your dog’s favorite bone or chew toy


In general, puppies want to chew on everything while they are teething, and adults dogs still may want chew items to exercise their jaw and clean their teeth.

Make sure you have lots of super heavy duty chew resistant dog chew toys for your dog to chew on


What Is The Best Chew Proof or Non Chewable Retractable Dog Leash?

Our experience is that there are no chew resistant or non chewable retractable dog leashes on the market.

Most retractable dog leashes are made with a very thin ribbon type cord/leash.

This ribbon is extremely easy to chew through compared to a chain leash or thick nylon leash.

Further to that, retractable dog leashes are really only suitable as a durable dog leash for smaller and medium sized dogs, and dogs that aren’t going to pull.

It’s so easy to grind up the wheel and auto lock feature inside the retractable leash unit.

For these reasons, we prefer thick nylon leashes.


What Makes A Strong & Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash?

The main features of a heavy duty retractable dog leash are:

A strong cord/leash

A retractable housing unit that is sturdy and not just cheap plastic

A strong cord locking mechanism that won’t grind down or break within a few days, weeks or months of getting the leash

A leash that can withstand some pulling



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