Best Dog Leashes In 2022/2023: Top Rated


In this guide, we list some of the best dog leashes across different categories.

We list the best regular dog leashes, but also dog leashes for chewers, for pulling, retractable dog leashes, and more.

Let’s take a look at them!


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Best Dog Leashes

Some of the top rated dog leashes are:


Flat Nylon Leashes


Rope Nylon Leashes


Retractable Leashes


Hands Free Dog Leashes. & Leashes That Go Around Your Waist

  • [Currently unavailable] TaoTronics Retractable Hands Free Dog Leash with Dual Bungees (on Amazon)
  • Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash (on Amazon) – for walking, training, running, hiking and other athletic activities. For dogs up to 100 lbs.


Long Leashes, & Training Leashes


Double Handle Leashes

You can read more about double handle dog leashes in this guide.


Metal/Chain Leashes


Leather Leashes


Reflective Leashes


Dog Leashes For Dogs That Pull

You can read about some of the best dog leashes for dogs that pull in this guide.

Some of the best leashes might include leashes with shock absorbers, double handles (for more control), padded handles (to minimize leash burn and pressure), that are made of strong material, that have some ‘give’ in them (like rope materials that can be more stretchy, leashes that are made specifically for pulling, and leashes that come with a guarantee on the performance of the leash.


Indestructible Dog Leashes (For Chewers)

The heavy duty flat nylon, heavy duty rope nylon, metal and leather leashes above might all be good as leashes for chewers, as they are all some of the strongest leashes on the market.

Read about some of the best indestructible dog leashes for chewers and heavy pulling in this guide.

Another option can be a leash like:

  • LeashBoss Long Nylon Leash (on Amazon) – A 5 year manufacturers warranty that protects against defects, product issues, and chewed leashes. 4 sizes available – 15, 20, 30 and 50 feet.


Dual Leashes & Splitters For Two Dogs


Dog Leashes For Bikes


LED Dog Leashes


Eco Friendly Dog Leashes


Best Dog Leashes: Buyer’s Guide

Types Of Dog Leashes, & What They Might Be Used For

Flat Nylon Leashes

Modern flat nylon leashes are some of the most popular on the market.

They can be used for all types of normal walking and regular physical activity.

The heavy duty nylon leashes can be very strong and durable.

May or may not come with a padded handle.


Rope Nylon Leashes

Similar uses and traits as the flat nylon leashes, except they are made of new or pre-used nylon rope instead.

Can sometimes have a bit more stretch/give in the rope compared to flat nylon leashes which don’t stretch out or give at all past a certain point (like when a dog pulls).

May or may not come with a padded handle.


Retractable Leashes

Retracts and extends a leash on a wheel in the leash handle unit, and you can set the leash length with a button.

Some people have a preference against using retractable leashes because they can break down over time as more pressure it put on the handle unit and wheel. This can especially be true of dogs that pull a lot.


Hands Free Dog Leashes

These types of dog leashes are good for anyone who wants to have their dog on a leash while not using their hands to hold the leash.

A few of the biggest benefits include:

Reduced stress to the neck and arm – your waist and back will take the force instead

Allows hands free activities when running, walking, hiking or training

Can use them as a normal leash by disconnecting the waist band – so you can use them as a normal shorter leash too


This makes them good for:





Holding a baby while having your dog on a leash

People who have dogs that pull

People that want a long or short leash


Also note that you will need to do two things before you buy any hands free dog leash:

1. Measure your waist, and look at the length of the hands free dog leash waistband. Make sure the band will fit around your waist

2. Look at what weight range of dogs the leash is rated for. Most hands free leashes are rated for 30-100 lbs dogs. Some are rated for up to 150lbs dogs.


They might not be as good for strong dogs that pull, areas where there is a lot of people and vehicle traffic, and areas where you need to have tighter control of a dog.


Long Leashes, & Training Leashes

For training and other activities where you need a longer leash radius.


Double Handle Leashes

Designed for increased control over your dog.


Metal/Chain Leashes

Can be used in place of nylon leashes where a nylon leash might get too easily destroyed – such as for dogs that are chewers.


Leather Leashes

Can be as heavy duty or more heavy duty than a heavy duty nylon leash.

Built to be a strong and durable type of leash.


Reflective Leashes

For night time walking – light reflect off the collar for added visibility.


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Chewers?

The heavy duty flat nylon, heavy duty rope nylon, metal and leather leashes above might all be good as leashes for chewers, as they are all some of the strongest leashes on the market.

Read about some of the best indestructible dog leashes for chewers and heavy pulling in this guide.

But, if the chewing is a real problem – you may need to engage in some training to get your dog to stop chewing the leash.


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Pulling?

Either leashes that are heavy duty, or leashes that are both heavy duty but have some ‘give’ in them.

A heavy duty rope leash might be an example of the latter.

A leash with a padded handle also helps so your hand doesn’t have as much friction and pressure put on it.

You can read more in this guide about how you might train a dog not to pull on his or her leash.


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Running?

It depends where you are running.

Hands free leashes can be good for well behaved dogs and for certain running areas.

A shorter leash might be better if you want more control over a dog while running.


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Training?

It depends on the training.

Long leashes can be good for recall and similar training exercises.

A short leash might be fine for activities like heeling.


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Hiking?

Similar to running – it depends on the dog and where you are hiking.

In some situations, you may be hiking in challenging terrain, and you’ll need a shorter leash that gives you more control and keeps your dog safe.


What Dog Leash Is Good For A Bike?

You may like to read these guides:

Bike Dog Leash, Tow Bar & Exerciser

Bike Tow Leash vs Walky Dog Plus: Comparison, & Which Is Better?


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Small Dogs?

Almost all dog leashes suit small dogs.


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Big Dogs?

Dog leash manufacturers usually include in their product description the size or weight of dog that the leash is designed for.

The heavier duty leashes are usually best for big dogs.

The heavy duty nylon, heavy duty rope, dog leashes that mention they are specifically designed for large dogs, and dog leashes with a guarantee on their performance might be better for big dogs.

But, it can also depend on the dog – some big dogs are very well behaved and don’t put much pressure on the leash. So, take this into account.

These guides about dog leashes for large dogs, and dog leashes for dogs that pull, might both be useful for bigger, stronger and more forceful dogs.


Are Retractable Dog Leashes Good For Big Dogs?

If you’re getting a retractable leash for a big dog, you’ll want to check:

– It is designed for large dogs

– Check also what maximum weight of dog it is designed for e.g. most of the above dog leashes are designed for 110lb dogs maximum


Our top picks for the best retractable dog leash for large/big dogs are:


We personally prefer the normal heavy duty nylon leashes.

You don’t have to worry about the retractable unit breaking, or the lock button not working or straining the leash wheel inside the leash unit. 

Once a retractable dog leash wheel or lock button breaks, the leash is basically useless and you have to buy another one. They can be unpredictable to say the least.

If you have a dog that doesn’t pull that much, you might be ok with a good quality retractable dog leash.


What Dog Leashes Are Good For Two Or Multiple Dogs?

When it comes to having multiple dogs on a leash, there’s a few options:

– Use multiple leashes, with one dog on each leash

– Use one dual leash with 2 dogs on one leash

– Use a coupler or 2 way splitters – which allows 2 dogs on one leash (which is essentially what a dual leash is)

– Use a 3 way splitter, which allows 3 dogs on one leash

Read more about dog leashes for 2 or multiple dogs in this guide.


Dog Leashes For The Beach & Swimming

Read more in this guide about dog leashes that might be suitable for the beach and swimming.


Dog Leashes For Walking At Night

Reflective dog leashes, or LED light up/glowing dog leashes may be best for walking in the dark or at night.


Eco Friendly Dog Leashes

Regular dog leashes are usually made of cotton, nylon, polyester, plastic and other materials that go to landfill.

These materials also create a carbon footprint in the manufacture process

The designs or colors on these leashes may also be made with synthetic dyes.

With eco leashes, if the leashes are made from recycled material it means obviously new materials don’t have to be manufactured, and old material doesn’t have to go to landfill.

Upcycled leashes are even better because it means leashes don’t have to go through the recycling process which in itself leaves some form of a carbon footprint.

A non toxic leash might also be good because it means the colors or design is made with non toxic dye or imprinted on the leash.


On Leash & Off Leash Training – Basic Tips

Read more in this guide about some basic tips for on leash and off leash training.

We discuss things such as training for heeling, pulling, stopping, lunging, and more.

That guide is a good compliment to this one which has some more basic training tips in it.


Other Resources On Dog Leashes

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