Best Dog Leashes For Dogs That Pull


If you have a dog that pulls, you’ll know it can lead to frustration, and also sore hands, arms and shoulders.

Apart from doing some preventative training to stop the pulling, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a good leash. 

In this guide, we look at what might be some of the best leashes fordogs that pull.

Let’s take a look!


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Best Dog Leashes For Dogs That Pull

Our top picks for the best dog leashes for dogs that pull are:

Shock Absorbing Leash


Rope Leash


Double Handle, Heavy Duty Leash


Regular Nylon Leash


Long Leash


Best Dog Leashes For Dogs That Pull: Reviews

Tuff Mutt Hands Free & Shock Absorbing Dog Leash

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A really versatile dog leash that is one of our favorites.

You can use it as either a hands free dog leash for walking, running and other adventure activities.

Or, you can simply detach the hands free waist band and use it as a normal leash.

In terms of support for dogs that pull, this leash is 4 feet, but has a bungee extension built into the leash that allows an extra foot of shock absorbing pull – so the leash can stretch from 4 to 5 feet when your dog pulls and absorb some of that pull shock for you that a rigid leash wouldn’t.

Other features of this dog leash include:

Two handles – one close to you and one close to your dog to allow more control when your dog pulls

The leash material is very durable and weather resistnat

Reflective stitching for 

An easy glide clip on the waist belt which allows your dog and the leash to move freely

5 colors available – blue, orange, red, teal and green

Lifetime limited guarantee on the leash

Leash works best with medium to large dogs (30-100lbs)

Waist belt is 48 inches in length


If you use this leash in it’s hand free form, always consider existing back or hip conditions, and seek a professional health expert’s advice if you have any questions about using it.

View Tuff Mutt Hands Free & Shock Absorbing Dog Leash (on Amazon)


Leashboss Double Handle Heavy Duty Dog Leash For Large Dogs That Pull

A VERY heavy duty dog leash designed specifically for large dogs that pull.

It has two padded flat handles that not only give you greater control with two handles, but the handles themselves are very comfortable and won’t dig into your hands.

Because the handles are rigid, they don’t bend.

The leash is ideal for dogs over 40 pounds and can be used with both traditional collars and front harnesses.

Other features of the leash include:

It is made of very strong nylon material

The leash is 5 feet in length – not too short and not too long

Made in the USA

Comes in 4 great colors – black, blue, red and purple

Comes with 5 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY – Leashboss products automatically come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty that protects against defects, product issues, and chewed leashes.

View Leashboss Double Handle Heavy Duty Dog Leash For Dogs That Pull (on Amazon)


Pet Lovers Club Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Leash

This is our favorite standard dog leash overall on the market.

It’s suitable for dogs of all sizes and a range of different activities.

It’s features include:

It’s made of VERY heavy duty nylon material

The handle is very well padded to protect against pulling

It comes in both a 1 layer, and a 2 layer version of the leash – 2 layer for big dogs with more strength

The leash is 6 feet in length which makes it good as a short dog leash

The grip is very soft and comfortable

Strong metal clip for attaching to a harness or collar

It has a D clip near the handle for attaching poop bag holders

Comes in 5 different colors

View Pet Lovers Club Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Leash (on Amazon)


Leashboss Long Training Leash

If you want a long leash for no pull training, this one is it.

Leashboss make very high quality leashes and this one is no different. It’s very versatile as you can use it for hiking, camping, training, hunting, backyard, beach, recall training, outdoor play with tennis balls, and even swimming!

It also comes with a rubber handle that won’t cut into your hand when you dog pulls.

Other features include:

It’s made of very high quality nylon that is both very strong

Comes in 3 different maximum lengths – 20, 30 and 50 feet

Comes in two colors – black, or a highly visible orange

Has a leash hook and loop system that allows you to easily wrap up your leash

Comes with a a 5 year manufacturers warranty that protects against defects, product issues, and chewed leashes.

View Leashboss Long Training Leash (on Amazon)


Best Dog Leashes For Dogs That Pull: Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog Leash For Large Dogs That Pull

We would have to go with the Leashboss Double Handle Dog Leash. 

It’s specifically designed for dogs over 40lbs, is very heavy duty, and includes two very comfortable handles that don’t bend and dig into your hands when a bigger dog pulls.


Best Dog Leash For Small Dogs That Pull

Our picks would be either the Pet Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leash, or the Tuff Mutt Hands Free and Shock Absorbing Dog Leash.

For the smallest dogs, the Pet Lovers Club Leash is probably a better pick.


Best Walking Leashes For Dogs That Pull

Any of the short leashes above will be good for walking your dog as you can keep them close to you.

The leashes with double handles in particular give you more control for dogs that pull a lot, and for when you are around traffic or other dogs.


Best Running Leashes For Dogs That Pull

The Tuff Mutt Dog Leash is designed specifically for running.

You can use it hands free and place the leash belt around your waist. The leash belt is 48 inches in length.


Best Overall Dog Leashes

You can read about the best overall dog leashes across different categories in this guide.


How To Train Your Dog Not To Pull On The Leash

No pull leashes are great, but the only way to get your dog to actually stop pulling is to train them.

This guide contains more information on training a dog not to pull whilst on the leash.



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