Best Bike Dog Leash, Tow Bar & Exerciser Attachment


If you are riding your bike and you want a good safe way to bring your dog along hands free, you may want to consider a dog exercise bike attachment.

In this guide we list the best bike dog leash, tow bar and exerciser attachment options you can put on your bike.

They help you keep your dog at your side without them getting caught under the bike, or you having to awkwardly hold a standard dog leash with your hand.

Let’s take a look at the options!


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Best Bike Dog Leash, Tow Bar & Exerciser Attachment

Our top picks for the best bike dog leashes, tow bars & exerciser attachments are:

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Best Bike Dog Leash, Tow Bar & Exerciser Attachment: Reviews

Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment

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A patent pending bike tow leash that allows your dog to propel the bike for you when they run ahead instead of you just cycling with the dog next to the bike

But, they can also just run or walk next to the bike instead of pulling it

Has a patented mast that prevents the bike from tipping when the dog pulls, reduces any jolts and gently trains your dog to stay in heel position

The mast also allows your dog to catch up when you turn away, notifies dogs of turns toward them and allows dogs to drop behind the bike to avoid obstacles

The mast moves with the bike so it’s quite intuitive unlike other fixed bar dog bike leashes on the market

Comes in 3 colors – red, orange and yellow

Can be clipped on one bike, and then removed and clipped on another

Install in about a minute without tools

You can buy an add on dog coupler with this attachment that allows you to run two dogs off the one attachment

Made in the USA

For small to large dogs

The bike tow leash can be installed on your back wheel

It installs on all single rear sprocket bikes, on the left or right hand side

Also installs on mobility scooters (ECVs), manual wheelchairs, powerchairs and trikes

You can purchase additional mounts and clamps

Instructions come with the bike tow leash. And, there are more FAQ’s and answers available on the Bike Tow Leash website




The Bike Tow Leash is so flexible allowing your dog to go ahead of or behind the bike that sometimes if you turn suddenly you may feel like your dog can get caught near the wheel. Some people might prefer a fixed leash attachment




Walky Dog Plus Hands Free Exerciser Leash

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A steel bar/wand attachment with a leash on the end that lets you ride safely with your dog next to you

The leash has a clip on the end that allows you to attach to your dog’s leash attachment point on their collar or harness

The bar/wand is made of stainless steel

The bar/wand has an internal shock-absorbing system and a quick lock and release capability for easy switching between bikes

The leash on the end of the bar/wand is Military Grade Paracord with 550-lbs pull strength, and has a 7 strand Inner core that is 5/32 -4mm diameter. The cord is also uv fade resistant & rot resistant

Quick to install on your bike’s seat post or tube

Can add 6.5 Inches to the distance between your bike and your dog by taking out 2 springs inside the steel wand that will allow extra leash length

For small through to large dogs

Cheaper than some of the other dog bike leash alternatives on the market

You can attach the Walky Dog Plus to the back wheel with the Walky Dog Low Rider Bike Attachment Leash Accessory (on Amazon)



If you have a quick release seat bike and a strong dog, the seat can turn if the seat is not really strongly fixed in place, or the Walky Plus can turn itself, angling your dog towards the front or back of the bike

The leash paracord on the end of the bar/wand can be slightly short for some. Although you can buy extra paracord fairly cheap locally from hardware stores

Your foot can come quite close to hitting the bar/wand while peddling if it’s mounted lower on your bike seat post/stem 

Not really for super small dogs smaller than around 20-25lbs




Springer Dog Exerciser

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An arm, spring and leash bike attachment

Has a heavy-duty steel spring, situated low on the arm to absorb up to 90% of the force of a dog¹s unexpected tugs

Can be used on either side of your bike

Is attached to the frame or the seat stem of the bike

Arm is secured to the clamp with a pull pin

There are instructions for installation on the Springer America website. But, you need to attach the clamp and Springer to the bike seat stem. It fits most round/tubular seat stems.

Has a patented safety release that will release your dog instantly if they run around a still object like a tree or post

To be used with a harness and not a collar

Kit includes the Springer, an 18-inch leash, 3 safety releases and one hook

Fits most regular, touring, and mountain bikes



Installation is a little more finnicky than other bike dog leashes on the market – you need two wrenches, and then to use the inserts, clamp, bolts and Springer pieces to assemble and install on the bike. Instructions are on the Springer America site though which makes things easier

For teardrop shaped bike tubes, you will need to purchase a Springer adaptor separately

You can’t attach the Springer to the rear wheel of your bike like you can with other bike dog leash attachments




Best Bike Dog Leash, Tow Bar & Exerciser Attachment: Buyer’s Guide

How Do You Install Dog Bike Leash & Bar Exerciser Attachments?

Read the installation instructions for the different products, but usually you install them to your seat stem/post, or bike frame.

Some install on the rear wheel near the sprocket.


What Types Of Bikes Can You Install Bike Leash & Bar Exerciser Attachments To?

They are best on aluminum bikes or metal bikes – basically bikes that can take the pulling and won’t shear.

Carbon fibre bikes are less ideal.

Some can also be installed on mobility scooters (ECVs), manual wheelchairs, powerchairs and trikes.


Can I Run Two Dogs Off The Same Bike Leash?

Yes – the ‘Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment’ has a coupler you can buy for a second dog for example.


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