9 Types Of Eco Friendly Dog Products To Start Using


For the eco conscious pet owners, we’ve put together a list of 8 types of eco friendly dog products you can start using today.

From recycled plastic leashes, to biodegradable dog waste bags, to organic dog shampoos – there’s a range of sustainable products available.

We’ve also linked you to individual guide for each of the types of eco dog products in case you want to read more.

Let’s check them out!


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9 Types Of Eco Friendly Dog Products To Start Using


1. Eco Friendly Dog Leash

The eco dog leashes are either recycled or upcycled.

The recycled leashes like the EcoBark Pet Supplies Dog Leash (on Amazon), are recycled plastic – specifically recycled plastic waterbottles.

The good news is there’s a range of colors and options to choose from with them.

Whilst there’s other leashes that are upcycled with re-used climbing rope. It makes for a strong and ultra durable product.

You can read more about eco friendly dog leashes in this guide.


2. Eco Friendly Dog Collar

The eco dog collars are either recycled plastic like the Dutch Dog Amsterdam Eco Friendly Dog Collar (on Amazon).

Or, there are other options such as natural bamboo, cotton or soy fibre dog collars.

The Dutch Dog collars in particular have unique artsy type designs you don’t even find on regular dog collars, so they are fairly cool.

You can read more about eco friendly dog collars in this guide.


3. Eco Friendly Dog Harness

A popular eco dog harness is the EcoBark Pet Supplies Dog Harness (on Amazon) which has recycled plastic straps and is non toxic.

Other eco harness options are natural and biodegradable hemp, or even soy fibre harnesses.

You can read more about eco friendly dog harnesses in this guide.


4. Eco Friendly Dog Poop & Waste Bags

Eco friendly dog poop bags are usually biodegradable and/or compostable, like My Alpha Pet Dog Poop Bags (on Amazon).

These bags are usually made of resins from plants, vegetables and polymers.

They also usually meet US or european based standards and regulations for biodegradable and compostable materials/products.

Eco friendly dog poop bags might for example break down naturally in 90 days, compared to a plastic dog poop bag, where plastic hasn’t naturally broken down yet at all.

You can read more about eco friendly dog poop and waste bags in this guide.


5. Eco Friendly Dog Shampoo

There’s dog shampoos like 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo (on Amazon) that have all natural ingredients.

These shampoos are non toxic and biodegradable when they wash off down the sink or into the dirt.

The fact they don’t use anything synthetic/artificial, or add ins like sulfates or detergents, make them very eco friendly.

4 Legger in particular is also a vegan, cruelty free shampoo, meaning that the ingredients are not animal derived and there is no testing on animals.

You can read more about eco friendly dog shampoos in this guide.


6. Eco Friendly Dog Beds

The most common feature for eco friendly dog beds is to have bed fill that is made of recycled plastic, like the P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You Lounge Bed For Dogs (on Amazon).

Other beds might contain fill that is made partly from re-used life jacket foam and scraps.

Some eco beds make use natural materials for the external fabric as well such as hemp, organic cotton or even jute – a fibre similar to hemp.

You can read more about eco friendly dog beds in this guide.


7. Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Dog toys with no artificial colors or dyes are a good option here.

So are toys made from natural materials like puzzle boards made from pressed wood, or plush toys made from hemp like the popular Caroline The Crocodile Natural Hemp Crocodile Dog Toy (on Amazon).

Other toys might be recycled, made of natural latex rubber, made of natural wool or made of organic cotton.

There’s a fair few options to choose from.

You can read more about eco friendly dog toys in this guide.


8. Eco Friendly Dog Brushes

The common feature between all the eco dog brushes is that instead of plastic they have a natural bamboo core.

One of the more popular pin and bristle double sided brushes is the AtEase Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush (on Amazon).

There’s also rakes, deshedding and dematting tools available, as well as combs.

You can read more about eco friendly dog brushes in this guide.


9. Eco Friendly Dog/Puppy Training Pads

Regular dog and puppy training pads usually contain plastic layer film, and bleaches/dyes to give the pads their white appearance.

Pads like the Four Paws Wee-Wee Housebreaking Pads (on Amazon) are partially bleach free and dye free, and are made of 50% recycled materials.

Then there are pads like The Green Pet Shop Bamboo Rayon Training Pads (on Amazon) that are made with 25% Bamboo rayon and 75% wood pulp fabric. They also have no artificial scents or chemicals added.

This makes for a much more sustainable training pad to dispose of.

You can read more about eco friendly dog and puppy training pads in this guide.


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