Best Eco Friendly Puppy Training & Dog Pee Pads


This guide compliments our guide on the best regular puppy training and dog pee pads.

However, with regular puppy and dog training pads being made of plastic film and being treated with bleaches, it’s worth looking at eco pad options.

We’ve put together this Best Eco Friendly Dog & Puppy Training & Pee Pads guide with reviews of some more sustainable options.

Brands like Four Paws and The Green Pet Shop feature.

At the bottom of this guide, we also discuss washable and reusable pads and doggy diapers as an alternate option (which can be eco friendly in some ways as they are reusable)

Let’s check them out!


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Best Eco Friendly Dog/Puppy Training & Pee Pads: Recycled, Non Toxic & Biodegradable

Our top picks for the best eco friendly dog and puppy pee and training pads are:


Best Eco Friendly Dog & Puppy Pee & Training Pads: Reviews

Four Paws Wee-Wee Housebreaking Pads

View On Amazon


Have bleach-free top layers and are made with dye-free materials

Top absorbent layers are made with bleach-free, dye-free tissue and fluff and the leak-proof liner is made from 50% recycled material

5 layers in total

Measure 22″x23″

Comes in a 10 count, or a 50 count pack

View the Four Paws Wee-Wee Housebreaking Pads on Amazon


Green Pet Shop Bamboo Rayon Training Pads

Made with 25% Bamboo rayon and 75% wood pulp fabric. No artificial scents or chemicals added.

Measures 22 x 23-Inch

Holds Up to 3.5 Cups (800ml) of Fluid

Has Bamboo Rayon Technology to emit a natural scent

View the The Green Pet Shop Bamboo Rayon Training Pads on Amazon


Simple Solutions Eco Care Puppy Training Pads

Use 50% recycled materials reclaimed from the manufacturing process, reducing 400 tons of waste annually

Comes in a 10 pack or a 50 pack

Measure 21 in x 22 inches

Holds up to 4.5 cups of liquid using an advanced polymer core to draw in wetness, turning liquid into a gel

Pads have absorbent top layer to prevent messy tracking and odor neutralizers to elminite urine odors

Uses a powerful built-in attractant to accelerate dog and puppy house training

View the Simple Solutions Eco Care Puppy Training Pads on Amazon


Best Eco Friendly Dog & Puppy Pee & Training Pads: Buyer’s Guide

Potential Benefits Of Eco Friendly Puppy & Dog Pads

As a summary, some of the potential benefits of eco pads are:

Using Recycled Materials

There are many benefits for recycling and manufacturing using recycled materials including re-using materials that would have gone to land fill and damaged wildlife and the environment 


Not Using Dyes, Bleaches and Other Harmful Chemicals

Not using harmful chemicals like bleach and dye decreases the environmental toxicity that is being leaked onto and into the soil, water and wildlife


Using Organic Materials

Organic materials are usually biodegradable. Biodegradable materials usually break down much more quickly (within 6 months to a couple of years – compared to 500 to 1000 years it takes plastic to break down), more naturally, and with less toxicity than plastic. 


What Are Regular Dog & Puppy Pads Made Of?

The top absorbent layers are usually made of materials like non-woven cloth, paper tissue and absorbent polymer, and fluff pulp.

The waterproof leak-proof last layer is usually made of PE film (polyethylene) – the most common plastic.

Ontop of this, the materials are usually treated with commonly used chemicals such as bleach to make them look extra white, dyes to add colors to colored puppy pads, and dog attractant + baking soda.


How Do These Regular Dog & Puppy Pad Materials and Chemicals Harm The Environment?

Potential ways could be:

What Does Plastic Do To The Environment?

Plastic is obviously damaging in the environment in various ways

We have outlined the dangers and damage plastic causes to the environment previously when discussing plastic and eco friendly dog poop bags.


What Do Man Made Materials Do To The Environment?

Man made materials are harder to break down than organic and biodegradable materials.


What Does Dye Do To The Environment?

Dyes can contain toxins or chemicals which pollute the environment


What Does Bleach Do To The Environment?

Bleach used in products like pads to make them look more white can toxic dioxin levels which impact living creatures and the environment


Are Eco Friendly Puppy Pads & Dog Pads Worth It?

In general, the same count of eco friendly pads are about a third less competitive in terms of price than regular pads.

They have similar performance in terms of being very absorbent, not leaking and having similar odor containing properties.

Without being sure of how much using recycled materials or organic costs in the manufacturing process, we’d like to see if the price can be more competitive as higher quantities are sold.

If recycling, organic materials, less dyes and bleaches, and less plastic in the environment are important to you – they probably are worth it.

They are certainly worth paying attention to and raising awareness for among your friends and peers – as thousands and even millions of regular puppy and dog pads are used each year and disposed of.


What About Washable & Reusable Puppy Pads & Diapers?

If you’ve got a puppy who is still toilet training, or an incontinent larger dog, you may want something to catch the mess from getting all over the floors.

Below we’ve listed the best washable and reusable dog diapers that fit puppies all the way to large breeds, and both males and females.

Washable and reusable dog diapers are good save money, and as a more eco friendly option than disposable diapers.

Some people prefer disposable dog diapers though (or like to use them with washable diapers), and if you want to check them out you can do so in this disposable dog/puppy diapers guide.


Best Washable & Reusable Dog/Puppy Diapers

Our top picks for the best washable & reusable dog and puppy diapers, and pee pads are:



Washable Pee Pads


Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers


Washable and reusable diapers

For male dogs

For both puppies and adult dogs

Several sizes available for small to large dogs- from XXS which fits a waist size 7.5″ to 10.6″, to XXL which fits a waist size 36″ to 38″

Comes in different colored diapers

The diapers soak up mess on the inside but have a waterproof outer layer to prevent mess from leaking out

The inside material is designed to keep your dog’s skin drier

Designed not to be crinkly

Examples of dogs that can use the diapers are untrained puppies, males spot marking, and excited dogs, or incontinent dogs

Has velcro closure and fastening

Has elastic bands on the waist

Non-toxic, and no heavy metals used

View the Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers (on Amazon)


Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers


Similar features to the male dog diapers, except these ones are for female dogs and puppies

Smallest size is for newborn puppies through to largest size for large breed dogs

For untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, excited dogs and dogs that suffer incontinence issues

View the Wegreeco Washable Female Dog Diapers (on Amazon) 


Pet Parents Male & Female Dog Diapers


Similar features to the other dog diapers on the market

Is one of the original dog diapers

For Male & Female Small To Large Dogs, and both dogs and puppies

Fits dogs with a 4 inch waist size, up to a 35 inch waist size

For every dog diaper sold, Pet Parents donate dog diapers to local dog shelters. They’ve donated 10,000’s to date as of 2018

View the Pet Parents Male & Female Dog Diapers (on Amazon)


Pet Parents Female Dog Diapers

Similar features to the Pet Parents Unisex dog diapers

For Female Small To Large Dogs and Puppies

View the Pet Parents Female Dog Diapers (on Amazon)


Pet Magasin Male & Female Dog Diapers

Similar features to the other diapers on the market

These diapers are For Male & Female Small To Medium Dogs

Medium Size fits dogs with a waist size up to 20 inches

View the Pet Magasin Male & Female Dog Diapers (on Amazon)


What Size Washable & Reusable Dog Diapers To Get?

Each brand should have a sizing chart for their diapers.

Usually you measure the waist circumference of your dog, get the waist measurement, and match it to a size of diaper.

So, for example, a 35 inch waist might match an XXL size of diaper, whereas the XXS diapers might be for newborn puppies.

Sizing is very important so the diaper fits well and doesn’t come loose or become too tight for your dog, so make sure you measure accurately.


Pros To Washable Dog Diapers

You save money you would have spent on continually buying disposable dog diapers

Washable and reusable diapers are more eco friendly from the perspective that you are producing less landfill waste


Cons To Washable Dog Diapers

Some diapers don’t sit back far enough on your dog’s body and don’t catch ALL the mess

If you don’t measure your dog accurately, the diaper can be loose fitting

Washable diapers take more time to wash and clean that disposable diapers do to throw away

Not all diapers have the same absorbency or waterproofing as others

No disposable diaper is perfect, so you may still experience leakage of mess and have some clean up to do on your floors. In this case you might use a safe pet stain remover and deodoriser spray


Are Washable Dog Diapers For Poop & Feces As well As Pee?

Generally disposable dog diapers are better for poop as poop can be messy and can also be a health and safety issue when washing.

It’s important to check what the manufacturer has designed the diapers for though.


How Long Can You Leave Dog Diapers On Your Puppy Or Dog?

It depends on the diaper and the dog or puppy you have.

Different diapers will be able to hold different amounts or urine before they start sagging or can’t absorb any more liquid.

It might be best practice to change the diapers over every 4 to 5 hours both to prevent the diaper from overfilling and to keep your dog’s skin fresh.

Read the manufacturer directions of use.


How To Wash Dog/Puppy Diapers?

Once the diaper is soiled, most diapers require you to rinse, wash, hand out and dry the diaper before using it again.

The diapers your get should provide you with washing instructions for best care and health/safety.

Pay attention to whether you have to cold rinse and what cleaning products you can use with them.


Washable & Reusable Dog/Puppy Pee Pads

EZwhelp Dog Mat/Pee Pad


A puppy/dog whelping and pee pad that can be used for many uses

Use for puppy training, crates, playpens, exercise pens, and more

Is washable

The top soaks in pee and accidents, and the bottom is waterproof to prevent liquids going right through the pad

Come in a 2 pack

Comes in 3 sizes of pads – 19.5 x 24.5, 24 x 36, and 27.5 x 29.5

Comes with rounded corners

Designed to be durable through many wash cycles

Comes with a black paw print pattern on it

You wash these pads without fabric softener

View the EZwhelp Dog Mat/Pee Pad on Amazon


Benefits To Using Washable and Reusable Dog Pads

More eco friendly (as you are continually throwing away soiled pads)

Costs less money as you are reusing pads

These pads are bigger than the disposable pads so you don’t need as many of them

They are very soft under foot 


Drawbacks To Washable & Reusable Dog Pads

Sometimes strong pee smells can stick around on the pads. Make sure you wash the pads regularly per the washing instructions



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