Gunner G1 Kennel vs Rough Tough: Comparison, & Which Is Better?


We’ve put together a quick and simple to read Gunner G1 Kennel vs Rough Tough Kennel comparison guide.

In this comparison, we run through the similarities and differences between the two kennels, and consider who each crate may and may not be for.

We also link you to our more in depth reviews of each kennel.

Let’s jump into it!


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Gunner G1 Kennel vs Rough Tough: Comparison, & Which Is Better?

You can go straight to checking out the kennels here:

– Gunner G1 Kennel


– Rough Tough Kennel


Gunner G1 Kennel vs Rough Tough Kennel: Which Is Better For You?

Overall, both kennels are lightweight, heavy duty, molded roto plastic dog kennels for small through to large breeds.


You might get the Gunner G1 Kennel if you want a higher quality kennel with more features

You might get the Rough Tough Kennel if you want a cheaper kennel with less features, but is still a good overall quality


The Rough Tough Kennel is great, but is more of a basic heavy duty molded kennel.

The Gunner G1 is more the premium brand with all the extras and double layer design.


Gunner G1 Kennel vs Rough Tough Kennel: Similarities

Both are molded kennels using rotational molding

Both kennels are made in the USA

Both kennels are great indoor and outdoor crates

Both kennels are good for travel

Both kennels are lightweight for heavy duty crates

Both kennels are very easy to clean

Both have been tested to be durable against considerable physical force and wear and tear

Both would be potentially suitable hunting kennels

Both would be potentially suitable truck bed kennels

Both would be potentially suitable airline cargo flight kennels

Both would be potentially suitable kennels for destructive dogs, dogs that chew and scratch, and escape artist type dogs


Gunner G1 Kennel vs Rough Tough Kennel: Differences

The Rough Tough Kennels are comparatively much cheaper than the Gunner kennels

The Rough Tough Kennels are one piece of molded plastic, whereas the Gunner G1 is several pieces of molded plastic

The Rough Tough Kennel has one layer of molding, whereas the Gunner G1 has a ptended double layer of molding design

The largest Rough Tough Kennel is the XL size which on the exterior measures 40 1/4 L x 22 1/4 W (at widest point) x 30 1/2 H, whilst the largest Gunner G1 Kennel is the Large size which on the exterior measures 40.25″(L) x 28″(W) x 33.25″(H)

Overall, the Rough Tough has small, mid size, medium, intermediate, large and XL sizes available, whilst the Gunner G1 only has small, intermediate and large sizes available

The Gunner G1 is a single door kennel, whereas the Rough Tough Kennels have both single and double door options

The Gunner G1 comes in one color, whereas the Rough Tough Kennels come in several different colors

The Gunner G1 has kennel feet that elevate it off the ground, whereas the Rough Tough doesn’t

The doors are different – the Gunner G1 has custom welded, powder coated doors reinforced with an aluminum frame. They also have a stainless-steel Piano Hinge and hexagonal door design. The Rough Tough doors are composite doors with metal insert bars.

The Gunner G1 has a drainage plug system the Rough Tough Kennel doesn’t have

The Gunner G1 has rear wheels for wheeling the crate, whereas the Rough Tough doesn’t

The Gunner G1 comes with handles, whereas the Rough Tough doesn’t…you have to buy an extra handle kit with the Rough Tough if you want handles

All the hardware on the Gunner G1 is stainless steel

The Gunner G1 kennels have dedicated tie down pins

The Rough Tough Kennels are stackable on one another

Both crates have many different extra accessories and kits you can get with the standard crate

The warranties are slightly different with slightly different conditions on both kennels – check the manufacturer websites for full conditions

Gunner G1 Kennel, and Rough Tough Kennel Reviews

Gunner G1 Kennel

– Features

The Gunner G1 is a double wall roto molded dog crate

It has a double wall of rotational molded material throughout the kennel – the only one on the market

The extra layer of molding protects against UV rays, humidity, and outside chill

It was designed primarily for travel, and the outdoors

It has tie down pins for tying the crate down to truck or vehicle tie down points

It has been tested to withstand 4,000 lb. of force, a 12-gauge shotgun at 7 steps, a 200­+ foot cliff drop, and 630 lb. dropped from 8’4” – it’s extremely heavy duty

Comes in several different sizes

Intermediate is for dogs up to 75 lbs, and Large fits most dogs up to 110lbs

The vents allow air flow, but are designed to limit water infiltrating the crate as well

The feet of the crate raise the crate off the ground to limit heat and cold transmission into the kennel

The door is designed to be escape proof – welded, powder coated and reinforced with an aluminum frame. It also has a Stainless-steel Piano Hinge and hexagonal door design 

The lock is a Paddle-latch that includes a key-in-the-hole lock

Drainage and plug system – recessed floor and oversized drain plug for easy cleaning

Has in line rear wheels for transportation

Has carry handles

Has stainless steel hardware

Made in America

Potentially an airline cargo type crate, but you’d need to check against the requirements of the airline you fly with


– Who They Might Be For

People who want a heavy duty dog crate that is very strong and durable and can stand up to force and hits

People who have a destructive or heavy chewing dog

People with escape artist type dogs – this crate has some escape artist prevention features

People who want a lighter weight heavy duty dog crate than some other heavy duty crates

People who want a great outdoors dog crate

People who want a potential hunting dog kennel 

People who want a potential dog kennel for trucks and truck beds

People who want a dog kennel with dedicated tie down points

People who want a potential dog kennel for airline flying (subject to the regulations of the airline you fly with – check you are complying before flying)


– Who They Might NOT Be For

People who have a dog that will be OK with a regular metal wire, plastic or soft sided dog crate

People who intend on mostly leaving their dog kennel at home where it won’t need to be hard wearing

People who want a cheap dog kennel


– Other Information, & Summary

Along with the Rough Tough Kennel, the Gunner G1 Kennel is one of a few extremely strong and durable heavy duty molded plastic dog kennels available on the market.

Unlike the standard two piece hardened plastic crates and carriers that get weaker as they get bigger in size, these kennels are designed to maintain their strength with a molded design and construction.

They are good for outdoors, destructive dogs and rough and tumble activities.


– Current Sizes

Intermediate Size …

Exterior dimensions: 34″(L) x 23″ (W) x 28.5″ (H)* 
*30″ (H) with removable carry handles

Interior dimensions: 30″ (L) at the floor x 18″ (W)* at the floor x 25″ (H)
*19″ (W) at kennel’s widest interior point

Fits most dogs up to 75lbs


Large Size …

Exterior dimensions: 40.25″(L) x 28″(W) x 33.25″(H)* 
*34.5″ (H) with removable carry handles

Interior dimensions: 33.25″(L)* at the floor x 21″(W)** at the floor x 29″(H)
*36″ (L) at kennel’s longest interior point
**23″ (W) at kennel’s widest interior point

Fits most dogs up to 110lbs


Rough Tough Kennels

– Features

These crates are designed by dog trainers and outfitters, and are made in the USA

They are one piece molded kennels – they have an all in one construction that allows them to be stronger and house larger dogs, where similar sized two piece crates can’t have close to the same strength

Rough Tough is actually a division of the plastic manufacturing company, Rotational Molding, or Roto Mold LLC

The crates are made of durable UV stabilised polyethylene

Easy to clean


Stackable on other Rough Tough kennels

Have with composite doors that are secured with metal rods

Some crates have double doors

Some crates have inserts for coupling the kennels together or tying them down

There’s a range of sizes available – small, mid size, medium, intermediate, large and XL

The intermediate size for example has interior dimensions of 30in L x 19.5in W x 22in H. It also only weighs 20lbs

As a guide, the XL crate measures 39 L x 22 W x 28 H internally – so keep that in mind if you have a big dog

Can use these crates for small through to large sized dog breeds


Tests that have been done to test the strength of the crates are:

Were dropped it from a height of 12 feet with no noticeable damage. After four drops the kennel showed only scratches and stains from the concrete and grass. No splits or cracks were evident

Were fired at with a full choke charge of number 6’s from about 15 paces.Only a handful of pellets penetrated the crate, and the rest buried in the material


– What’s Unique About It

There aren’t any other crates on the market like Rough Tough Kennels.

Has an all in one strong plastic construction that makes it a heavy duty plastic dog crate/kennel

It allows Rough Tough to keep their crates very lightweight, but also extremely strong and durable, even for the largest sizes of kennels.

Most other large plastic dog crates and kennels are two piece construction which means they have design weaknesses, and they don’t stand up anywhere near as good to damage as the Rough Tough kennels.


– Who It Might Be Good For

People who want a lightweight but ultra heavy duty dog kennel

People who have a decent budget to spend on a dog crate

People who have small through to large dogs

People who don’t want a steel or aluminium crate

People looking for a crate for inside, outside and most situations


– What Else Might Be Good About It

Might be the best plastic crate and kennel for medium to large sized dogs.

Might also be good for dogs that chew, dogs that scratch, and otherwise destructive type dogs


– Who It Might NOT Be For

People who have a small budget for a dog crate

People who have dogs that are too big for a L-40 1/4″, W-22 1/4″, H-30 1/2″ dimensions crate


– Are Rough Tough Kennels Airline Approved?

They are not designed specifically to be airline approved, but it’s possible you can get them to this stage with a few add ons

What you need to do is check the USDA requirements or the IATA regulations for the airline you are flying with, and make sure you comply with them.

Some adjustments you might make to Rough Tough Kennels for flying might be:

Adding a metal liner, which can be purchased as an accessory

Adding a side latch rod kit for securing the door further.

Adding a handle kit for the intermediate, large and XL sizes


Are There Any Other Heavy Duty Dog Crates On The Market?

Yes, there are also heavy duty steel and heavy duty aluminium crates to choose from.

Read about the best heavy duty dog crates in this guide.


What About Hunting Dog Crates & Boxes?

You can view some of the best hunting dog crates and boxes here.



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