In Ground vs Above Ground vs Wireless Electric Dog Fence: Comparison


There’s different types of electric dog fences.

Which system is better for you depends on various factors, such as what you want and need out of a dog fence.

We’ve outlined the similarities and differences of each fence type clearly in the comparison below, and we’ve also provided a summary of which might be better depending on a few key factors unique to each type of pet fence.

Let’s jump into the guide!


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In Ground/Wired vs Wireless Pet/Dog Fence Comparison: Which Is Better?

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Even though we prefer in ground fences because they tend to be more effective and reliable, some people want a wireless dog fence.

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*Make sure to also check collar strap size to dog neck size measurements before you buy.


Onto the comparison …


In Ground vs Above Ground vs Wireless Electric Dog Fence: Which Is Better?

It really depends on your preferences.


You might get an in ground system if …

You want an overall more reliable consistent, accurate and effective dog fence system

You want concealed underground wire

But, you are OK with the extra time and money it might take to install the system


You might get an above ground system if …

You don’t want to dig a trench, bury a wire and back fill it (and pay in time or money to have this done)

You want the thick wire that comes with most above ground dog fence systems

You want an overall more reliable consistent, accurate and effective dog fence system


You might get a wireless system if …

A quicker and easier set up is important to you

You want a portable system

You are OK with the possibility that the system could be less effective and less reliable if the signal or connection to the collar is interfered with or not working as it should


In Ground vs Above Ground vs Wireless Electric Dog Fence: Differences

Overall, in ground and above ground fences tend to be more reliable, consistent, accurate and effective. There is more that can interfere with the signal of a wireless dog fence such as metal, and thick and solid objects like houses and trees or big bushes

The perimeter of an in-ground and above ground dog fence is metal wire, whereas the boundary of a wireless dog fence is set by the signal coming from the transmitter

An in-ground or above ground fence perimeter can be in any shape you want, whereas a wireless dog fence perimeter can only be a circle

In ground and above ground fence perimeters can be much larger – up to around 25 acres with additional wire, or around 1 and a 1/2 square acres for a standard system. Wireless fence perimeters are much smaller, at around 1/2 an acre for a standard system, unless you buy more transmitters.

In ground fences take a lot more time to install – digging and backfilling the wire boundary perimeter. Above ground wires just need to be fixed to the ground or solid objects. Wireless dog fences only take a couple of hours to set up and install 

Wireless dog fences are portable, whilst in and above ground systems aren’t


In Ground vs Above Ground vs Wireless Electric Dog Fence: Similarities

The main similarities between the systems are:

All are used to keep one or several pets contained within a certain area

All come with transmitters and collar receivers

All can be bought with add ons

All can have several different modes of training such as static, sound and vibration

All require similar training to get your dog used to using the system


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