eXtreme Dog Fence Reviews: Basic, Standard, Pro Grade, & Max Grade (& Second Generation)



eXtreme Dog Fence Review have several electric dog fence options available.

These options include the second generation of dog fences – the basic, standard, pro grade, and max grade.

Each option gives you different features and set ups to meet the requirements of different owners, dogs, and yards.

In this review, we go over the full list of features, and pros and cons of the eXtreme dog fences.

One thing to note about eXtreme is that they are an American company (connected to the Southeast) – so if you like supporting US companies, you might want to consider their products closely [some products may be manufactured overseas though – so you can ask that before the time of purchase if you like]

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


eXtreme Dog Fences: Basic, Standard, Pro Grade & Max Grade

If you want to go straight to viewing the eXtreme Dog Fences, you can do so here:

NOTE: when you get through to the product screen, you can choose customization options such as number of acres of wire that you want, and how many collars you want for the number of dogs you have.

Some people also buy these additional extras with the fence system:

  • Additional Wire (and/or upgrade the wire)
  • Additional Collars (and/or upgrade the collars)
  • Fence Staples (on Amazon) – for above ground wire installation
  • Wire Repair Splices (on Amazon) – for fixing broken and frayed wire
  • Additional batteries for collars that use replaceable and not rechargeable batteries (make sure the battery type is compatible with the collar type)

*Note that the reviews below are accurate as of the time of writing or updating – please confirm yourself the details of the product, and full product offer, at the time you decide to buy it. Contact the manufacturer if you have any additional questions or queries.


Which eXtreme Dog Fence System To Get – Which Is The Best?

People usually pick based on price, performance, and inclusions of each system to match their dog/s, containment area and personal preferences for settings and features.

In summary, some of the major points about each model are (note – the features, performance, capability and quality of the dog fences tend to increase with the more expensive products):

  • The Basics system is the cheapest, and has the least features. It does come with a rechargeable battery though, and 20 gauge wire. For dogs 15lbs and over
  • The Standard Grade system is most comparable to the SportDOG dog fences. It presents good value for money. It also comes with additional features to the Basic, such as different frequency settings, and 7 correction levels. The batteries are not rechargeable, and the wire is 20 gauge wire. For dogs 8lbs and over
  • The Professional Grade system (at the moment) is one of the best selling systems, and might be the best overall system when considering performance, price, features, and so on. It comes with more durable and stronger 14 gauge wire (with a 45 mil Jacket) that doesn’t need to be buried (it can be fixed to the ground, or run along an existing fence), a surge protector, and extra twisted wire (on Amazon). For dogs 8lbs and over
  • The Max Grade is not cheap, but offers essentially everything the Pro Grade offers, except the 14 gauge wire comes with a 60 mil jacket – which is more thicker and designed to be the strongest of perimeter wires

The warranties tend to increase in length as you go up to the more expensive model too – but confirm warranty conditions yourself.

Do make sure you fully check what each dog fence system is designed for, it’s features, and kit inclusions, to make sure you are getting the right model.

eXtreme offers a customer service line and other methods of contact


eXtreme Dog Fence Max Grade System: Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

  • The Max Grade System has the most features of the 4 options, and is one step above the Pro Grade System
  • Comes with a 14 gauge wire with a .060 Thick Polyethylene Jacket (designed to last 25+ years)
  • Comes with twisted wire as well
  • Transmitter is designed to cover up to 10 acres (and when enough wire is purchased for the perimeter)
  • Check product description for full list of features and inclusions


  • Offers essentially many of the same things as the Pro Grade, except it has the thicker and more durable jacket on the fence wire (60ML compared to 45ML)

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eXtreme Dog Fence Professional Grade System (Second Generation): Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

  • The Professional Grade System is one step above the Standard Grade System, and right now, is the best selling of the 4 dog fence options
  • Has a containment area coverage up to 10 acres
  • One of the main differences is the upgraded 14 gauge wire (with a 45 mil Jacket), along with other inclusions
  • The wire doesn’t need to be buried – it can be fixed to the ground or an existing fence
  • Collar – has digital frequency encoding, for dogs 8lbs and over, comfort contacts, 7 individual correction settings (Levels 1-5 are a steady correction, where levels 6 and 7 are progressive), a beep only mode, battery check, disposable battery. Each collar can be programmed individually too
  • Transmitter – has different programmable frequencies, adjustable boundary zone, temp check and wire check, 10 acre capacity
  • Uses a replaceable and not rechargeable battery
  • Warranty – differs depending on who you buy from
  • Comes with (exact kit inclusions may differ depending on who and where you buy from) …
  • Digital transmitter (10 acre capacity)
  • Waterproof collar receiver
  • 14 Gauge Boundary wire
  • 50′ of 16 Gauge Twisted Wire (on Amazon)
  • 50 training flags
  • 2 pairs of contact points – small, and large
  • 2 x splice kits
  • A battery for the collar receiver
  • Yard staples
  • Surge protector

Some Drawbacks

  • Does not have battery backup
  • Has a disposable battery needing replacing every 2 to 4 months, and not a rechargeable battery


  • Has some clear extra features and upgrades over the Standard system – but, you pay an extra price for it
  • Still good value

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eXtreme Dog Fence Standard Grade System (Second Generation): Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

  • The Standard Grade System is one step above the Basics System
  • Has a containment area coverage up to 10 acres
  • Can accommodate an unlimited amount of dogs on the systems
  • Has a replaceable battery that is not rechargeable – the battery is designed to last 2 to 4 months
  • Transmitter – has Temp and Wire Check feature, and multiple frequency levels, and can adjust the boundary zone
  • Also on the transmitter – Has correction levels, and a beep only mode. Correction Levels 1-5 are a steady correction, where levels 6 and 7 are progressive
  • Collar – can individually set correction settings for individual dogs
  • Collar fits 6″- 26″ neck sizes, and can accomodate dogs as small as 8bs
  • Warranty – differs depending on who you buy from
  • Comes with (exact kit inclusions may differ depending on who and where you buy from) …
  • Perimeter wire
  • Advanced digital transmitter
  • Waterproof collar receiver
  • Splice Kits
  • 50 Training boundary flags
  • Long and medium receiver contacts
  • Medium comfort contact covers
  • 1 Battery for collar receiver

Some Drawbacks

  • Not for the tiniest dogs
  • Does not include surge protector
  • Does not include twisted wire
  • Does not have battery backup if power goes out
  • Not for dogs under 8lbs


  • Includes several more features than the Basic system
  • Might be the best value of all the fence models

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eXtreme Dog Fence Basics System: Review

Features & Kit Inclusions

  • The Basics System is the economy option i.e. it is for people looking for a cheaper option
  • It works with a signal field from the boundary wire to the collar receiver on the dog’s neck, with low numbers of beeps and stimulation the further the dog is from the wire, and higher numbers of beeps and stimulation the closer they get to the wire
  • Can contain on land acreage of 1/2 and acre up to 4 or 5 acres depending on how much wire you buy
  • Can accommodate 1 to 5 dogs, depending on the number of collars you buy
  • Has a simple set up – refer to the eXtreme Dog Fence website and the product instructions for this dog fence system
  • Rechargeable collar – so no replaceable batteries are required
  • Fence System Designed For – dogs weighing 15lbs and up
  • Collar Designed For – the adjustable collar strap fits dog necks from 10 inches to 26 inches
  • Warranty – differs depending on who you buy from
  • Comes with (exact kit inclusions may differ depending on who and where you buy from) …
  • 1 digital fence transmitter w/ mounting hardware
  • 1 water proof collar receiver
  • Collar test light tool
  • Long and short sets of collar contact probes, and wrench tool
  • A USB collar charger
  • 20 or 16 Gauge Boundary wire (length is dependent on how much wire you order). Wire is designed to last for 15+ years
  • 50 training flags

Some Drawbacks

  • Wire gauge is 20 or 16 gauge, which is lesser quality than the Pro Grade and Max Grade wires
  • Does not offer different levels of correction on the receiver collar
  • Does not offer different frequency levels
  • Does not offer special or advanced system programming
  • Not for dogs under 15lbs


  • The cheapest and lowest quality of the 4 options
  • You’ll save on money, but it’s possible this system may not be as durable or perform as well as the other options
  • Some users may experience issues with the materials used for the collars, as well as consistency and quality of performance of the collars over the long term

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eXtreme Dog Fence: Buyer’s Guide

Can You Customize eXtreme Dog Fence System Orders?

Yes – the customisations are different depending on where you buy, and the system you buy.

Customisations or adds on might include

  • additional collars
  • different collar types
  • additional wire
  • different types of wire (different gauges), ground staples
  • add batteries (if the collar uses batteries)
  • and a surge protector


What Dog Fence Wire Perimeter Layouts Are Available?

Refer to the instructions of each product for available layouts.

But, some of the layout that might be available are:

  • Back and front
  • Double loop
  • Single side
  • Pinch
  • Hourglass
  • Existing fence


How Do You Set Up The eXtreme Dog Fence?

Before you do anything, read the operating guide and training manual for the dog fence product you buy, and follow their instructions.

A general dog fence set up might look like something like the following:

  1. Get your underground utility lines identified and marked by a professional
  2. Layout your wire in the appropriate configuration (keep the wire away from other wires and underground utility lines)
  3. Determine transmitter location
  4. Connect the wires to the transmitter
  5. Turn on the power for the transmitter to test it works
  6. Set the collar to wire activation distance
  7. Set other system settings to your liking or according to instructions – correction/stimulation settings, sound/tone settings, vibration settings, frequency settings, and so on
  8. Charge the collar receiver (or insert battery if it’s a replaceable battery and not rechargeable)
  9. Test the collar receiver around the entire wire perimeter 
  10. Dig the perimeter trench for the wire – can do it yourself with digging tools or a mini trencher machine (which you can hire), or hire a landscaper or professional to do it for you
  11. Bury the wire (to the depth identified by the manufacturer)
  12. Train your dog/s
  13. Dog fence system is ready for full operation

*Note that some dog fence models come with wire thick and strong enough that they don’t have to be buried. They can be fixed to the ground, to an existing fence, and be exposed above ground.


Different Types Of Wire

There’s 14, 16, 18 and 20 gauge wire.

14 is the thickest and hardest wearing.

Some wire comes with different coatings, and some wire is even twisted for added strength and durability.


How Much Wire Do You Need?

But, a conversion chart from the eXtreme website indicates (for the Standard systems):

  • 500 Feet Of Wire – For 1/3 Acres
  • 700 Feet Of Wire – For 1/2 Acres
  • 1000 Feet Of Wire – For 1 Acres
  • 1400 Feet Of Wire – For 2 Acres
  • 1700 Feet Of Wire – For 3 Acres
  • 2000 Feet Of Wire – For 4 Acres
  • 2200 Feet Of Wire – For 5 Acres
  • 2400 Feet Of Wire – For 6 Acres
  • 2600 Feet Of Wire – For 7 Acres
  • 2800 Feet Of Wire – For 8 Acres
  • 3000 Feet Of Wire – For 9 Acres
  • 3200 Feet Of Wire – For 10 Acres
  • 3500 Feet Of Wire – For 12 Acres
  • 3700 Feet Of Wire – For 14 Acres
  • 4000 Feet Of Wire – For 16 Acres
  • 4200 Feet Of Wire – For 18 Acres
  • 4500 Feet Of Wire – For 20 Acres
  • 5000 Feet Of Wire – For 25 Acres


How Do The eXtreme Dog Fences Compare To The SportDOG Dog Fences?

Read more about a SportDOG vs eXtreme dog fence comparison in this guide.


Electric Dog Fence FAQ Questions For Buyers and Owners

You can read an FAQ Guide here about commonly asked questions by potential buyers and owners of electric dog fences. We outline things such as:

  • Types of electric dog fences
  • All factors to consider in choosing an electric dog fence
  • Most important factors to consider in choosing an electric dog fence
  • How much an electric dog fence costs
  • How to install and set up an electric dog fence
  • How an electric dog fence works
  • How to train a dog to use an electric dog fence, and how long it takes
  • Type of wire used for an electric dog fence
  • How much wire is required for an electric dog fence
  • Which electric dog fence wire is best
  • How to bury the wire for an electric dog fence system
  • How deep to bury the wire
  • Are dog fences safe, and are they effective


Some Safety Considerations For Using An Electric Dog Fence

Safety is extremely important with an dog fence.

Always always get your vet’s advice or the advice of an animal health and/or training expert – nothing is a substitute for professional advice.

Some general safety guidelines for using a dog fence humanely might be:

  • Buy from a reputable company who put proper use of the dog fence and the safety of the dog as a priority 
  • Read and follow the operating guide, instruction/safety manual and training guide that comes with the dog fence system from the manufacturer for operation and safety instructions and guidelines
  • Pay attention to any warnings issued by the manufacturer
  • Monitor your dog’s response both mentally and physically to using a dog fence. Take the collar off immediately and discontinue use of the system if you notice any negative implications or reactions

A good dog fence that uses static stimulation should simply stimulate the muscle (to the point of reflex) to get the dog’s attention, but should not cause pain (it might be slightly annoying for the dog to act as a small deterrent – but shouldn’t cause pain or harm). It certainly shouldn’t cause a ‘sharp pain’ to the muscle or body. 

To get a safe stimulation level – you can always start from the lowest stimulation level, and work your way up to a level that gets the dog’s attention (such as changing body language when a stimulation, vibration or tone is administered) without any visible sign of pain or harm (such as yelping, or showing signs of stress).

A good dog fence company should give you all the necessary safety, use and training instructions, and should have a dedicated customer service line to help when you being using the fence system.

The static function does not need to be used either – tone and vibrate training modes can be used instead.

Some owners like to use their dog fence system as a temporary training tool i.e. once their dog/s have learnt the boundaries and are properly training to stay in the yard, they turn the fence off or remove it.

If the dog starts going outside the boundaries again, they use the fence again to re-train their dog.

As a safety precaution for humans as well – make sure to get a qualified company to do an underground utility search and get these utilities marked before doing any digging.

Read more about the safety of electric dog fences in this guide.


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