Best Portable Dog Fence For RV, Camping & Caravan


When it comes to finding the best portable dog fence for your RV, Caravan Or For Camping, you want something that is lightweight & easy to take with you wherever you go.

Being able to set it up quickly and simply, and take it down just as easily, helps tremendously.

In this guide we’ve outlined two of the more popular portable dog fence options that match that criteria (and this guide compliments our other guide on the best portable non electric dog fences).

Let’s check them out!


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Best Portable Dog Fence For RV, Camping & Caravan

Our top picks for the best dog fences for camping, Rv’ing and Caravans are:

Portable Garden Fence Panels


Portable Dog Playpen Panels

You can read more about dog and puppy exercise pens in this guide


Best Portable Dog Fence For RV, Camping & Caravan: Reviews

Amagabeli Metal Garden Fence

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A portable decorative fence designed for gardens but can be used anywhere there is dirt that can be penetrated by spikes

5 panels in total. Each panel measures 24″ high x 24″ wide

Easy to put in and take out – the panels are interlocked with the ring on the side, and then unlocked

No digging is required – the feet of the fence spike in and out

Fence can be set up in a number of shapes configurations

Made of black Iron with vinyl pvc powder coated surface

Rust proof and weather proof

Comes with a warranty

View the Amagabeli Metal Garden Fence on Amazon 


Zippity Outdoor Products Vinyl Picket Fence

Designed for semi-permanent residential applications that are not subject to intense wear and tear, but can be used for camping and the outdoors as long as you take care of the fence panels.

For small dogs – not recommended for large dogs.

Fence panels are portable

Assembles and installs easily – no digging required! Simply insert pointed stakes into the ground

2 panels in total. Each panel measures 58in wide and 30in tall

Made with weather resistant vinyl with a 10 year warranty. Won’t crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot. No painting, staining or maintaining required!

View the Zippity Outdoor Products Vinyl Picket Fence (on Amazon) 


MidWest Homes Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

A playpen for temporarily enclosing pets in a 16 square foot area

Available in height up to 48 inches, but also available in a range of other panel heights

Available in 2 colors – black, and gold

Comes with 8 ground anchors for outdoor use and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly

Easy set up and take down – no tools required

Suitable for small to large dogs

View the MidWest Homes Foldable Metal Exercise Pen (on Amazon)


BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen & Dog Exercise Pen


A heavy duty 1/2 inch metal tube dog playpen

Comes in both 32 inch high, and 40 inch high options

Comes with 8 panels that can be set up in an octagon or rectangle configuration

Each panel is 40″ High x 31″ Wide on the 40 inch model

Has an opening door/gate on the front of the pen

Comes in a black color

Relatively easy and quick to set up and take down

Comes with rods for connecting the panels together

You can order additional panels to expand the playpen area



For dogs that try to jump on the fence, you’ll have to buy extra stakes to reinforce the fence, and possibly reinforce the connector rods

Long term, it can be good to apply some rustoleum paint on the metal

Shipping outside the USA is subject to extra fees

Sometimes the fence might arrive with a few dents in the panels – in this case you’ll have to contact the manufacturer for a replacement



Overall, probably the best heavy duty dog pen on the market along with the Paws & Pals playpen. Strong and easy to set up. If you have a dog that tries to jump on the fence, you’ll need to reinforce the panels and the rods that connect the panels with stakes, and some type of locking washers – but, most people don’t have this issue. It’s good you can expand this system with extra panels. 

View the BestPet Heavy Duty Pet Playpen Dog Exercise Pen (on Amazon) 


Best Portable Dog Fence For RV, Camping & Caravan: Buyer’s Guide

Are There Any Alternatives To Portable Physical Fence Panels?

Yes, you could try an electric dog fence.


In Ground Invisible Dog Fences

In ground invisible dog fences are pet containment systems that keep one or multiple pets contained inside a wire perimeter.

The wire is buried underground or you can tape or fasten it on stakes above ground.

The fence system sends the collar on your dog a static shock, vibration or tone when they approach and/or cross the wire perimeter.

You’ll need a power outlet to use one.

You can read about the best in ground invisible dog fences in this guide 


Wireless Invisible Dog Fences

Wireless invisible dog fences are pet containment systems that keep one or multiple pets contained inside a circular wireless perimeter.

The transmitter emits a non physical signal for the perimeter that your dog is not allowed to cross.

It should train your dog not to go outside this perimeter – usually 90 feet around.

You can read about the best wireless invisible dog fences in this guide


Which Dog Fence Do I Get For My Dog? – Pros & Cons Of Each

Physical Portable Garden Fence Panels

Cheaper option

Requires no training

Very easy to set up and take down

Simply install the fence panels around the area of containment

Panels are easy to take down and put up – no digging required

Big or smart dogs may find a way to knock them down or get through them if they aren’t set up properly or solidly

Is an actual physical barrier for dogs


In Ground and Wireless Invisible Dog Fences

More expensive

More customisable

Keeps pets contained in a certain area

Capable of containing in up to many acres

Capable of containing multiple dogs

In ground systems are very reliable

In ground systems can take a while to set up and need a power source

Wireless systems can be unreliable and ineffective

Training is required to teach dog what system is for


Dog Playpen Fence

Cheap option

You can purchase more panels to expand the containment area

May need to enforce the panels and panel connectors for larger dogs or dogs that jump on the panels

Can get more heavy duty playpen panels



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