eXtreme Dog Fence vs PetSafe® vs SportDOG: Comparison, & Which To Get


We will keep this guide short because we have already put together individual reviews, and comparison guides on each of these brands and models of dog fences.

You can read the comparison guides here (which also contain links to the individual dog fence system reviews):


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


eXtreme Dog Fence vs PetSafe® vs SportDOG: Comparison, & Which To Get?

Overall, it does depend on variables such as the size and number of dogs you want on the system, the area you want to contain your dog/s to, and the individual features you want and need with the fence system. So, make sure you check these things before you buy.

But, as a general guide of which dog fence system we would choose, it would be:


Best Overall Dog Fence Systems

In our opinion, eXtreme has the best range of dog fence systems.

Probably the models that best balances value and performance are the Standard and Professional Grade models. The Standard grade model is comparable to the SportDOG models in price and features.

The Professional Grade model is one of the best sellers, and it comes with the thick and durable 14 gauge perimeter wire is that is a preference for you. It can be buried, or even installed above ground.

The Max Grade comes with the 60ML poly coating/jacket on the wire instead of the 45ML poly jacket the Pro Grade offers.

You can view each of these models here:

SportDOG and PetSafe models come second and third:


Dog Fence System With A Rechargeable Battery

If you want a dog fence system with a rechargeable battery, the SDF-100C is probably the best system.

The eXtreme Basics system also has a rechargeable battery as well, but, the SDF-100C is a more extensive system with more features.


Dog Fence System For The Smallest Dogs

This dog fence system is specifically designed for the smallest dogs – 5lbs and up.

If you have a tiny dog around this size – this dog fence system may be for you.


Wireless Dog Fence System

These dog fences use a circular signal from the transmitter to the collar/s, without the need for wires.

They are also portable.


Electric Dog Fence FAQ Questions For Buyers and Owners

You can read an FAQ Guide here about commonly asked questions by potential buyers and owners of electric dog fences. We outline things such as:

  • Types of electric dog fences
  • All factors to consider in choosing an electric dog fence
  • Most important factors to consider in choosing an electric dog fence
  • How much an electric dog fence costs
  • How to install and set up an electric dog fence
  • How an electric dog fence works
  • How to train a dog to use an electric dog fence, and how long it takes
  • Type of wire used for an electric dog fence
  • How much wire is required for an electric dog fence
  • Which electric dog fence wire is best
  • How to bury the wire for an electric dog fence system
  • How deep to bury the wire
  • Are dog fences safe, and are they effective


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