Furbo Dog Camera vs Petcube vs Pawbo: Reviews, & Comparison


There’s a number of different dog cameras on the market that can livestream and record your dog while you aren’t there.

Each of these cameras might have slightly different features and capabilities.

Below, we’ve put together a Furbo Dog Camera vs Petcube vs Pawbo Reviews & Comparison Guide.

We look at what each brand of camera provides, as well as running over the pros and cons of the Furbo Dog Camera.

We’ve also listed a few other dog cameras (from other brands) that you might look at.

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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Furbo Dog Camera vs Petcube vs Pawbo: Comparison

If you want to go straight to viewing each pet camera, you can do so here:



Pawbo, & Also Petcube


*Blink Mini

Note – another popular home security camera at the moment that can be used to see, hear and speak to people and pets at home is the Blink Mini Camera (on Amazon)


Furbo Dog Camera vs Petcube vs Pawbo: Main Differences, & Which To Get?

Weighing up the features and ratings of each camera product from each brand, the Furbo is probably the best overall option right now.

The Furbo offers the treat dispensing option/function (similar to the way an automatic dog feeder dispenses dog food).

The Petcube brand offers three models – the smallest Cam, the Play 2 with a laser toy, and the Bites 2 with treat dispensing. All three models have in built vet support.

You may consider the Cam model if you want a small/micro type pet camera compared to the height/length of the Furbo. This Cam model can also be magnetic mounted to different surfaces. However, pay attention to the fact it’s only compatible with 2.4GHz Wifi, and not 5GHz.

You may also consider the Play 2 model if you want a pet camera with a laser toy.

One of the big differences with the Pawbo compared to the Furbo and Petcube models, is that the Pawbo is 720p, and not 1080p. It also has only a 130 degree viewing lens compared to a 160 degree wide angle lens that the Furbo and Petcubes have. It’s also on 2.4GHz Wifi compatible.

For these reasons and a few others, the Pawbo might be a secondary consideration behind the Furbo and Petcubes.


Beyond the Furbo (and Pawbo and Petcube), other top rated camera brands and products to look at as an alternative might include (note though – some of these cameras don’t come with pet specific designs and features – they may be general cameras for the home, babies, pets, etc.) …


Three main things you might consider with any of these cameras might be:

– Main Use/Features – do you just want to record and check in on your pet? Or, do you want the additional features like treat dispensing, bark notification, and so on? If you want additional features – you many have to get the pet specific designed cameras over the regular security cameras.

– Warranty – check the warranty conditions, length and return policy before you buy. Especially if you are buying a more expensive camera.

– Compatibility – with Wifi, with phones, etc. You want to make sure you have the right equipment and setup in your home before buying.


Furbo Dog Camera Pros and Cons, & Main Features

Furbo Dog Camera

– Main Features, & Pros

An 8.86 inches tall/long dog camera with a 160 degree wide angle view, 1080p full HD camera with night vision (camera works in dark conditions too)

Designed to keep dogs safe, as well as happy

Has a camera, a mic and speaker, as well as a bark speaker

So, you can see and talk to your dog, as well as record them

Works with both Apple and Android – livestream vision to your phone

Works with Alexa

Modes/functions you can select on your phone are photo, video, treat toss, and 2 way speaker 

The treat tosser function dispenses treats to your dog

Has real time barking alert notifications to tell you when your dog is barking

Has a status indicator 

Has a bamboo wood cover

Has a free trial of Cloud Recording, Smart Alerts and a daily Doggie Diary

To use – you plug it in, download an app, and connect to Wifi

Is used by regular pet owners, but also vets and professional dog trainers

Comes with the camera unit, USB cable, power adaptor, and quick start guide


– Potential Cons

Some people can have connection issues, or find the connection to be spotty

Not exactly a cheap pet camera

Some people are critical of the premium, subscription, or charged functions and capabilities 


Petcube & Pawbo Dog Cameras – Main Features


There’s three different units that Petcube offers – the Petcube Cam, the Petcube Play 2, and the Petcube Bites 2

The main differences between the units are:

Size – the smallest unit is the Cam, the Play 2 is the mid size, and the Bites 2 is the biggest unit

Viewing angle – the Cam has 110 degree viewing, and the Play 2 and Bites 2 are 160 degree

Interactivity – all three units have built in vet support, but the Play 2 additionally has a laser pointer, and the the Bites 2 has a treat dispenser

Alexa – the Cam works with Alexa, whereas the Play 2 and Bites 2 have Alexa built in

Microphones – the Cam has 1 microphone, and the Play 2 and Bites 2 have 4 microphone array

Wifi compatibility – the Cam works with only 2.4GHz, whereas the Play 2 and Bites 2 work with 2.4GHz and 5GHz

The Petcube Cam has a magnet that mounts to any surface

The Bites 2 can be wall mounted (with a wall mount kit), or table mounted


General features of each Petcube are:

1080HD Pet camera and video, that works with day and night vision (to 30 feet).

Has 2 way audio with microphone

Uses smart alerts to stop pets misbehaving

Modes/functions available from your phone are – talk to and hear your pet, toss a treat/laser for Play 2 and Bites 2, or take a video or photo



A 720p camera with 130 degree wide lens

Has 4x digital zoom

Has two way talk

Has a laser game feature

Has a treat dispenser feature

Has ringtone notifications

Supports 2.4GHz Wireless network only

Supports up to 8 users concurrently



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