Best Dog House For A German Shepherd: Top Rated, & Size


So, you want your German Shepherd to sleep outside, but you’re worried they might get exposed to the weather, or struggle to stay warm/cool?

A dog kennel/outside dog house can be a great solution!

The best dog kennel for your German Shepherd will not only be the right size for them and their dog bed to fit in, but it will be properly enclosed to protect them from the elements.

In this guide, we take a look at dog kennels that meet this criteria, as well as pointing out some poorly designed dog houses/kennels to stay away from.

Let’s take a look!


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Best Dog Kennel/Outside Dog House For Your German Shepherd: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our top picks for the best dog house for a German Shepherd are the:


– Plastic Dog Houses


– Wooden Dog Houses


– Specialty Dog Houses With Insulation & Weather In Mind


(Note that you should measure you dog’s dimensions, and check the inner dimensions of the dog house prior to buying to confirm there will be enough room for your dog. Some of the the above dog houses may or may not be suitable for your individual dog, depending on their size.)


Best Dog Kennel/Outside Dog House For German Shepherd: Reviews


ASL Solutions Dog Houses

You can find a review of the ASL Solutions dog houses in this guide.


Extra Large Petmate Indigo Doghouse

Dog Kennel & Outside Dog House For German Shepherd
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Snap together design dog house – saves you time and no tools required

Made of Microban material which helps fight the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew

Roof vent which provides air ventilation

Contains structural foam for strength

Raised floors with moats along the walls so that liquid drains off to the sides

Designed to withstand some wind

Extended, offset doorway for rain resistance & wind protection

Doorway is 17.3″ X 17.6″

Overall dimensions are 51.5″ X 39.3″ X 30″

Recommended for German Shepherds and dogs no bigger than 42 inches in length and 31 inches tall

View Extra Large Petmate Indigo House On Amazon


German Shepherd Dog Kennel/ Outside Dog House: Buyer’s Guide

What Are The Dog Kennels and Dog Houses?

When using the term ‘dog kennel’, some people are referring to a metal dog crate, but in this instance, we are referring to an outside dog house your dog can lay or sleep in.


How Are Dog Kennels and Dog Houses Used?

Dog Kennels and dog houses are intended to provide a place for your German Shepherd to lay down and/or sleep outside.

They can be placed under cover, or in the open.


What Do You Need To Know About The Dog Kennels On Market At The Moment?

The most important thing you need to know about dog kennels on the market at the moment is that they vary in quality and what they deliver – significantly!

Close to 90% of the dog kennels made available commercially would not be good, in our opinion, to be out in the open exposed to rain, wind and sun.

There are also issues with their durability.

The main reasons for this is that many of these kennels are made of questionable quality materials (flimsy and weak), don’t provide a sturdy construction when put together, and contain little insulation (either from the materials or internally in the form of linings).

So, if you are wondering why there were many kennel and dog house brands left out of this guide, that’s the reason why.


What Are The Most Important Things To Look Out For In Dog Kennels/Outside Dog Houses?

The MOST important thing to set your expectations on is knowing whether you are paying for a dog house that can just be outside and is NOT suitable to be in the open, or whether you are getting a dog house that will stand up to the elements.

Some people are actually ok with a dog house that isn’t wind and water proof, and just put the dog house outside under cover – with added foam for insulation, and a mat/extra padding on the floor.

For example, you might want to look for the following features if you want a more durable and weather resistant dog house:

Material is not flimsy and thin – will be durable, and not buckle/bow from wind

Has enough room in the entry/exit for your dog

Has enough space inside for your dog to lay down

When constructed, the dog house fits together well and strongly

Pre constructed, or easy to put together

There is some level of insulation from cold and warmth (in the roof, walls and floor)

A extra liner/padding/mattress can be fit on the floor

The dog house is sealed from rain and doesn’t let wind through, but does ventilate


Petmate Indigo vs Petmate Dogloo XT Dog Houses

These models of dog houses have slightly different designs and sizing.

The Extra large Indigo has slightly more space and is slightly bigger (has a longer entryway) than the extra large Dogloo XT.

The Dogloo XT also has a Giant size available.


What Size Dog Kennel To Get For A German Shepherd?

Generally large for a puppy or growing GSD, or extra large or giant size for an adult German Shepherd.

There are two main dimensions you want to look at:

– the size of the dog house entry (so your GSD can enter and exit),

– and the size/space inside the dog house (so your GSD can lay down).


To give you an idea, the two most appropriate dog house sizes for an adult GSD might be:

The Extra Large Petmate Indigo – which is 51.5″ X 39.3″ X 30″ in dimension (for dogs 90-125 lbs)

The Giant Petmate Dogloo XT – which is 48.5″ X 47″ X 37″ in dimension (for dogs 90-150lbs)


Other Dog House Guides

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