What Are The Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog Houses To Buy in 2020/2021?



We only had one idea in mind when putting together this guide…

to help you find the best indoor or outdoor dog house for your needs, in the quickest time and least amount of effort.

From wooden dog houses, to plastic, to insulated dog houses for cold weather, to summer dog houses….even to small, medium and large dog houses – we’ve tried to cover every single type.

So you don’t have to wade through the information, we’ve simplified everything for you.

Let’s take a look!

(NOTE: this is a general informational and educational guide only. It is not professional advice. See a vet or qualified expert for professional advice).


What Are The Best Indoor and Outdoor Dog Houses To Buy?

If you want to go straight to viewing and checking out the dog houses, you can do so here:


Best Indoor & Outdoor Dog Houses – Reviews

For reviews on the ASL Solutions Dog Houses, the Petmate Indigo Igloo Dog House, the K & H Manufacturing Dog House, and the indoor furniture type dog houses/crates, you can check out the corresponding guides below:

Here are our reviews of the remaining dog houses…


Petmate Barnhome 3

View On Amazon

A barn shaped dog house that essentially snaps together in a few seconds.

It features rear air ventilation, a rain diverting rim, and raised interior floor.

The plastic is made to be rot and mold resistant, and the dog barn itself is made in the USA.

Available in 4 sizes, and the largest size fits dogs up to about 80-90 lbs.

Available in 2 colors – white and black, and red and black.

Some people complain that this dog house doesn’t snap together properly and let’s in water at the joints. Don’t expect this dog house to be water proof – consider it an inside or undercover dog house only.

View Petmate Barnhome 3 (on Amazon)


Suncast DH350 Dog House

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A very popular dog house for people on a budget.

The grey walls and floor and the blue roof are pretty easy to assemble with a snap together assembly.

It’s made of a resin construction with a crowned floor, and is designed for dogs up to 100 pounds.

The vinyl doors have letters to personalize with your pet’s name. DImensions of the dog house are:

  • Door opening: 13-3/4 in. W x 19-1/2in. H
  • Exterior size of the house: 33 in. W x 38-1/2 in. D x 32 in. H

The drawbacks to this dog house because of it’s price is that the plastic is quite cheap and not the strongest, and it’s definitely not great at standing up to water and weather, plus it’s not insulated.

A what you pay for is what you get type budget dog house.

View Suncast DH350 Dog House (on Amazon)


Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House

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A wooden dog house that comes in 4 sizes X Small, through to Large.

Dimensions for the Largest size are External: 32-1/4-inch Width by 40-inch Depth by 36-inch Height,  Internal: 26-1/4-inch Width by 35-1/2-inch Depth by 29-1/2-inch Height, Door Opening: 11-3/4-inch Width by 18-inch Height.

Recommended for dogs up to about 80lbs and for dogs that like a tighter fitting house.

Features include:

  • Easy Assembly 
  • Naturally Weather-Resistant, Non Toxic wood – made of White Cedar
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Raised Floor to keep the floor warmer in winter
  • Slanted roof for easy water and snow repelling

Two drawbacks to this house are 1) It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to put together, and 2) The cedar smell is quite strong to begin with. If your dog has a sensitive nose, perhaps go for a plastic dog house

Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House (on Amazon)


Best Indoor & Outdoor Dog Houses – Buyer’s Guide

What are some general things to be aware of when buying a dog house that is best for me and my dog?

You might like to double check that the dog house:

  • Is designed for your specific purpose
  • Material is not flimsy and thin – will be durable, and not buckle/bow from wind or any force or general wear and tear
  • Has enough room in the entry/exit for your dog
  • Has enough space inside for your dog to lay down, stand up and enter and exit easily – check the inner dimensions and doorway size
  • When constructed, the dog house fits together well and strongly
  • It is pre constructed, or easy to put together
  • There is some level of insulation from cold and warmth (in the roof, walls and floor)
  • A extra liner/padding/mattress can be fit on the floor
  • The dog house is sealed from rain and doesn’t let wind through, but does ventilate
  • There is some type of warranty for the dog house – check the conditions and length
  • There are accessories available for the dog house
  • There is an electrical cord port to run things like heated beds, fans and heaters inside the dog house
  • The dog house is rated for outdoor and indoor use
  • The dog house has any outdoor ratings for UV resistance for example
  • The floor is raised off the ground for winter, and the floor is sloped to allow water to run away


Will I need a bed, mattress or pad for most dog houses?

Yes, you will. You can check out some good beds, mattresses and pads/mats here:

Note that you can buy pads especially for the shape o the igloo dog houses separately.


What size dog house to get for your dog – how to measure them?

Be sure your dog can stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably in the house. If the shelter is too big, they won’t stay warm.

If the shelter is too small, your dog will feel squished in, uncomfortable or even claustrophobic.

Take measurements both of your dog standing up, and in their laying down position, and cross check with the inside dimensions of the dog house.


What type of dog house should I get for my dog? Wooden vs plastic

In our opinion, the plastic used on the ASL Solutions and Petmate dog houses is the best material out there for any dog house.

They are both very solid, and will stand up to years of weather and force abuse.

Wood will shrink, warp and crack over time, and cheap plastic is very easily effected over time by the sun and easily damaged.


Is there a dog house that is good for both hot and cold weather?

Yes, the ASL Solutions and Petmate dog houses both seem great for summer and winter. You will probably need extras like dog house heaters and fans though.

Read more in this guide about the best dog houses for both summer and winter


How do you cool a dog house down in hot weather and the summer?

There’s a few ways – self cooling dog mats and a water mist blowing fan are both great ideas.

Some dog houses are 2 in 1 dog houses and crates with mesh side walls, which allow plenty of air and mist spray water in. 

We talk about that mesh wall dog house and 9 total ways to cool a dog house down in this guide


How do you warm up a dog house in winter and cold weather?

There are many many ways to do that include heated dog beds and mats, and dog house heaters and furnaces.

Have a read of this comprehensive guide explaining 22 ways you can heat, warm and insulate a dog house in the winter and colder weather

There also another good resource you might light to have a quick look over – how to make and keep a dog house warm in the winter


How do you specifically heat up a dog house floor?

Warming up a dog house floor can be different to providing heat from the walls and ceiling.

Installing straw and a thermal blanket are a couple of ways you can do this, but not the only ways.

Check out 9 ideas for heating a dog house floor in this guide


I like to save my money…how to do I heat my dog’s house for cheap?

Some people heat their dog’s house for less than $7 a month.

Find out how in this guide about how to heat a dog house for cheap


I don’t want to spend any money at all…how do I heat my dog house without electricity?

Read more about 11 options to heat your dog’s house without electricity

These options may or may not work for your dog – remember their comfort and well being is a first priority


What safety hazards might I be on the look out for when heating my dog house?

It’s extremely important for your dog’s safety, and anyone that lives int he house that you protect yourselves from things like electrical fires and electrocution.

Read some important information here on how to heat your dog’s house safely 

Always seek a professional’s opinion though


How do you insulate a dog house?

It’s going to be different depending on whether the dog house is made of wood or plastic. Check out the different guides here:


What is the best bedding for a dog house in both summer and winter?

Without a doubt for any dog house you need either or both of:

  • A dog house mat or pad
  • A dog house bed

Read more about the best dog house bedding for summer and winter


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