How To Heat A Dog House Floor: 9 Potential Solutions


A responsible dog owner might look to insulate or warm up their dog’s dog house for the cold weather or winter.

We’ve already put together a list of 22 ways you can heat and insulate your dog’s house.

But, one specific way is knowing how to heat a dog house floor so your dog’s stomach and paws stay warm.

We’ve got a few simple ideas for you below that involve both insulation and heating.

Let’s check them out!


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How To Heat A Dog House Floor: 9 Potential Solutions


A list of ways for specifically insulating and warming the floor of a dog house might include:


1. Patch up and fill the floor and floor/wall joints

For an existing dog house, the first thing you’ll want to do is inspect the state of the dog house floor for gaps, holes and damage where cold, wind or water can get through.

Look at both the floor and the floor/wall joints where the floor and walls meet each other.

You can buy some cheap waterproof glue/caulking agent to fill up holes and gaps.


2. Raise the floor of the dog house off the ground

Second, consider that if your dog’s house is sitting on concrete or wet grass for example, these are not exactly warm surfaces or great insulators of heat – especially in the winter.

A cheap way that people raise their dog’s house off the ground is with a solid wooden palette, or a simple 2 x 4 frame with a thick piece of ply nailed on top.


3. Line/insulate the floor of the dog house

One of the best ways to help a dog house floor retain more heat.

You can create an insulated floor for your dog house by first laying down a thick and even layer of straw.

Straw makes a great insulator because it doesn’t wet or freeze.

Make sure you don’t use hay, or any organic material with seeds or itchy parasites that can get stuck in your dog’s hair or irritate their skin.

Also make sure the material is organized in a way, or the dog house is put in a location, that won’t attract other pests or animals to nest in the straw while your dog is out of the dog house.

On top of the straw you can lay down a thermal rug, such as a Utopia Bedding polar fleece thermal blanket (on Amazon).

This rug provides an extra layer of insulation, is soft and comfortable, and helps prevent the straw from moving around and getting everywhere! 

You can lay your dog’s regular mattress or bed on top now.


4. Buy an electric heated dog pad/mat

Electric heated dog pads and mat are essentially corded mats/pads that can warm up your dog’s bed and blankets for them.

They can even lay directly on the pad themselves.

They usually have an internal thermostat so the pad heats up to the body temperature of your dog. It’s not too hot and not too cold for them – it’s a comfortable heat.

The K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad (on Amazon) is popular.

In any heating product for dog houses, look to see that the cord is spring or metal covered to protect against chewing (if your dog like to chew cords). Also make sure it’s outside rated.


5. Buy an electric heated dog bed

The same principle as a heated dog mat, except these are more of a bed with more support and cushion.

They are corded (plug into a wall socket) and provide a soft and warm bed for your dog to lay on.

The K&H Manufacturing Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed (on Amazon) is popular because it is also an orthopaedic foam bed.


6. Buy a self warming dog bed

Self warming pads have a reflective layer on the inside that radiates your dog’s heat back to them – at least more so than a regular mattress or pad does.

A popular self warming bed is the Mocha K&H Manufacturing Crate Pad for Pets (on Amazon)

It also comes in a tan color.


7. Use a hot water bottle or microwavable heat cushion

A cheap and easy option, but obviously a water bottle or a heat cushion under a blanket is only going to last a few hours.

Might be worth it for your situation.


8. Install an underfloor heating system

More of a complicated and costly option. This option involves:

Putting down a sub floor of foam insulation

Laying down several strips of a proprietary dog house underfloor heating system over the sub floor

Running wires from the heating strips to a battery or power source (and concealing/covering them, plus water and weather proofing them in say a conduit)

Installing the primary floor over the sub floor and heating system


9. Buy a thermal dog house

There are dog houses on the market that are made with insulation, warmth and ventilation in mind.

Two dog houses on the market that fit close to this criteria are:


These additional resources may help you select the best dog house for your needs:

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