Best Insulated Dog House For Cold Weather And Winter


We’ve already put together a list of what some of the Best Overall Dog Houses might be, and also the different ways to heat a dog house.

But, you’re going to want the best insulated dog house for cold weather if you live in a colder climate.

Whilst most people have wooden dog houses, you can actually get insulated dog houses with specially designed polystyrene material and it’s own foam insulation.

Some of these dog houses even come with a floor heater (or a fan for the hotter summer weather).

Whether you have a small, medium or large dog breed, these insulated dog houses come in a range of sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

Let’s check out the options!


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Best Insulated Dog House For Cold Weather And Winter

In case you want to view the insulated dog houses straight away, you can check our top choices here:


ASL Solutions Insulated Dog Houses (Box Type Dog Houses)


Petmate Dog Houses (Igloo Type Dog Houses)


Other Dog Houses

Other than the dog houses listed above, some dog owners may find the following popular dog houses suitable, depending on whether they are able to make sure the dog house is placed in a location where the dog’s warmth is adequate enough:

– Plastic Dog Houses


– Wooden Dog Houses


(Note that you should measure you dog’s dimensions, and check the inner dimensions of the dog house prior to buying to confirm there will be enough room for your dog. Some of the the above dog houses may or may not be suitable for your individual dog, depending on their size.)


ASL Solutions DP Hunter (Small Dogs), & Dog Palace Insulated Dog Houses (Medium To Large Dogs) Reviews

ASL Solutions makes two types of insulated dog houses.

The major difference between the two is simply the size of dogs they are each made for.

1. The DP Hunter Insulated dog house is made for small dogs, up to Beagle, Bassett Hound, and Dachshund size.

The assembled inside dimensions are 17″H x 19″W x 25″ L. The height of the door opening is 12.5″, and the width of the door is is between 10.5″ to 12.5″.




DP Hunter Dog House Features:

ASL Solutions – DP Hunter Insulated Doghouse Product Features Video


2. The Dog Palace Insulated dog house is made for medium to large sized breeds of dogs, from Labrador through to St. Bernard size.

The assembled inside dimensions are 30.5″H x 24″W x 35.5″ L. The door dimensions are 15.5″ W X 18″ H. 




Dog Palace Dog House Product Features:

ASL Solutions – Dog Palace Insulated Doghouse Product Features


Dog Palace Dog House Assembly Example:

ASL Solutions Dog Palace Insulated Doghouse – ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS


The features of both dog houses are very similar:

For Summer and Winter

Designed to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter


Looks Great

Dog house look nice in a backyard or front yard


Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking (make sure you check the conditions of this warranty though depending on who you buy from)

Easy to Assemble

Easy to put together when you receive it


Made Of Premium Material

Has up to 4 inches of real recycled foam (Styro/EPS) insulation (used in construction) in each panel for optimum comfort and for a healthy temperature. Constructed from LLDPE resin that is UV-8 protected.


Easy To Clean

Sloped floor with a drain hole to make cleaning the inside of the dog house easy – you can hose down the inside and let it drain


Floor Is Insulated and Raised

Floor is insulated and raised 4″ in the Dog Palace to provide a dry and warm bedding area. Floor is raised 5.5 inches in the DP Hunter


Has A Proper Dog Door, Not A Flap

Easy pass-through, self-closing, well-fitted insulated door 


See Through Entry/Exit Door

Allows your dog to see outside the dog house while they are inside


Dog House Windows Are Easy To Adjust

Self-storing window panes easily reposition from winter’s closed position to summer’s open cross ventilation position without tools


Easy To Train Your Dog To Use

Removable bottom half door for initial training (if desired)


Two Colors Available

There’s a cream and brown color, and a grey color


With Or Without Floor Heater and Fan

You can get the dog house by itself, with a floor heater, or with a floor heater and fan


Built To Deal With Electrical Cords

There is a heater portal that allows electrical cords to directly exit the rear of the house, and keeps the dog from tripping over the cord


Experiments have been conducted specifically with the Dog Palace with and without insulation, with the results as follows:

The results of the experiment tested heat retention inside the Dog Palace using a common 100 watt light bulb (no other source of heat).

At an outside temperature of 40°, the insulated Dog Palace was 70° inside, while the Dog Palace without insulation was approximately 45° inside.

At an outside temperature of 0° degrees, the insulated Dog Palace was 30° inside while the Dog Palace without insulation was approximately 4° inside.

An average dog’s body heat will raise the temperature inside the Dog Palace 25° in the winter without the floor heater; therefore, if the outside temperature is 25°, with an average dog inside the Dog Palace the temperature was approximately 50°.


These results should be taken as general feedback of the performance of the dog house, and results are not typical for every dog and situation/climate.


Things that could be improved with these dog houses, or might be seen as potential drawbacks could be:

There are black plugs in the dog houses where we assume the insulation has been blown into the walls (although it’s possible the insulation sheeting is incorporated in the manufacture process too).

These plugs may be chewed by some dogs, although it’s unlikely as they are fairly flat against the walls.

The insulation is fantastic, but there is a chance that it may settle lower down in the walls over time, although this is just a maybe

The Dog Palace says it fits large dogs, but that depends on the shape and thickness of your dog too.

Bigger, thicker dogs may have trouble fitting in the Dog Palace – but the inside dimensions are given so measuring your dog is pretty easy

As with any dog product, you want to be careful with aggressive chewers.

The dog house is made of hard thermal plastic, but the most heavy chewers might find a way to get through it

The dog door swings up vertically – some dogs may be confused with this at first


Optional Extras With Each Dog House:


Petmate Indigo and Dogloo Dog House Reviews

First off, there is a slight difference in the Petmate Indigo and the Petmate Dogloo Dog Houses.

The Petmate Indigo is much more popular because it comes in a range of sizes – you’ll probably end up getting the Indigo if you go with Petmate over ASL Solutions.

But, in terms of specific differences, these models mostly differ in their sizing and design:

The Extra large Indigo has slightly more space and is slighty bigger (has a longer entryway) than the extra large Dogloo XT. The Extra Large Petmate  is 51.5″ X 39.3″ X 30″ in dimensions (for dogs 90-125 lbs).

The Dogloo XT also has a Giant size available, which the Indigo doesn’t.


View Petmate Indigo On Amazon

The features of the Petmate Indigo include:

For summer and winter climates

Snap together design dog house – saves you time and no tools required

Made of Microban material which helps fight the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew

Roof vent which provides air ventilation

Contains structural foam for strength – extremely strong

Raised floors with moats along the walls so that liquid drains off to the sides

Designed to withstand some wind

Extended, offset doorway for rain resistance & wind protection

Dog houses are made in the USA

Available in 3 sizes – medium, large and extra large

Medium size –  Doorway is 13.5″ X 12.5″. Overall dimensions are 37.5 x 30.5 x 22.8 inches. It is recommended for dogs that are no more than 26 inches in length and 17 inches tall.

Large size – Doorway is 15.5″ X 14.5″. Overall dimensions are 43.8 x 34 x 25.8 inches. It is recommended for dogs that are no more than 36 inches in length and 24 inches tall.

Extra large size – Doorway is 17.3″ X 17.6″, Overall dimensions are 51.5″ X 39.3″ X 30″, and recommended for dogs no bigger than 42 inches in length and 31 inches tall.




Things that could be improved with these dog houses, or might be seen as potential drawbacks could be:

The igloo seems to run a bit small – extra large is probably for medium/large sized dogs. Be very diligent with measuring your dog and if you’re unsure go a size up or hold off. Be conservative when ordering – if you think size is an issue, perhaps look at getting the ASL Solutions dog house instead

Some dogs for whatever reason don’t want to sleep in a dog house – but this differs from dog to dog


Optional Extras With The Petmate Indigo Dog House:


Best Insulated Dog House For Cold Weather And Winter – Buyer’s Guide & Buyer’s Tips

Some helpful tips and information to consider when buying an insulated dog house are:

For any insulated dog house, check whether the dog house is designed to keep your dog cool in the summer, as well as warm in the winter i.e. it’s both a summer and winter dog house

Check that the warranty for the dog house is still valid or whether it has any conditions when buying through third party sellers

Measure the height and length of your dog, plus the dimensions of your dog when laying down, to make sure the dog house door and space inside the dog house is adequate

You can buy heaters and fans for the ASL Solutions Dog houses separately, or included in different dog house packages

Take into consideration the shape of the dog house you want – traditional box shape, or igloo shape

Take into consideration if you will want to run heaters or fans into or out of the dog house in the future – if you do, it’s best the dog house comes with an in built cord port


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Other resources relevant to this guide that you might like to read are:

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This guide discusses in further detail what the best bed and bedding for a dog house might be.



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