How To Ride A Bike With A Dog In 7 Different Ways + Other FAQ’s


Knowing how to ride a bike with a dog can give you one more way to exercise your dog over the regular and common exercise of walking.

Specifically, knowing how to ride a bike with a dog in different ways can be useful for different sizes of dogs and even multiple dogs.

That’s what we put this guide together for. We’ve outlined 5 different ways you might ride a bike with a dog.

We’ve also provided further information on FAQs like how to ride a bike with small dogs and two dogs, and general safety tips worth considering.

It’s basically the unofficial Riding A Bike With A Dog 101 Guide. Let’s jump into it!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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How To Ride A Bike With A Dog In 7 Different Ways + Other FAQ’s


How To Ride A Bike With A Dog On A Leash

There’s 3 different ways to ride a bike with a dog on a leash (one proper way, and two ways to avoid):

1) With A Bike Leash Attachment

The proper and safe way to ride you bike with your dog on a leash.

Bike leash attachments come in different shapes and styles – each one has their own design.

They usually attach to your bike frame or seat post/stem and keep your dog at a certain hard distance away from your bike so they can’t run away from the bike or run under the bike tires.

We wrote a guide and some reviews about the best bike dog leashes and attachments which you can read here.

If you want to go straight to checking them out, some of the popular ones are:


2) Regular Dog Leash

Not a recommended way (we don’t support it or encourage it) as it can be unsafe for a number of reasons and regular dog leashes aren’t designed for using while riding with a bike.

It may even be illegal in certain countries or locations around the world.

Having said that, some people who have obedient, trained, calm and relaxed dogs do use them in open areas not populated by lots of other people and animals or fast moving objects.


3) Hands Free Dog Leash

Another non recommended way (we don’t support or encourage this method either) to ride your bike with a dog leash, that may also be illegal in some areas.

A hands free dog leash is a leash that you can wear normally around your waist for walking, running, hiking etc. It allows you to have your dog attached to a leash without you holding the leash.

Some people wear them while riding their bikes in open areas with no or few other moving objects around, and when their dog is trained enough to walk or run next to the bike and not veer off or run under the bike.


How To Ride A Bike With A Dog In A Basket

This is the fourth way to ride a bike with a dog:

4) Bike Dog Basket

With small dogs between about 5-10lbs, you can ride with them in a basket on your bike.

A bike dog basket can be attached to the front on the bike, or they can be mounted to rear bike racks if you have one installed.

You’ll want to make sure the basket is tightly and properly secured to the bike, and your dog is tightly and safely secured inside the basket.

Popular dog baskets are:


How To Ride A Bike With A Dog In A Backpack

The fifth way to ride a bike with a dog:

5) Dog Backpack

Dog backpacks can be used for hiking, biking & walking, and can carry dogs up to 20-30lbs.

You wear them on your back, but they aren’t as safe for faster riding or riding where you are turning more often as the backpack can slide more than other dog bike travel options.

You can read the guide for dog backpacks here.

Popular options are the:


How To Ride A Bike With A Dog In A Dog Bike Seat

The sixth way to ride a bike with a dog:

6) Dog Bike Seat

Similar to a dog bike basket, but dog bike seats have a little bit more space to fit slightly larger dogs.

They are usually fastened to the back bike rack platform on your bike, and can hold dogs up to around 25lbs.

One of the popular dog bike seats is the:


How To Ride A Bike With A Dog In A Dog/Pet Trailer

The seventh and final way to ride a bike with a dog:

7) Dog/Pet Trailer

Dog and pet trailers are their own trailer compartment that you attach to your bike and tow behind you.

They come with their own frame, wheels and strong fabric covering.

There are many different brands and models of dog trailers available, with some of the best one able to carry dogs up to around 75-90lbs. So, they are good for small through to large dogs.

Some of them even double as a doggie stroller jogger, so you can push your dog in it while you’re walking or running.

Some of the popular dog trailers are:


How To Ride A Bike With A Small Dog

Of the above options, a dog leash attachment, dog bike basket, or dog bike seat are the most common and cheapest options.


How To Ride A Bike With Two Dogs

The Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment (on Amazon) has the option for you to use it with a coupler.

This means you can ride with two dogs on the one leash attachment.


How To Ride A Bike With A Dog Safely

Some safety tips for riding a bike with your dog might be:

Check the laws, regulations and rules in your area where you are riding for dogs

Read the safety instructions for any dog bike product you purchase

If you plan on your dog running next to you with a bike leash – it can pay to go to the vet first to get them checked over for any signs they may not be ready for this type of activity yet

If your dog has just started running, it’s a good idea to build up their fitness with smaller rides first

Be mindful of riding and running your dog on hard surfaces too frequently – it can cause issues with the paws over the long term. The same goes for rough or sharp or otherwise hazardous surfaces

With dog bike leashes, a harness can be much safer to connect your dog to than a collar

It pays to carry water for your dog and a small first aid kit when you take them out riding and running

If you are biking in the dark or at night, make sure your dog is visible with a vest and flashing light

With any dog bike travel method you use, make sure your dog can’t jolt the bike/tip it, or run under the bike wheels

Make sure any dog bike basket, seat or trailer is secured properly, and your dog is secured properly in them before beginning riding

If your dog hasn’t been biking before and they are on a bike leash, go slow at first and get them used to walking and running next to a bike, turning etc.

Be aware of signs of fatigue in your dog – panting heavily, drooling or going limp in the body

Overweight dogs, overly large dogs, and overly small dogs might all be less suitable for running with a bike leash attachment than other dogs so be mindful of this



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