Alternatives To An Electric Dog Fence


Some people may want to look at other options other than an electric dog fence for containing pets, or training them to keep out of a specific area in the yard.

Luckily there are other alternatives that are cheaper, simpler or just different.

Let’s take a look at some of them!


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Alternatives To An Electric/Invisible Dog Fence


1. Remote Training E Collar

A remote training e collar is a simple system that includes an electronic collar, and a handheld remote.

You control the electronic collar with the handheld remote.

The good remote training e collars like the SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 (on Amazon) usually have a static stimulation (shock), vibration and a tone/beep training mode.

Static stimulation is usually of varying levels for different levels/intensities of static.

What you could do with a remote training collar is:

Put it on your dog

Set up a visual aid around your yard boundary. You could really easily get some long wooden garden stakes and tie a colored string between them that your dog/s can see, and put it around the perimeter of your yard 

When your dog approaches the boundary, you deliver a vibration as a warning

If your dog touches the visual aid or crosses it, you could deliver a static stimulation cue as a correction to let your dog know it’s a no go zone


You get direct control over your dog with this method, but it relies on your being present to manually train your dog.

You can read more about the best e collars and remote training collars in this guide.


2. No Dig Portable Garden Fence

Portable dog fences are a popular option to create a physical barrier between your dog/s and an area you don’t want them getting into or crossing.

They are lightweight, portable, cheap fence panels that don’t require any digging.

You simply spike them into the ground. They can be configured into different layouts.

They are probably better for bigger or more powerful dogs that won’t try to knock them over though, unless you secure them solidly into the ground.

You can check out two of the more popular no dig garden fences here:

Read more about portable non electric dog fences here.


3. Dog Playpen

A dog playpen is for enclosing dogs in a containment area.

The good playpen brands allow you to expand the containment area by purchasing additional fence panels.

They are cheap, portable/lightweight and easy to transport.

You can check out two of the more popular regular and heavy duty dog playpens here:



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