A List Of 64 Now Extinct Dog Breeds


Below is a list of the extinct dog breeds, and we’ve also linked you to a couple of pages with photos and pictures of some of the different breeds.

A list of notable extinct dog breeds are:


1. Talbot (Talbot Hound)

Ancestor of Beagles & Bloodhounds

Disappeared around the late eighteenth century


2. Salish Wool Dog

A dog used for it’s coat to create blankets and other textiles

Thought to have disappeared from what is modern day British Columbia when Europeans arrived


3. Braque Du Puy 

A cross between a Braque Francais dog and a Sloughi, or also between a Braques and greyhound-type dogs


4. Moscow Water Dog 

By the 1980’s, the MWD became so similar to the Newfoundland that it was classified as extinct


5. Molossus

An ancestor of Mastiffs


6. Tahltan Bear Dog

Used for hunting


7. Old English Bulldog

Numbers of the OEB declined in the 1800’s when dog fighting was phased out with Animal Cruelty laws


8. North Country Beagle

From England

Disappeared in the nineteenth century


9. St. John’s Water Dog

Originated in the sixteenth century

Was a working water dog, and is a founding breed of today’s Newfoundlands


10. Dogo Cubano (Cuban Mastiff)

From Cuba

Believed to have declined in numbers when slavery was abolished in Cuba


11. Cumberland Sheepdog

Eventually became replaced by the Border Collie by the beginning of the twentieth century


12. Paisley Terrier 

Eventually replaced by the Yorkshire Terrier


13. Brazilian Tracker

In the 1970’s, outbreak of disease and chemicals like insecticides led to this dog’s extinction


14. Alpine Spaniel

From the Swiss Alps

Disease sent this dog into extinction by the mid nineteenth century


15. Turnspit Dog

As household technology advanced, this dog was phased out and became extinct, as the household activities it was bred to perform were no longer required


Other Extinct Breeds

16. Alaunt

17. Alpine Mastiff

18. Argentine Polar Dog

19. Bandog

20. Blue Paul Terrier

21. Bull & Terrier

22. Bullenbeisser

23. Chien Gris

24. Chiribaya Dog

25. Cordoba Fighting Dog

26. Cumberland Sheepdog

27. Cur

28. Dalbo Dog

29. English Water Spaniel

30. English White Terrier

31. Fila Da Terceira 

32. Fuegian Dog

33. Grand Fauve de Bretagne

34. Halls Heeler

35. Hare Indian Dog

36. Hawaiian Poi Dog

37. Kuri

38. Lapponian Shepherd

39. Marquesan Dog

40. Norfolk Spaniel

41. North Country Beagle

42. Old Spanish Pointer

43. Polynesian Dog

44. Potsdam Greyhound

45. Rastreador Brasileiro

46. Russian Tracker

47. Sakhalin Husky

48. Salish Wool Dog

49. Southern Hound

50. Tahitian Dog

51. Tahltan Bear Dog

52. Tesem

53. Toy Bulldog

54. Toy Trawler Spaniel

55. Tweed Water Spaniel

56. Welsh Hillman

57. Black & Tan Terrier

58. Smithfield

59. Celtic Hound

60. Hawaiian Poi Dog

61. Leauvenaar

62. Old Welsh Grey Sheepdog

63. Panther Dog

64. Seskar Seal Dog


Photos & Pictures Of Extinct Dog Breeds

These two resources have photos and pictures of the different extinct dog breeds:

Extinct Dog Breeds

List Of Extinct Dog Breeds


Newly Discovered Dog Breeds

This guide outlines some of the newly discovered dog breeds in the 21st century.


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