How To Calculate Dog To Human Years (Conversion Chart, & Calculator)


The common thing you hear when it comes to calculating dog to human years is that 1 human year equals roughly 7 human years.

The reality is that this isn’t exactly how it works out.

Below we’ve included a link to a conversion chart, and also summarised the conversion numbers.


General Dog To Human Year Conversion Numbers

This chart shows general dog to human year conversion numbers.


What we see is that:

Dogs mature a lot fast early on in their life than humans, so most dogs at 1 year old will be 15 in human years

At 2 dog years, dogs can be 24 human years. 

Generally after the age of 2, dogs might only age as much as 4 human years per dog year, but, that number can be higher. For example, large dogs can age as much as 30 human years from the age of 15 to 16 dog years (i.e. over the course of 1 year)

Large breed dogs tend to have shorter lifespans than small breeds, so they age quicker in human years


Dog To Human Year Conversion By Breed

This is a calculator that allows you to do a dog to human years calculation based on the age and breed of the dog.


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