Items To Have In Your German Shepherd’s Grooming Kit


What are the absolute essential items to have in your German Shepherd’s grooming kit?

What about the items that maybe aren’t so essential but are nice to have as optional extras to leave your GSD looking and feeling great?

We go through both in this info guide on German Shepherd Grooming 101.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!


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Items To Have In Your German Shepherd’s Grooming Kit

Our top picks for the best German Shepherd Grooming Kit items are:




* NOTE: it’s important you get any new product you use on or with your pets by your vet first before you use it.


Your German Shepherd’s Grooming Kit: Essential Items

The absolute essential items might be:

Dog Shampoo

Washing and shampooing your German Shepherd helps disinfect, clean and deodorise their skin and coat.

They are left not only smelling nice, but with a softer and shinier coat.

You can read about some of the best dog shampoos for German Shepherds in this guide.

Otherwise, 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo (on Amazon) is a popular dog shampoo with natural ingredients.

Washing every one or two months is about the right amount. Anything more than that and you risk stripping your dog’s coat of natural oils.


DeShedding Tool

Brushing your German Shepherd is essential.

German Shepherds are a double coat dog and tend to shed a lot all year round. A deshedding tool like the FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs (on Amazon) can help you remove loose hairs from your German Shepherd’s undercoat without damaging the top coat.

It is estimated that a good deshedding tool and routine can reduce the amount of hair dropped inside your house and car (and on your clothes) by up to 90%.

This means less clean up for you too.

Read more about grooming tools for a dog’s coat in this guide.


Slicker Brush Or Pin & Bristle Brush

A slicker brush or pin and bristle brush is great for smoothing out and getting the top coat to look fine and evenly brushed.

You can run through it with the pin brush side first and then use the thicker bristle side after.

A popular eco friendly pin is bristle brush made from bamboo is the AtEase Accents Pin & Bristle Bamboo Dog Brush (on Amazon).

You can read more about dematting combs, deshedding tools and slicker brushes in this guide


Your German Shepherd’s Grooming Kit: Optional Items

The other optional items might be:

DeMatting Comb

A Dematting comb can be used straight before you use the deshedding tool.

It will help you remove tangles, knots and matting in your dog’s coat so that when you run through the coat with a deshedding tool or regular brush, you don’t catch onto a tangle.

The coat also looks better without matting.

A popular Dematting comb is the Safari Pet Products De-Matting Comb (on Amazon)


Nail Clippers/Trimmers

We debated whether or not to include nail clippers on the essential list.

The truth is it probably depends on the dog. 

We find that some dogs that are walked regularly on a mix of hard and soft surfaces tend to have their nails naturally kept at a reasonable length through contact with the ground.

Some dogs though will need clipping.

You can read about some of the best nail clippers for large dogs in this guide.

Otherwise, a popular option is the Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper (on Amazon)


Coat Conditioner

Some dogs maintain a soft and shiny looking coat with a good high quality food diet and the monthly or bi monthly shampoo.

However, some people may choose to nourish the coat further with a conditioner.

Conditioners can also have the affect of soothing dry and/itchy or irritated skin.

You can get both wash with conditioners, and leave in conditioners.

Examples of wash with conditioners are Bodhi Dog NEW Natural Moisturizing Pet Conditioner (on Amazon), and Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner (on Amazon).

An example of a leave in conditioner is Warren London Guava & Mangosteen Hydrating Butter Leave-In Conditioner (on Amazon)


Ear Cleaning Solution and A Cotton Swab/Ball

Dog ear cleaners should disinfect and clean dog ears.

The good ones can help with itchy ears, bad smelling ears, and dirty ear discharge (mites, parasites, bacteria, yeast and fungal infections can cause these conditions).

It’s pretty easy these days to get non prescription dog ear cleaners over the counter. 

You can simply take a cotton ball swab, apply the ear cleaner, and follow the instructions on the ear cleaner bottle for use.

It’s still important to get your vet’s approval before sticking anything in your dog’s ears though.

We wrote a guide about some of the best natural dog ear cleaners.

One of the more popular natural dog ear cleaners is Vet Organics Eco Ears Dog Ear Cleaner (on Amazon)


Hair/Coat Blower

A professional groomer is usually the best person to go to for this.

Some of them have dog blow dryer and blower machines that can blow a strong stream of air onto your dog’s coat.

What this does is blow out all the loose undercoat hairs (or most of them).

This can be pretty messy, so it’s either done outside or in a grooming room.

Examples of popular blowers/blow dryers are the SHELANDY Pet Hair Blower & Dryer (on Amazon), and the Flying Pig Flying One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer w/ Heater (on Amazon).



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