Best Brush for German Shepherd Hair: Brushes, Combs, De-Shedding & De-Matting Tools



Dog hair on the carpet, furniture, in the corner of the floorboards, on your clothes, in the car and virtually everywhere your dog goes with you is one of the top frustrations of a German Shepherd owner.

This breed sheds alot, and having the best brush for your German Shepherd, along with a few other hair grooming tools, can help significantly in reducing the amount of time and effort you spend picking up and cleaning hair.


Best Brush for German Shepherd Hair: Brushes, Combs & De-Shedding & De-Matting Tools


Best Brush For German Shepherd – Top Rated List 2017-18

Here is the list of the best hair grooming tools for your German Shepherd (we have also individually reviewed each tool at the bottom of this article). Clicking on the links will take you through to Amazon to view the tool:

1. FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs (on Amazon) – Deshedding Tool (doesn’t cut the top coat of hair, but removes loose hairs from within the coat)

2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush (on Amazon) – Best Dog Dematting Comb/Brush 

3. Dakpets Deshedding Tool (on Amazon)  – Deshedding Tool 

4. For Your Dog 078279-102 2-in-1 Combo Brush (on Amazon) – Best Cheap Dog Brush & Comb

5. GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake (on Amazon) – Best Dog Dematting Rake

6. Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic Pet Shampoo, 20 Ounce (on Amazon) – Best Dog Hair Anti Tangle Spray/Tangle Remover


Best Brush For German Shepherd – Buyer’s Guide & FAQ


GSD Coat Types: Longhaired German Shepherds and Shorthaired German Shepherds

In our article about Long Haired German Shepherds, we listed and explained the 4 types of german shepherd hair/coat types:

  • Short Haired German Shepherds (with undercoat)
  • Short/Medium Haired German Shepherds (with undercoat) – also called plush coats
  • Long Haired German Shepherds (with undercoat)
  • Long Haired German Shepherds (without undercoat)

The most common of these coat types by far is the plush coat GSD, which for simplicity, most people refer to as a short haired GSD (because it’s most common).


Do German Shepherds Shed A lot?

Whether you have a short haired or long haired Alsatian (German Shepherd), this breed sheds a heck of a lot – more than most other dog breeds. They’ve rightfully earned the title ‘German Shedder’. 

When a dog sheds it’s hair heavily, it is called ‘blowing the coat’, but also informally called german shepherd moulting. 


How Much, How Often and When Do German Shepherds Shed Their Hair?

Alsatians shed hair ALL year around in moderate to high amounts, and particularly heavily twice a year for a ‘three week span in the spring as their winter coat switches over to a cooler summer coat, and three weeks in the fall as their summer coat switches over to a thicker winter coat.’


How To Stop A German Shepherd From Shedding?

You can’t stop a german shepherd shedding, but you can heavily reduce the effects (dropped hair everywhere and the associated cleanup) with regular brushing, and in particular, a deshedding tool. 

If you are wondering how to deshed a german shepherd, just know that a deshedding tool usually has very fine teeth to pick up loose hair – but you use it the same as a brush.


Long Haired German Shepherd Grooming vs Short Haired German Shepherd Grooming

Some GSD owners seem to notice their long haired GSD sheds less than their short haired counterparts.

The most likely reason for this is that the undercoat gets caught in the thick outer fur when shedding itself away from the skin.

The flipside of not having as many hairs to pick up off the floor and your clothes is that long haired german shepherds require more brushing and combing to prevent matting and clumping of the hair on the coat.

Vice versa, you can probably expect less brushing and combing of a short haired GSD (although you can’t neglect it altogether – brushing minimizes picking up the hair), and a significant amount of time spent picking up hair, vacuuming and rolling/cleaning hair off of clothes and furniture.


How Often To Brush Your German Shepherd

You want to brush your German Shepherd daily, or at the very least 3-4 times per week.

You will be astounded at the amount of hair you can prevent from dropping on the ground, your clothes and furniture, by spending 2-3 minutes each day brushing your dog’s coat.

In addition, regular brushing helps keep your GSD’s coat looking nice and spreads the natural oils around its skin and hair (which is why dogs that are brushed more frequently sometimes look more shiny).


Types of Dog Hair Grooming Tools – Brushes, Combs and Deshedding Tools

 There are different types of tools used to groom a German Shepherd’s coat:

  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • De-matting Tools (for removing matting and clumping of hair) – combs and rakes that are particularly useful for long haired german shepherds that matt hair easily
  • Anti Hair Tangle Spray (for moisturising hair so it doesn’t stick together, and also makes coat shiny and smell nice for short haired GSDs)
  • De-shedding tool – very fine teeth. Designed to intercept the shedding process by finely removing long hair before it has a chance to fall off. Great for heavy shedders! If you want to stop you German Shepherd shedding, this is one way to minimise it.
  • Combing Mit or Glove
  • Flea combs (see our article on Best Flea Treatment For German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies: Flea Prevention and Control

Plastic combs are usually the cheapest, with plastic or metal brushes and deshedding tools being slightly more expensive, but still quite cheap.


What Hair Grooming Tools Should You Consider For Your German Shepherd?

Common combinations of tools for hair grooming include:

1. Short Haired German Shepherds – A 2 in 1 brush and comb, De-Shedding Tool, Anti Hair Tangle Spray (optional)

2. Long Haired German Shepherd – A 2 in 1 brush and comb, De-Shedding Tool, De-matting Rake, Anti Hair Tangle Spray. The best brush for long haired german shepherds has longer teeth to reach through the fur, and de-matting tools can be very helpful.


How To Brush Your German Shepherd – Tips and Advice

Keep these tips in mind for brushing your GSD:

  • Brush in the direction of your GSD’s hair grain – not against
  • Use a de-shedding tool if your GSD is longhaired and get it’s hair matted easily
  • Use coat conditioner or mat spray on dogs that matt easily and often
  • If you only have a comb or brush, watch out for matting of hair so you don’t hurt your GSD, and ‘tease’ it out by slowly wriggling the brush at the spot of the matting. 
  • Whilst brushing, keep an eye out on the skin and base of the coat for things like lumps/cuts on the skin, fleas, ticks etc.
  • When using a deshedding tool, don’t press down too hard so as not to hurt your GSD with the fine steel teeth on the tool


Impact of Diet On German Shepherd Hair and Coat Health

Diet can play a big role in the health and quality of your German Shepherd’s hair. Read our article on Best Food For German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies for more information on foods most suited to a German Shepherd’s diet.


Best Brush For German Shepherd – Brush, Comb, Deshedding Tool, Dematting Tool & Tangle Remover Spray Reviews



FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

View On Amazon

One of the most popular grooming tools for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Comes in a long hair or short hair version. Also comes in a range of sizes from small the Giant for dogs of all sizes. A large is probably best for most German Shepherds.

Designed to decrease the effects of shedding by up to 90% with stainless steel teeth that remove loose hair from the coat.

Has a self cleaning fur rejector button on the tool so you don’t have to constantly pull the hairs out the tool yourself.

It will remove hairs without cutting the coat when used as directed.

The Large long hair tool is for dogs that are 51-90 lbs., and with coats longer than 2 inches. The Large short hair is for dogs with a coat shorter than 2 inches.

The Giant tool is for dogs over 90 lbs.

View FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs (on Amazon)


Dakpets Deshedding Tool 

View On Amazon

Another deshedding tool – good as an alternative to the Furminator.

The Dakpets tool is for dogs of all sizes, and is made of 4 inch stainless steel teeth. It also comes with a safety blade cover and a comfy handle.

You can use it on all coat lengths and types – short, medium or long, thick or thin, single or double-coat. It can remove up to 95% of the loose top coat fur.

It’s detachable and easy to clean and store.

View Dakpets Deshedding Tool (on Amazon)


Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Best Dog Dematting Comb/Brush

View On Amazon

A dematting comb/brush does a similar job to a deshedding tool except it is a bit better at getting rid of smaller matts and tangles of hair.

The Hertzko is well made and can handle any type of fur type – short or long.

It also has a quick clean button to get rid of hair quickly from the tool.

 View Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush (on Amazon)



For Your Dog 078279-102 2-in-1 Combo Brush – Best Cheap Dog Brush & Comb 

View On Amazon

As the name suggests, this is a 2 in 1 brush and comb. Not only do you get 2 in 1, but it is extremely cheap, providing value for money.

On one side you have spaced pin teeth (with rounded ends so it doesn’t hurt your dog) to loosen fur and ease out any knots in the hair. This side acts like a comb would.

On the other side you have the brush bristles that remove the loose fur, dirt and other debris from your German Shepherd’s coat.

This brush/comb is sturdy and suitable for large dogs like a GSD to deal with tough and long hair.

 View For Your Dog 078279-102 2-in-1 Combo Brush (on Amazon)


GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake – Best Dog Dematting Rake

View On Amazon

A dematting rake is perfect for long haired German Shepherds, and GSDs who’s coat tangles or knots easily.

Put this rake through your GSDs fur before you brush him/her, or run a deshedding tool over them.

The GoPets Dematting Comb has two sides for knots and fur of different lengths, and the rounded ends won’t hurt or irritate your GSD.

The finer side actually catches loose hairs too, so you can demat and deshed at the same time.


GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake (on Amazon)


Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic Pet Shampoo, 20 Ounce – Best Dog Hair Anti Tangle Spray/Tangle Remover

View On Amazon

A hypo allergenic spray with several benefits.

Firstly, it is soap free and is made with natural ingredients – so there’s a low chance your GSD will react badly to it.

Secondly, it moisturises your GSD’s hair which decreases the frequency of matting and hair tangles.

Thirdly, is has a nice scent to it that will leave your GSD smelling nice and fresh.


View Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic Pet Shampoo, 20 Ounce (on Amazon) 


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