What Do German Shepherds Like To Do?


Our aim with this guide is to provide a list of things that German Shepherds might like to do.

We cover areas such as rest, exercise, socialisation, and more.

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only. It does not contain professional advice, and is not a substitute for professional advice. See a qualified vet or animal expert for professional advice in regards to your pet/s)


What Do German Shepherds Like To Do?


Firstly, Understand That Every Dog Has Different Preferences

Different individual dogs have different personalities, and also preferences in terms of what they enjoy and don’t enjoy.

So, whilst there may be some things that most dogs like to do, there may also be other things that some dogs like to do more than others.

As a dog owner, try to pay attention to the things that interest your individual dog, or that make them happier, more excited, or more stimulated than other things.

Also, you may try to balance the types of activities your dog does, such as balancing rest and play.

Now that we’ve explained this, we will move onto the list of things that GSDs might like to do …


1. Sleep

Most dogs love to sleep, even if they are energetic.

Dogs can sleep both during the day when you’re at work or out the house, and obviously at night too.

Make sure you have a comfortable bed and/or space for your dog to sleep.


2. Rest, & Lounge About

When dogs aren’t sleeping, sometimes they still like to rest or lounge about, both inside and outside the house.

They might lay on a sofa, rug or their bed inside the house.

Outside, they might lay on their bed, on the grass, on the ground, or lay in other locations.

They may also sometimes go lay out in the sun if it’s not too hot, or under cover in the shade when it’s hotter, or undercover away from rain when it’s wetter.


3. Eat (& Drink)

There aren’t many dogs who don’t like to eat.

Make sure that whatever you are feeding your dog is not only healthy, but they enjoy the taste too.

Dogs need clean water all the time, but they may especially want more water when the weather is warmer too.


4. Spend Time With Their Owner & Those Closest To Them

Purely from a socialisation perspective, dogs will want to spend time with their owner/s.

But, some dogs are much more affectionate or like 1 on 1 time than others.

Dogs enjoy a range of activities with their owner/s, such as getting patted or get their body scratched/rubbed, snuggling, playing, and more.


5. Spend Time With Other Dogs

Some dogs can be stand-offish with other dogs.

But, some dogs love to be social and be around other dogs, or just love the interaction aspect of being around other dogs.

Dogs can be around each other commonly on walks, and also at dog parks.


6. Spend Time By Themselves

Dogs can enjoy themselves by themselves sometimes.

This might involve exploring around the yard at home, chewing on a bone (or playing with a toy), laying still and watching what is going on outside of the property they are living on, or doing something else in their own company.


7. Go For Walks

Most dogs love going for walks for at least a certain period of time everyday.

Aside from walking itself, dogs can love the exploring aspect, as well as sniffing and smelling different smells outside the yard, meeting other dogs, and experiencing different stimulation.


8. Do Other Forms Of Exercise

Aside from walking, there’s many other forms of exercise that dogs can do.

Two of the more common ones might involve going for a run with their owner, and also swimming.

We’ve put together a list of of other exercise that dogs might engage in in a separate guide.


9. Go For Car Rides

Some dogs love car rides, and other get car sickness, or simply don’t enjoy them.

For dogs that do enjoy it, they might love sticking their nose out the window, and observing what is going on outside the car as it’s moving.


10. Engage In Different Forms Of Stimulation, Or Be Challenged In Various Ways

There’s many things dogs can do to be stimulated or challenged, aside from basic activities like walking, playing with basic dog toys, and so on.

Examples might include:

– More advanced dog training and obedience

– Dog sports and dog competitions

– Dog shows


German Shepherds in particular as a breed might have good potential and find enjoyment across these types of activities.


11. Work, Serve Or Help

Some German Shepherds might be born with a strong desire or drive to work in some capacity.

This might be because German Shepherds were originally bred to be a working dog breed, but, also because some lines of German Shepherds were bred with different types of work in mind.

We’ve previously a guide about some of the working fields that some German Shepherds might participate in.

We’ve also more generally written about the different ways dogs help humans across society.




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