Best Christmas Gifts & Presents For Dogs


For a lot of dog owners, when they see their dog happy or excited, it’s a good feeling.

Come Christmas time, some dog owners may want to get their dog in on the fit/present receiving.

So, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best christmas gifts & presents for dogs below.

This list may look unconventional to some – not every thing is a product or thing you have to buy – some gifts simply come down to you spending time with your dog doing something simple they will appreciate.

Having said that, we’ve mixed in a few commercial presents that your dog might love as well.

Let’s check out the list!


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Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts & Presents For Dogs 

Whilst buying your dog/s new presents might be great, it’s also worth remembering dogs are pretty simple – they love their owner, food, exercise, stimulation (from toys, other animals etc.), and sleep.

The list below covers many of these things that might make a dog really happy or excited on Xmas day.


A summary of the list is:

1. Give your dog your full attention and engagement for 20 minutes

2. Give your dog a Christmas costume, stocking, collar, or tree ornament – Christmas dog costumes, sweaters and outfits, Personalised doggy Christmas stocking (on Amazon), Blueberry Pet Christmas Dog Collar with Bowtie (on Amazon)

3. Play fetch, throw a ball or frisbee, or play tug of war – Chuckit! Ultra Ball (on Amazon), Chuckit! Paraflight (on Amazon), or the Mammoth Flossy Chews 5 Knot Rope Toy (on Amazon)

4. Exercise your dog

5. Let your dog interact with other dogs

6. Give your dog a bone, treat/food dispensing dog toy, or puzzle/interactive dog toy – dog boneKONG Classic (on Amazon) or KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy (on Amazon), or Dog Bone Brick Interactive Game (on Amazon).

7. Give your dog a tasty treat – top rated dog treats guide

8. Give your dog some dog friendly ice cream or dog friendly cake – 

9. Do your dog’s favorite activity with them

10. Let your dog have a good sleep, and consider replacing their bed if their current bed lacks cushioning, support and padding – top rated dog beds


The full list is:


1. Give Your Dog Your Full Attention For 20 Minutes

First thing’s first – when you wake up, or straight after you have checked the Xmas tree and unwrapped your presents, sit down with your dog and give them your undivided attention for 20 minutes.

Say hello to them, rub their favorite spot to be rubbed on their body, tell them you love them – just be there with them and give them your attention for 20 minutes or so – they will absolutely LOVE the engagement and attention/


2. Consider Giving Your Dog A Cute Christmas Costume, Sweater, Stocking, Collar or Tree Ornament

Now that you have spent time together, consider giving your dog their first present of the day.

A few options include a dog Christmas costume or sweater, a dog Xmas collar, a dog Xmas stocking, or a dog Xmas tree ornament:

Dog Xmas Costume Or Sweater

You can read more in this guide about dog Christmas costumes, sweaters or outfits


Dog Xmas Collar

A Christmas dog collar is popular because it’s cheap, easy to pick a size and fit, and easy to put on your dog to give them some Christmas spirit and character.

Some even come with a cute little detachable bow like the Blueberry Pet Christmas Dog Collar with Bowtie (on Amazon)


Dog Xmas Stocking

You might decide to get a Xmas stocking for your dog.

Some are personalized with your dog’s name on it, and some are dog themed.

A few options include:


Dog Xmas Tree Ornament

You can get either a personalized Xmas tree ornament for your dog with their name on it, or you can get a dog themed ornament.

A few options include:


3. Go Outside And Play Fetch, Throw A Ball, Or Play Tug Of War 

Playing with your dog with a toy or ball is something you don’t need to buy anything new for (if you already have balls and toys in the house)

However, if you are looking for a new ball, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball (on Amazon) is very popular.

You could also throw a dog frisbee like the Chuckit! Paraflight (on Amazon) for your dog depending on which fetch item your dog likes more.

Another option is to pick up your dog’s favorite rope toy and engage in a game of tug of war.

The Mammoth Flossy Chews 5 Knot Rope Toy (on Amazon) is big, thick and great for powerful chewers as well as being a workout for smaller dogs.

Maybe they just end up sitting there chewing on their ball or rope toy – but at least they are enjoying doing whatever activity it is you are doing with them or supervising them do.


4. Exercise Your Dog – Go For A Walk, A Run, A Trip To The Dog Park Or A Swim At The Beach

This is something you can do early in the morning before Xmas festivities start for the day.

You can take your dog for a walk and get them some exercise.

A walk, run, bike ride or even a swim would can be a good idea.

Think about which of these activities your dog likes the most and do that one.

Maybe they really love the beach and swimming – you might do that.

Or, maybe there’s a certain walking trail where they love to sniff around and interact with the things they find – that might be better.


5. Let Your Dog Interact With Other Dogs

Unless your dog is really territorial or has a few behavioral issues, they usually like greeting and interacting with other dogs.

If your dog like going to the dog park, that is a great place for them to get some doggy interaction in for the day.

They can wish a doggy merry Xmas to the other dogs!


6. Give Your Dog A Bone, or Interactive/Puzzle Toy To Play With

A bone or a puzzle/interactive toy can allow your dog to keep engaged and content by themselves via chewing or playing without you having to be with them.

In terms of a bone – you can give them a raw meaty uncooked bone that your dog’s vet approves of.

You could also give them a commercially made bone.

Some sort of puzzle, interactive or treat/food dispensing toy is also an option.

What you can do is give your dog a puzzle toy with their favorite treats or some peanut butter in it (as long as they aren’t allergic) to play with.

The KONG Classic (on Amazon) or KONG Wobbler Treat Dispensing Toy (on Amazon) are perfect for stuffing pastes and treats in for your dog to lick out and having fun for hours doing so.

An example of a puzzle or interactive dog toy is the Dog Bone Brick Interactive Game (on Amazon).


There’s also the option of getting some Christmas themed toys for your dog:


7. Give Your Dog A Tasty Treat

A simple one – you can buy a special treat for your dog that they may not usually get to eat.

You might choose something you’ve seen them previously enjoy.

Alternatively, have a read of this best and healthiest dog treats guide for some affordable and healthy dog treat ideas.


8. Give Your Dog Some Tasty Doggy Ice Cream, Or A Doggy Cake

An adult dog usually receives two meals a day – one in the morning and one at night.

Why not make one normal dog food, and the other one a tasty dog cake which is easy to make and serve?

Some tasty sweet desserts you might serve to your dog with minimal preparation are:


9. Do Your Dog’s Favorite Activity With Them

Have a bit of a think – what activity does your dog absolutely love to do and go crazy for?

It might be riding in the car with the window down while they stick their tongue out or open their mouth and let the wind hit against their face.

Whatever it is, go do it with or for your dog.


10. Let Your Dog Lay Down On A Soft Dog Bed and Sleep After Everything Else Is Done

After a big day, it’s time to let your doggy sleep.

Have a look at your dog’s current bed – has it got good padding, support and cushioning?

If it does, great! That can be a nice way for them to end their Xmas.

If not, consider investing in a new dog bed for them which they can enjoy for the next few Xmas’ as well.

This guide contains a list of some of the top rated dog beds on the market at the moment across a range of dog bed types.



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