The Honest Kitchen Dog Food: Review


In this guide, we take a look at the ‘The Honest Kitchen’ Dog Food brand.

We look at what products this brand offers, and the features of these dog food products.

Specifically we look at their dehydrated and dry dog foods.

But, we also take an overall look at the brand and their processes too.

Let’s take a closer look!


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The Honest Kitchen Dog Food Review

A few of The Honest Kitchen’s more popular recipes/products right now might be:

Dehydrated Dog Food


Dry Dog Food


Summary – Who Might Buy The Honest Kitchen Dog Food?

People who might buy The Honest Kitchen Dog food might be:

Owners that have checked with their dog’s vet that a specific The Honest Kitchen product is healthy, safe and suitable for their dog

Owners that want a high degree of transparency from a dog food brand

Owners that want majority of the ingredients in their dog food sourced from North America

Owners that want human grade food that meets different quality standards and criteria

Owners that want ranch raised beef, or free range chicken, as a protein source

Owners that want both whole grain, and grain free options

Owners that want primarily dry food, or dehydrated foods options

Owners that want an AAFCO complete and balanced meal for their dog

Owners that want a food that has no byproducts, fillers & artificial or GMO ingredients

Owners that might not mind paying slightly more for a a certain quality of dog food compared to the super cheap dog food products available that have less transparency, less adherence to standards or criteria, and potentially lower quality ingredients


*Note – what you get from a The Honest Kitchen product obviously depends on the individual product or formula you buy. So, check the features of the individual food before you buy it (and get your vet’s approval as well).


What Dog Food Products Does The Honest Kitchen Sell?

For dogs, their main food product offerings are:

Dry dog food – kibble

Dehydrated dog food – grain free, whole grain, limited ingredient, and base mix

Toppers and boosters

They also do treats, and supplements and boosts


As of 2020, The Honest Kitchen had 78 products for dogs.


The Honest Kitchen – Main Features

The Honest Kitchen’s main feature is perhaps that they market their products as having 100% human grade ingredients, and not ‘mass-produced, feed-grade’ ingredients.

To maintain their 100% human-grade standards, they claim ‘our suppliers must provide proof of food origins, screening, handling, cleaning and more. We only source from folks we know and trust, including a few we started with back in 2002’.

To back up these claims and other claims, they provide information on their website (there are pages dedicated to each of these topics) of:


– The difference between human grade and feed grade pet food

I.e. higher quality ingredients, subject to more manufacturing and quality control regulations, meets stricter food safety standards, and does not include by products, restaurant or supermarket waste, feathers, or dying, diseases, disabled or dead meats.


– Their ingredients standards

I.e. no by products or fillers, no additives or preservatives, no 4D meats or feathers, no corn, wheat or soy (low quality grains), no ingredients from China, and no GMO ingredients.


– A food sourcing map

I.e. 67% of ingredients come from North America, 13% from South America, 14% from Europe, less than 1% from Africa, and 5% from Asia.


– Their supplier’s standards

I.e. there was 8 different ways suppliers must certify they meet strict standards for food safety, health, sustainability and fair trade practices when we checked The Honest Kitchen’s website


– Their kitchen standards (where they prepare their products)

I.e. there was 5 different points outlined about using human grade kitchens and not heavy processing plants when we checked The Honest Kitchen’s website


– Their quality assurance program

I.e. they test for germs, screen for heavy metals, and analyse nutrition and water activity.


– Their food preparation processes

They show you parts of how their food is made

They also did a poll (for information purposes only) of their customers (6200 of them) opinions and observations of their food, and found The Honest Kitchen food may have led to:

Better digestion (80%)

Higher energy (79%)

Healthier skin and coat (78%)

Increased appetite (64%)

Improved weight (60%)


They also offer a transparent return/guarantee process available for you to see on their website.


Other Information About The Honest Kitchen Dog Food


How affordable The Honest Kitchen is might depend on what you buy.

At the time of doing this review, prices in USD of different dog food products we saw on major online sellers were:

A box of 10lb The Honest Kitchen whole grain dehydrated dog food that makes 40lbs of food by adding water – $63.69

A bag of 28lb grain free kibble from another popular brand – $48.99

A bag of 20lb The Honest Kitchen grain free clusters – $73.49


These prices are of a general nature only – check product prices at the time you purchase yourself for accuracy and confirmation.

Note that The Honest Kitchen does outline their guarantee/returns process on their website – so, if you check it beforehand, and you aren’t satisfied with the food after you’ve bought it, and you fit within the return criteria – you can get a credit for your original payment (although check this return guarantee is available and still being offered in the future whenever you buy)



We are not veterinarians – so we cannot give you a professional opinion on the nutrition of the different products

However, The Honest Kitchen does say that their Whole Grain and Grain Free Dehydrated foods as one example are an ‘AAFCO Complete & Balanced Meal’ for all stages and breeds.

They also say their Base Mix Dehydrated dog food needs you to add protein for a balanced meal (according to their description we found on the products they had listed on a major online seller)



Each dog has individual taste preferences – so, this is something you might not know until you try to feed your dog The Honest Kitchen dog food.

Although, The Honest Kitchen does taste test their food.


Further Reading On Dog Food

You might like to read this guide where we outline some of the general considerations to take into account with dog food, or this guide where we outline what different vets have said about dog food.

There might not be a ‘perfect commercial dog food product’, but something that you may notice is that The Honest Kitchen dog food products address many of the concerns that critics of the commercial dog food industry might have.

We’ve listed Honest Kitchen as one of the potentially better ‘all stages’ dog food for puppies and adult dogs.



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