How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Different Surfaces


In this guide, we discuss some general guidelines to consider for cleaning and removing dog urine from different surfaces and objects.

We discuss carpet, tiles and grout, concrete, artificial grass, mattresses and couches, and other surfaces.

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified professional is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Different Surfaces

A few relevant cleaning products you might use for dog urine cleaning and removal on some surfaces might include:

Stain & Odor Removers

General stain removers, and surface cleaners:

*Note – you have to refer to the individual cleaning product description to see what it can be used for.

For concrete for example, you’ll have to buy a cleaning product that specifically is for concrete surfaces.

Don’t buy a carpet cleaning spray and use it on concrete for example.

Buy the right cleaning product, and use it according to the cleaning instructions provided.


Outdoor Pet Odor Masking Deodorizers

For outdoor use on some surfaces only, some people also choose to use a deodoriser:


*Note – make sure you always spot test them first though on a surface to make sure it won’t damage it


Naturvet is an outside pee and poop odor eliminator. It is safe to use around children, plants, grass, and pets. It works by attaching the spray bottle to your hose and spraying.

Angry Orange is a commercial grade pet odor eliminator and disinfectant that is non toxic, biodegradable and made from the oil found in orange peels.

It can be used in most applications, and comes in a bottle.

Deodorisers only mask the smell – they don’t temporarily remove it.


Cleaning & Removing Dog Urine – General Tips

There are general principles that can be followed to remove, clean, disinfect and deodorize pet urine from different surfaces.

The principles change slightly depending on the type of surface – hard vs soft, absorbent vs non absorbent, outside vs inside, and so on. So, slightly change your cleaning tools and process to cater to this.


General steps:

1. Use a paper towel or absorbent cloth to dab the surface of the urine and remove any excess urine. Don’t push down too hard as you’ll push the urine further down into the surface (if it’s absorbent like carpet is for example)

2. Spray the surface with a stain remover and disinfectant spray (that is formulated for pet stains and urine)

3. Follow the instruction for cleaning with the stain remover and disinfectant

4. Have a warm bucket of water and a new cloth and use it to clean up the cleaning liquid and to go over the urine spot

5. You should now be left with a wet surface where the cleaning product has been applied, and warm water has applied

6. Use a deodoriser spray if it’s your preference

7. Ventilate the area (by opening a window if it’s inside), and consider using a non marking drying substance like bi carb soda on absorbent surfaces like carpet


* For non absorbent, less absorbent or hard surfaces like concrete, you may need to buy a specific cleaning product like a hard surface cleaner.

For example, hard surface tile cleaning products are usually sold separately.

Follow the specific cleaning instructions with these cleaners and surfaces.

You will also need to use a mop instead of a cloth on surfaces like tiles.


Other notes:

– Make sure cleaning products used are pet and child friendly

– Make sure cleaning products used won’t damage the surface you are applying them to, and that they don’t void a warranty, or go against manufacturer/supplier cleaning instructions

– Make sure cleaning products and tools are designed for the type of surface you are cleaning

– Refer to the manufacturer, supplier or installer cleaning instructions of whatever it is you are cleaning. A mattress for example should come with cleaning instructions.

– Some people prefer to get a professional cleaner in to clean up pet stains. A cleaner has expertise of how to clean different surfaces better than the average person, as well as access to specific cleaning equipment the average person might not


How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Carpets

With carpets in particular, use a carpet based pet stain and odor remover.

The above general cleaning steps outlined above might work well for most carpets.


How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Rugs

With rugs in particular, use a rug based pet stain and odor remover.

The above general cleaning steps outlined above might work well for most rugs.

Note with rugs:

– You can take a rug outside and clean it outside and hang it up outside to dry

– Check underneath the rug to see whether urine has penetrated through to the surface underneath. If it has, you will need to clean that surface too


How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Wood Surfaces – Hardwood Floors, Wood Decks, Etc.

Different wood surfaces can require different approaches to cleaning.

A sealed wooden surface might be really simple and easy to clean because the wood won’t actually absorb any of the urine. It might just require mopping, and a pet urine remover/disinfectant/deodoriser spray.

An unsealed or engineered wood surface might require special cleaning – especially if the wood has absorbed the urine. Refer to the supplier or manufacturer (or installer) instructions on how to clean these types of wood surfaces.

Hardwood cleaning products also exist on the market specifically for wood surfaces.


How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Tiles & Grout

Tiles and grout are usually pretty simple because they aren’t absorbent.

Use a tile/hard surface cleaner spray in addition to the cleaning steps outlined above.

For fine gaps between tiles and grout joints, you can use a fine brush like a tooth brush.

Make sure you mop the surface afterwards with a mop dipped in warm water.


How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Concrete

For concrete, you’ll want to use a concrete and/or driveway cleaning product designed specifically for your type of concrete.

For example, colored concretes might require different cleaners to regular concretes.

Follow the instructions that come with the cleaning products (diluting the mix, as well as how to clean), along with any cleaning instructions that came from the concrete supplier.


How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Artificial Grass

We discus cleaning artificial grass of dog poop or pet stains in this guide as well.

But, another summary:


Best Way To Clean Artificial Grass Products

The best way to eliminate pet urine from artificial grass is to follow the manufacturer cleaning and care instructions.

Each brand, type and design of artificial grass has their own maintenance, cleaning and care guidelines which you should take note of and follow. Ask the manufacturer if you are unsure.

This is especially true if you don’t want to void a warranty or guarantee you get with the grass for things like wear and tear, fade and other damage.

Always check with the artificial grass manufacturer that a spray is OK for their particular product before using (so you don’t damage the grass or stain it).

With good artificial grasses, the urine will naturally drain from the surface without leaving a mark, and routine cleaning of the surface will rid it of any odors.

It should be mentioned that if the artificial grass you have is holding a strong urine odor – there might be an issue with the quality of the grass, the design, the installation, or the drainage. Contact the manufacturer in this case for further info. You may need to replace it.


General Cleaning Steps

A good general cleaning and urine elimination routine might be:

Spray the surface with pure water from a hose

Mop over or wipe over the surface with either or all three of a stain remover, stain disinfectant and odor remover/deodoriser. Some people might just use a bacterial enzyme spray or solution formulated to remove and deodorise pet stains


Understanding Artificial Grass Products For Pets

There are good quality artificial grasses for pets, and there are the poorer quality cheap ones.

The best quality artificial grasses possess characteristics similar to these:

Anti microbial surface to prevent unwanted bacteria from waste developing

A backing (on the back/underside of the grass) that allows drainage and free flow of urine, hair, feces and other waste through the grass. Grasses with some sand, rubber or ash type backings and infill can sometimes trap waste

Underneath the grass is usually crushed stone aggregate that filters waste through to the soil while keeping the artificial grass surface firm.

… So, you want to consider what the grass is made from, the drainage/backing system, and how it is designed/what it will be installed on for drainage and a stable surface.


How To Clean & Remove Dog Urine From Couches, Mattresses, Curtains & Other Furniture & House Objects

For household objects, you can usually find an upholstery cleaning products, a spot cleaning product, or a similar product to clean couches, mattresses, curtains and other items.

Also make sure you refer to the cleaning guide that comes with these objects and items – they may specify a particular way to clean.


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