Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherd: 7 Important FAQs


We’ve already put together a guide outlining the different types of German Shepherds – we make mention of the different length coats in that guide.

The medium haired German Shepherd, or plush coat German Shepherd is the most common and probably the most popular of the German Shepherd coat lengths and types.

These are the coat lengths that are most desirable for the purpose of show type events, and are also considered one of the stock coats, along with long haired German Shepherds (both with undercoats).

We’ve also written guides on the short haired German Shepherd coats, and long haired German Shepherd coats if you are interested in reading more.

Let’s look at medium haired German Shepherds/Plush Coat German Shepherds in a bit more detail …


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Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherd: 7 Important Things Explained


What Is A Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherd?

Medium haired and plush coat German Shepherds are one of the coats that a German Shepherd breed expert or enthusiast might tell you are one of the ‘stock coats’ or ‘designated coats’.

The other is a long haired German Shepherd. Both should have undercoats.

Unofficially however, for the sake of identifying a GSD by appearance, a medium haired or plush coat German Shepherd might be a GSD with a coat length of around 1 to 2 inches in length.

Also unofficially, the range of coat lengths on a German Shepherd might be:

Short length coat with an undercoat (around 1 inch in length)

Medium length coat with undercoat, often referred to as a plush coat. This is the most common coat and is the desired type of coat for dog shows (around 1 to 2 inches in length)

Long length coat with undercoat (around 2 inches or longer, and thick)

Long length coat without an undercoat (around 2 inches or longer, and thick – missing an undercoat for insulation/weather protection)


Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherd – Breed Conformance

Medium haired and plush coat German Shepherds are the favored coat type for German Shepherds.

In both the AKC American breed standard and the SV European breed standard, medium to longer coats are favored.

Other factors like dense coats, undercoats, thick (not thin or straight) coats, and how the hair is dispersed across the body play a part in how dogs are judged.


What Is The Temperament Of A Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherd?

Coat length doesn’t determine temperament – at least there is no scientific evidence to support this.

Genetics plays the biggest role in the temperament of the dog.

If the breeder is a knowledgeable dog breeder and knows about dog genetics and the German Shepherd breed, they will breed two GSDs together who each have stable temperaments or no negative temperament issues.

This is likely to produce a puppy with a a stable temperament or a desired temperament like a high working drive type temperament for example.

Breeders who know little about dog breeding and genetics, often called Backyard Breeders, may breed together dogs with unstable, overly fearful, or overly aggressive temperaments – which means there’s a higher chance of the puppy having a poor temperament.

How the dog is treated, trained, socialised can also influence behavior and temperament type factors of the dog.


What Color Are Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherds?

They can be any color.

Generally a certain bloodline of German Shepherd tends to produce a certain color e.g. American show lines tend to be black and tan, or black and cream. 

An East German working line/DDR German Shepherd tends to be a lot darker though, with black or sable pigments.

You can read more about the 5 different German Shepherd bloodlines in this guide.

Look at the parents to get an idea of what color a puppy might turn out to be.

The range of colors in the German Shepherd breed includes but isn’t limited to bi-color, black, black and cream, black and tan, black and red, black and silver, blue, grey, liver, sable and white.

German Shepherds can also have different coat patterns (how the color is dispersed across the coat)


Do Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherds Shed Much?


German Shepherds have the nickname ‘German Shedder’.

German Shepherds shed all year around, but between certain seasons, they blow their coat in anticipation for hotter and colder weather.

During this time they drop ALOT of hair.

Regular brushing (3 to 4 times a week) with a good deShedding tool and slicker brush can drastically reduce the amount of hair that is dropped inside the house, and consequently the amount of vacuuming.


How Much Does A Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherd Cost?

On average, you might pay anywhere from $500 to $1500 for a pet, or family dog type medium haired or plush coat German Shepherd from a breeder.

For medium haired German Shepherds with pedigrees, papers, working titles, specific lines, and puppies who have a proven regulated breeding history – you can pay thousands of dollars.

Medium/plush coat GSDs can are widely available as they are the most common coat length.

Don’t get ripped off or buy from shady or unethical breeders – read this guide carefully.

When adopting a medium haired German Shepherd from a rescue or shelter, you might pay anywhere from $50 to $500 – which covers adoption fees.


How Can I Buy A Medium Haired & Plush Coat German Shepherd Puppy For Sale, or Adopt?

You can adopt from a medium haired or plush coat German Shepherd from shelter or rescue centre, or buy from a breeder.

They are the most common of the German Shepherd coat lengths, so you should have an issue with either.

It is encouraged to adopt as a first priority because there are so many loving and sociable dogs that are looking for a caring owner and loving home in shelters and rescue.

Good breeders that care about their dogs can be hard to find, but they are out there.

Breeders that have medium length coat or plush coat studs and dams are more likely to have these types of German Shepherds available. But, shorter haired and long haired GSD parents can produce plush coat GSDs, and vice versa.

When looking at buying or adopting a GSD, have a read of these guides first:

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What To Look For When Buying A German Shepherd Puppy: Ethical Step By Step Guide

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More Information & Facts About The German Shepherd Dog Breed

We’ve put together this guide with over 100 interesting pieces of information and facts about the German Shepherd Dog Breed.



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