3 Of The Best German Shepherd Shedding Solutions To Help With Controlling & Picking Up Dog Hair


German Shepherd Dog & Puppy shedding can be a real pain & frustration to control and clean up.

Not only does the hair get all over your house, but it can also get on your clothes and in your car.

What we’ve done in this guide is outline 3 German Shepherd Shedding Solutions you might consider to both control shedding, and to help with picking up dog hair.

These solutions are:

– Using a dog brush, deshedding tool and dematting tool

– Using a dog vacuum

– Using a dog hair lint roller & pet hair remover

Let’s check them out in more detail!


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3 Of The Best German Shepherd Shedding Solutions To Help With Controlling & Picking Up Dog Hair

The top shedding solutions we mention in this guide are:

Brushes & Hair Tools


Pet Hair Vacuums


Lint Rollers & Pet Hair Removers


1. Use A Dog Brush, DeShedding Tool, & Dematting Tool

You can’t stop your German Shepherd from shedding altogether, but what you can do is have a good coat grooming routine to remove loose hairs.

This is essentially a prevention technique for preventing as many hairs being dropped in the fair place.

You can (in this order):

– Use a de-matting tool to remove knots and matts from your dog’s coat. A popular de-matting tool is the Safari Dematting Comb (on Amazon)

– Use a deshedding tool to remove loose hairs from both the undercoat and top coat of your dog (can reduce the effects of shedding by up to 90% in some cases). A popular deshedding tool is the Furminator Desheding Tool (on Amazon)

– Use a dog comb, pin and bristle brush, or slicker brush to remove any remaining loose hairs and get the coat looking plush and nice. An eco friendly pin and bristle brush is the AtEase Accents Bamboo Pin & Bristle Dog Brush (on Amazon)


This simple routine for 5 minutes a day can do absolute wonders for minimise the amount of hair dropped inside your house and car (+ on you!).

Make sure to do it outside.

You can read more about the best dog brushes and grooming tools in this guide.


2. Use A Dog Vacuum

Dog vacuums will help you pick up and clean dog hair from the house and your car.

Dog vacuums come in smaller handheld models for smaller areas, and larger high powered/high suction models for larger areas and more stubborn hair.

A good dog vacuum can be a life saver for really heavy shedders and those who aren’t currently brushing their dog and removing loose hairs.

A popular small handheld pet hair vacuum for smaller areas is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1 (on Amazon).

Probably the best upright, powerful/high suction and versatile pet hair vacuum that can also be used for everyday vacuuming is the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum, Bordeaux (NV752) (on Amazon).

The Shark vacuum can be used for large areas and stubborn pet hair. 

You can read more about each of those two dog hair vacuums in this guide – including their pros, cons and features.


3. Use A Dog Hair Lint Roller & Pet Hair Remover

Some people prefer a lighter and manual option for pet hair cleaning and picking up, and that’s where you can use a dog hair lint roller or handheld pet hair remover.

These pet hair cleaning and removal tools are great around the house or for your own clothes.

Two of the more popular Lint Rollers and Pet Hair Removers are:



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