7 Easy Tutorials On How To Draw A German Shepherd Dog or Puppy


Whether you are a kid or an adult, beginner or advanced artist, it’s always fun learning different ways on how to draw a German Shepherd dog or puppy.

Most of the people reading this (like us!), are probably beginners, and need a bit of help and a few tips in learning exactly how to put together a German Shepherd drawing that doesn’t look like scribble.

We’ve gone out and found 7 different ways you can draw a German Shepherd, so you can impress yourself or your friends with your new masterpiece.

Let’s get drawing! 


PRO TIP (before we get started): the videos can be hard to follow in full speed sometimes.

So, go into Youtube, click the little Settings gear icon, click on Speed, and slow the video down to 0.25x speed.

You should find it much easier to follow along that way!


7 Different Easy Tutorials On How To Draw A German Shepherd Dog or Puppy


German Shepherd Drawing Tutorial – Easy Step By Step Guide

This is probably the easiest and most complete German Shepherd Step By Step tutorial out there by the folks at How2DrawAnimals.

They give you a clear breakdown of each step, guide you through the shapes and outlines, and even give you tips along the way.

Check it out here:

How To Draw A Dog (German Shepherd)


How To Draw A Cartoon German Shepherd

There are two good videos to learn how to draw a cartoon German Shepherd.

The first is this one by Loblogue.

It’s super easy, and they show you how to do all the outlines and shading for the top saddle at the end:

How To Draw A German Shepherd (Dog)


The other we unfortunately couldn’t link to you because there was restrictions on embedding the video.

You can however type ‘how to draw a german shepherd cartoon’ into YouTube and the video is the one with the title ‘How to draw a dog | Draw Easy, Draw Cute!’ under the channel Fun2Draw by artist Mei You.


How To Draw A German Shepherd Puppy

How2DrawAnimals has done it again here – showing you how to draw an ultra cute German Shepherd puppy.

They do the same things – showing you how to start, outline, shape, detail and shade in the German Shepherd puppy drawing + give lots of good tips and advice along the way in the video.

Take a look:

How To Draw A Puppy (German Shepherd)


How To Draw A German Shepherd For Kids, Parents & Beginners

We love this video.

It’s a super easy to follow along tutorial Art For Kids Hub.

In the video, you watch as Rob (the father) draws a German Shepherd, whilst also instructing his son to draw who follows along with him.

They show you how to outline the German Shepherd, as well as color it in.

Check it out here:

How To Draw A German Shepherd


How To Draw A Realistic German Shepherd

This is a SUPER cool video which shows you how to draw a realistic German Shepherd.

You can see how life-like the drawing looks as the details and colors are added to it.

[NOTE – video is now unavailable]

You can check out what coloring pencils and other supplies the artist uses by visiting her website and checking out the ‘Art Supplies Tool I Use’ Tab at the top of her site.


How To Draw A German Shepherd Face

The artist starts with the outline of the neck, ears, face, eyes, and then progresses to filling in the finer details of the face, nose, eyes, mouth and fur as the video progresses.

How To Draw A Dog – German Shepherd

If that video was too detailed and difficult for you, here is a more simple way of drawing a German Shepherd face:

[NOTE – video is now unavailable]


How To Draw A German Shepherd Sitting Down

This one is going to be slightly trickier as there were no full videos on how to draw a German Shepherd sitting down.

You’ll have to use some creativity!

Here is a video by YouTube channel Art ala Carte, showing you how to draw a wolf sitting down.

She gives a great breakdown at the beginning of the video how to draw the legs, hindquarters, back, neck and outline of the head.

You can follow those instructions, and then use the advice from the other German Shepherd drawing videos to finish of the head as a German Shepherd head.

Check it out here:

How To Draw A Wolf Howling


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