Dog Talking Buttons: What Are They, & Do They Actually Work?

In the guide below, we discuss dog talking buttons, and cover the following main aspects:

– What they are, and what they do

– How they work

– Whether they actually work

– What some of the most popular products might be right now


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What Are Dog Talking Buttons, & What Do They Do?

Dog talking buttons are a type of dog training product.

They are a button or buzzer that a dog can press to communicate something specific to their owner

Some describe it as the dog ‘speaking’ or ‘talking’ to their owner, hence the name of the product


How Do Dog Talking Buttons Work?

Each dog talking button product should come with instructions, along with a training guide.

These documents should explain how to use the button/buzzer, and how to train a dog to use them.


The general way to use dog talking buttons, and the general way they might work, might be:

1. The dog becomes familiar with what a particular word or phrase means from their owner

This usually involves a phrase matched to an activity, such as, ‘walk’ resulting in going for a walk outside


2. The dog owner records that phrase or word for on an individual button/buzzer


3. The dog owner teaches/trains their dog to press or step on the button when they want that certain thing

This is the dog’s way of ‘talking to’ their owner, and communicating what they want


4. Once the dog has learnt one word/phrase, and the associated button/buzzer for that word/phrase, they can move onto another one and expand 


Do Dog Talking Buttons Actually Work?

It might be accurate to say that the results for using dog talking buttons can vary.

Some owners find they don’t work for them at all, and there’s significant issues with using them.

Other owners might have a more positive experience.


Potential Issues With Dog Talking Buttons

Some of the major issues owners may experience with dog talking buttons that might result in them ‘not working’ or not being worth the money might be:

– The speaker/sound quality is poor, and can sound muffled or distorted. This may impact the dog understanding the phrase/word coming from the button

– Some buttons are made of cheap plastic, and might have durability issues over time

– The button/buzzer on some products can get stuck when it’s pushed down

– The button generally doesn’t function or perform as it should, and it gets thrown out or stops getting used reasonably quickly


In addition to the above potential issues with the product itself, sometimes there can be issues with the dog or the owner using the product, such as:

– The dog isn’t interested in using the button and would rather bark, or indicate they want something from their owner in another way (such as standing by the door when they want to outside to go potty)

– The dog is hesitant around or scared of the button, and avoids it

– The dog or the owner get impatient with the training required for the button


Potential Positive Experiences With Dog Talking Buttons

Some owners find the buttons do ‘work’ for them.

For example, the dog may push a specific button once, semi-consistently, or on a consistent basis to communicate something to their owner.

How long this lasts for each owner and their dog though might vary (due to the durability of the button, or the dog losing interest in using the button)


So, Do Dog Talking Buttons Work?

For some they might not work at all, for some they may work a little bit, and for some they might generally work.

The best approach might be to start with a small set of buttons that have good reviews for quality/durability and sound, and are reasonably inexpensive, and test them.

If they work, you can always expand and buy more.


What Might Be Some Of The Best Dog Talking Buttons Right Now?

Below we’ve listed what might be some of the most popular dog talking buttons on the market right now.

We’ve also provided a brief summary of each of these talking button products:

FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit

– View

FluentPet Sound Button Tester Kit (on Amazon)


– Features

A talking button kit for pets

The ‘Tester’ kit in particular is for owners to ‘test’ if the buttons will be suitable for their pet

Comes with 2 recordable talking buttons with pre-installed batteries, 2 compact Hextiles (to hold the buttons), and an Ideograms sticker sheet

Is expandable with more buttons and Hextiles

There’s a free downloadable ‘Starter’s Guide’ available too


– Potential Drawbacks

Speaker is currently on the bottom of the button, so, the sound can be muffled or quiet (or both)

Some users might question the durability of the buttons themselves

Chewer dogs may want to chew the Hextiles


Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buzzers

– View

Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buzzers (on Amazon)


– Features

A set of recordable buzzers designed for kids (ages 3 to 12), but, some people use them for pets too

Comes in different colors

Can record up to 7 seconds of speech or sounds – tap, record and listen

Uses AAA batteries


– Potential Drawbacks

Needs multiple AAA batteries per button. Some users may find this too much 

Some users might find the recorded sound/audio on these buzzers to be low quality, or distorted/muffled sounding. The sound may also be low for some users.


Hunger For Words Talking Pet Starter Kit

– View

Hunger For Words Talking Pet Starter Kit (on Amazon)


– Features

A set of recordable buttons designed for teaching dogs

Developed by a speech therapist

Now has updated technology that improves the recording consistency, volume and sound quality

Come in different colours

Has a record button on the side, and then the button on the top is to playback the sound

Comes with step by step instructions of how to effectively use the buttons


– Potential Drawbacks

Needs multiple AAA batteries per button. Some users may find this too much 

Some users might find the audio quality to be somewhat muffled or not clear


Potential Key Features To Look For In Dog Talking Buttons

Some of the main features that might be important might be:

Made of reasonable quality materials, and not cheap plastic that might break easily i.e. it should be built for durability and be quality

Good design, where the buttons won’t get stuck

Good quality speaker – clear enough for the owner and dog to understand

Batteries will last for a reasonable amount of time, and won’t need to be replaced too frequently (can be expensive for each buzzer)

Multiple buttons come in the kit/set (for multiple phrases at once)

Set is expandable (advanced or additional products and kits that allow you to train your dog beyond what they’ve already learnt)

Warranty (from the manufacturer), and/or return guarantee in case the product is damaged or defects quickly




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