9 Dog Hair Remover Tools For Better Cleaning

Below, we list 9 different dog hair remover tools for different uses and different areas, both inside and outside the house.

We also explain what might make them useful, and how they might generally be used.

This guide might complement a separate guide we put together on how to pick up or remove pet hair from different surfaces.


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)

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Firstly … A Warning About Different Tools Before You Use Them

Before using any tools or cleaning methods for picking up pet hair, confirm yourself that they are non marking and won’t damage the surface or item you are using them on.


1. Tools Specifically Designed For Pet Hair Removal

These tools don’t specifically fit into the other tool categories, but they might be similar in some ways.

They are tools designed specifically for pet hair removal and cleaning, and might be used for different areas and uses.

Some examples might include:

– For Couches, Carpets, Car Seats, & Softer Surfaces

ChomChom Pet Hair Remover & Roller (on Amazon)

YUAKUOD Pet Hair Remover & Scraper (on Amazon)


– Specifically For Car Detailing

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer (on Amazon)

Analan Mini Pet Hair Remover For Car Detailing (on Amazon)


2. Lint Rollers, & Sticky Rollers

Rollers can be used for hair, lint, dirt/dust, and other mess.

As the name suggests, they are rolled over a surface, and pick up the hair as they come into contact with the adhesive on the roller.

They can be good for upholstery, furniture, and clothing in particular.

Some examples of different lint rollers are:

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller (on Amazon)

PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller (on Amazon)


3. Different Types Of Sticky Tape/Adhesive Tape

Some tapes like regular adhesive tape or duct tape can be dabbed on some surfaces to pick up pet hair (that sticks to them).

Make sure the surface isn’t delicate or easily marked though, and make sure the tape won’t leave behind any residue or markings on the surface you’re using it on.


4. Different Types Of Rubber Tools

Tools made of rubber material are different to other materials because they can be electrostatic – this means they can attract fur/hair to the material as they are moved across them.

A rubber hair and lint removal brush is an example of a tool like this that might be able to be used on carpets and upholstery (as long as the brush is non-marking).

One example of a rubber brush tool might be this Carrand Lint & Hair Removal Brush (on Amazon).

It has natural rubber bristles that are electrostatic to attract hair and fur, and, is designed to remove hair, lint, and fuzz from upholstery and carpets.

Other tools or items like rubber brooms can work for different surfaces too (and may or may not be electrostatic).

Some examples of rubber broom type tools are the FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom and Lint Brush Combo with Squeegee (on Amazon), and the MR.SIGA Pet Hair Removal Rubber Broom/3 in 1 Floor Brush with Built in Squeegee (on Amazon)

Rubber gloves may also work in some instances for some surfaces too when moved across them. 


5. Regular Brooms & Brushes

A regular, soft (non marking) broom or brush might be good for sweeping up pet hair on hard surfaces, like some tiles or floorboards.

Pet hair can then be disposed of to a bin by hand or a dust pan.


6. Damp Cloth

A damp cloth might be able to pick up pet hair on a range of surfaces, such as hard surfaces, and also the inside of a washing machine barrel.


7. Vacuums

Firstly, vacuums that are designed specifically for pet hair (which should be indicated in the product description) might be the best for cleaning up/picking up pet hair, as they have specific features or designs to do so.

We’ve previously written about what might be some of the best vacuums for pet hair in another guide.

Beyond that though, there’s other types of vacuums, and these vacuums can be good for different uses and surfaces.

As a few examples:


– Removing Pet Hair From Floors

Most vacuums might be good for removing pet hair from floors.

Examples include upright vacuums, stick vacuums, and robotic vacuums.


– Removing Pet Hair From Furniture & Upholstery

Some vacuums are designed specifically to be used above floor level, for items and surfaces like furniture and upholstery.

They are either portable, or have a hose that allows them to work above floor level.

They can be upright vacuums when used with certain tools or attachments, or other types of vacuums such as handheld vacuums.

They are usually designed specifically for upholstery or furniture too.

Check both of these things in the product description when looking at different vacuums.


– Removing Pet Hair From The Car

Handheld vacuums are usually best for removing pet hair from the car as they are small, lightweight, and obviously portable.

If practical, a vacuum with more power/suction can also be used in the car, as long as you can get a power supply, and/or the vacuum is small enough or adequately shaped to be used in the car.


8. Washing Machine

A washing machine may remove some hairs that can’t be removed with a hair removal tool.

Make sure that whatever you are washing is machine washable though.

You may have to wipe down the inside of the washing machine with a damp cloth after it’s finished though to make sure you remove any hair that is left over in the washing machine barrel.

An alternative to a washing machine that involves water may be putting the item through a bucket or tub of water instead.


9. Compact Carpet Cleaner

Compact carpet cleaners are optional, and not necessary for picking up and removing pet hair.

However, some compact carpet cleaners may be helpful in removing pet hair after vacuuming because they have a spinning BrushRoll that may pick up some pet hair.

We say after vacuuming, because if you do it before hand, a lot more pet hair might get stuck in the BrushRoll (which can be frustrating and difficult to remove).

We’ve written about some of the more popular pet compact carpet cleaners (that have a BrushRoll) in another guide.


Consider Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Pet Hair Mess

Although pet hair mess can’t be completely prevented, it might be possible to reduce some pet hair from dropping on different surfaces with the use of different methods.

We’ve mentioned these potential methods in a separate guide.




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