Best Dog Costumes For Black Dogs

Best Dog Costumes For Black Dogs

  When you’re looking for the best dog costumes for black dogs, there’s some costumes that complement an all black color more than others. All black costumes, or black and white, or black and a bright color like yellow for example can look better on a black dog than a multi colored mismatch costume. We’ve … Read more

17 Dog Sports, Competitions & Activities German Shepherds Are Used For & Good At

17 Dog Sports, Competitions & Activities German Shepherds Are Used For & Good At

  We’ve already discussed work activities German Shepherds are used for and good at. But, this guide and list is about the dog sports, competitions and recreation type activities German Shepherds do well at. Have a read through and enjoy – you may even find something that sparks a new interest for you and your … Read more

German Shepherd Schutzhund: Introduction Guide

german shepherd schutzhund

  German Shepherd Schutzhund is a modern day dog sport that has an interesting origin and evolution throughout the years. Since 2004, IPO and Schutzhund have virtually the same rules. In the following German Shepherd Schutzhund Introduction Guide, we have explained the sport, its tests, training, commands, breeds that participate, where the find the best German … Read more

Safety Tips For German Shepherds & Dogs On Boats: Checklist

dogs on boats

  We’ve already written about travelling with German Shepherds in cars and trucks, and taking big dogs on planes. But, what should you know about when it comes to German Shepherds and dogs on boats?  Below you’ll find out about safety, equipment required, training and other important knowledge for taking your dogs on boats.   (NOTE: this is … Read more

Camping & Hiking With Your German Shepherd: Tips + A Checklist

hiking with german shepherd

  We’ve already written about the different ways you can get exercise with your German Shepherd, and camping and hiking is one of them. Whether you are completely new or highly experienced, camping and hiking with German Shepherds can be activities which require some planning, organisation and specific equipment/gear and information in order to make … Read more