Best Dog Costumes In 2023/2024: Top Rated List


This best dog costumes guide is designed to help you find the best pet costume for your dog across a range of themes.

Whether it’s Halloween, or a fancy dress up event, or you just want some entertainment and to put a smile on your face while your dog looks like a cutie or absolutely hilarious, there’s something for everyone here.

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The top list includes some of the most popular or top rated dog costumes on the market at the moment, and the main part of the guide is sorted into dog costume category, and type/theme ideas.

Note that we’ve also included a section at the bottom of this guide linking to other potentially useful dog costume guides, and some potentially useful dog costume reminders and tips.


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Top List Of The Best Dog Costumes

Before we get into the main guide, here is a short list of the best, top rated, or most commonly bought dog costumes on the market right now:


Ideas For Other Dog Costumes

Costumes can come in all forms – general costumes, headwear, harnesses, vests, jackets, shirts, bandanas, hats, collar accessories … just to name a few.


Some examples of categories, types, themes and ideas for dog costumes might include …


Alice In Wonderland Dog Costumes

– Queen Of Hearts

– Cheshire Cat

– Mad Hatter


Angel Dog Costumes

– Wings

– Halos

– and more


Animal Planet Dog Costumes 

– Peacock

– Butterfly

– Stegosaurus

– Raptor

– Stegosaurus

– Triceratops

– Wooly Mammoth

– Zebra

– Orca


Army Dog Costumes 

– Camouflage

– Soldier 

– Military Jacket

– Army Patterns


Banana Dog Costumes

– Banana Peel

– Banana Sundae


Bandana Dog Costumes

– Different patterns, themes, styles, etc.


Bat Dog Costumes

– Wings Only

– Full Costumes


Batman & Robin Dog Costumes

– Batman

– Robin

– Batgirl

– Joker


Beetlejuice Dog Costumes


Bee Dog Costumes


Butterfly Dog Costumes


Captain America Dog Costumes


Cheerleader Dog Costumes


Christmas Dog Costumes


Cinderella Dog Costumes


Cowboy & Western Dog Costumes


Crocodile & Alligator Dog Costumes


Devil Dog Costumes

– Full Costume

– Devil Horns


Dinosaur Dog Costumes


Disney Dog Costumes

– Examples can include Disney Stitch Dog Costumes, Disney Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore Dog Costumes, Frozen, Elsa Dog Costume, Snow White Dog Costume, Cinderella and Disney Princess Dog Costumes, and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Dog Costumes


Dog Costumes With Arms

– Costumes with arms and a body on the front, so it looks like their whole body is visible from the front, or it looks like your dog is carrying something


Dragon Dog Costumes


Egyptian Dog Costumes


Elephant Dog Costumes


Elf Dog Costumes


Elvis Dog Costumes


Firefighter Dog Costumes


Fish Dog Costumes


Flower Dog Costumes


Football Player Dog Costumes


Frankenstein & Bride Of Frankenstein Dog Costumes


Girl & Female Themed Dog Costumes

– Such as Princess Costumes For Dogs, Snow White Dog Costumes, Alice In Wonderland Dog Costumes, Frozen Elsa Dog Costume, Angel Dog Costumes, Unicorn Dog Costumes, Butterfly Dog Costumes, Pirate Dog Costumes, Batgirl Dog Costumes, Supergirl Dog Costumes, Egyptian Dog Costumes, Halloween Dog Dresses, Witch Dog Costumes


Halloween Dog Costumes


Hotdog Dog Costumes


Jamaican Dog Costumes


Jason Vorhees & Freddy Kreuger Dog Costumes


Lilo & Stitch Dog Costumes


Lion Mane Dog Costumes


Marvel Dog Costumes

– Spiderman, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, and more


Mermaid Dog Costumes


Mexican Dog Costumes


Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Dog Costumes


Minions Dog Costumes


Pirate Dog Costumes


Pokemon Dog Costumes


Princess Dog Costumes


Reindeer Dog Costumes


Shark Dog Costumes


Snow White Dog Costumes


Spider Dog Costumes


Star Wars Dog Costumes

– Chewbacca, Ewok, AT-AT, Stormtrooper, Jedi, and more


Supergirl, Superwoman, and Wonderwoman Dog Costumes


Superhero Dog Costumes

– Such as Super Man Dog Costumes, Super Woman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman Dog Costume, Batman and Robin Dog Costumes, Marvel Dog Costumes (Spider Man, Spider Girl, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk)


Superman Dog Costumes


Teddybear & Panda Dog Costumes


Toy Story Dog Costumes


Uncle Sam & 4th Of July Dog Costumes


Unicorn Dog Costumes


Winnie the Pooh Themed Dog Costumes


Witch Dog Costumes


Wizard Of Oz Dog Costumes


Wolverine Dog Costumes


Rider Dog Costumes

– Costumes with a small plush rider on your dog’s back


Halloween Dog Costumes For Small & Medium Sized Dogs

Below, we’ve outlined some of the most popular or top rated Halloween costumes for small dogs, and medium sized dogs:


Halloween Dog Costumes For Larger Sized Dogs

Most dog halloween costumes are made for small and medium dog sized dog breeds

Shopping for large and XL sized dog costumes for a large dog breed can be challenging though.

There are some available though that may be suitable for large breeds.

A list of some of the more popular dog costumes for larger dogs might be:


Dog Christmas Outfits, Costumes & Sweaters

Some of the more popular dog Christmas outfits, costumes and sweaters might be:


Other Top Rated Lists On Costumes For Dogs

Best Dog Costumes For Black Dogs


Buying Dog Costumes: 9 Common Mistakes Owners Can Make


1. Sizing

By far the most common issue is sizing – in particular, the costume in reality runs either a size or two bigger but usually smaller/tighter than the measurements the seller gives.

Rather than basing your choice of size off the weight of your dog, you might base it off things like neck, chest and body thickness.

The shape of your dog can also play a part.

Check out what other buyers have said about the stated sizes of the costume.

Costumes may run smaller or larger than the stated dimensions, or may not fit your dog’s unique body shape, so make sure you’re comfortable with the return policy before ordering


2. Legholes

We are talking front and back leg holes if there are any.

Most often leg holes might be positioned in awkward spots that make it hard for your dog’s legs to fit into.

The front leg sleeves of some costumes can sometimes be too long as well.

Pay attention to these two issues. 


3. Headpieces

Costumes usually come with a body piece, and a headpiece.

Headpieces can be too small in diameter, or may not be positioned properly for the ears to protrude through or sit to the side of the head piece.

The headpiece may also have poor fastening straps.


4. Does The Costume Stay On While Walking?

The ‘with arms’ dog costumes that cover the front of a dog are usually not great for walking in.

The same can be said for top heavy costumes with poor or little velcro fastening, as they tend to slide off to the side.

Cape costumes are another that might fit into this category as the cape can be too long and get stuck under your dogs feet – although they can be easily safety pinned up.

If you get one of these costumes, they are better for putting on, taking a photo or video, and then taking off your dog.


5. Look Of Costume In Photo vs Real Life

Costume usually doesn’t sit like they do in the photos you see from the seller.

Most actually look somewhat like the photo, but some can look completely different.

In particular, pay attention to costumes like Spider Dog Costumes that might show spider legs sitting or staying up for example, when in real life they just droop down to the side.

Expect some variation from the photo to what you actually get, with color change also being a slight difference sometimes.


6. Hole For Leash

Some costumes have a hole or slit for the leash in the back, some don’t.

You may want to check this.


7. How Secure Are The Fastening Straps?

Dog costume fastening straps are usually velcro, or adjustable elastic.

Elastic is usually OK.

But, velcro can sometimes be too small, or just not very sticky, which can mean things like capes and headpieces fall off very easily.


8. Is The Costume Detailed & Puffy, Printed, or Just Flat Fabric?

Some dog costumes have a 3-D look to them, some are printed designs on quality fabric, and some are just colored fabric with a few things sewn onto them.

Check what the costume actually is before buying it.


9. What Are The Best Dog Costumes For Your Money?

The safest costumes in our opinion in terms of getting what you paid for are the ones that are simply fastened around your dog’s neck – like the Lion Mane Costume For Dogs (on Amazon) for example.

You don’t have to worry too much about leg holes or body sizing.

Having said that, there are some fantastic dog costumes on the market that include leg holes, headpieces and the sizing is somewhat accurate.

You can find different themed dog costumes on this website by typing ‘costume’ into the search bar on the top right.

Large breed costumes can be harder to find, but you can check out some good large dog costumes here.



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