Best Non Slip Dog Socks & Booties


Are you worried about your dog slipping on hardwood floors at home, or perhaps having traction while out and about on a walk somewhere?

In this guide we take a look at the Best Non Slip Dog Socks & Booties for slippery surfaces to give your dog that will hopefully give your dog more confidence and grip.

Dog socks and boots can be a life changer for dogs that are worried or unsure about staying upright in some situations.

Let’s take a look at them!


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Best Non Slip Dog Socks & Booties For Hardwood Floors & Slippery Surfaces

If you want to go straight to checking out anti slip dog shoes, you can do so here:


Depending on what you want the dog boots for, you might also like to read about:

1. How to protect dog paws from heat, cold and salt

2. The best dog paw waxes, balms, butters and more, that can be used for some protective purposes 

Some people find that dog boots aren’t very effective for some uses, they don’t fit properly, or their dogs aren’t comfortable with them on.


Anti Slip and Non Slip Dog Boots Review

My Busy Dog Dog Shoes With Velcro and Anti Slip Soles

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The features of these dog shoes include:

Good for more traction on slippery surfaces, and protection from sharp thorns, hot pavement, salt during winter, and other potentially harmful objects

Great for leather in a car and in other instances where you want to protect surfaces from your dog’s nails

Good for dogs with degenerative diseases who have trouble with dragging their legs and paws

The boots actually look really nice on your dog – they don’t just look like something ugly your dog HAS to wear

The boots feel high quality both in terms of the materials used and the way they are put together

More of a boot for walking than running and similar more intense activities. The boots may slide around or not stay on for the more intense activities

The boots will get wet after playing in rain soaked grass or in the snow – make sure you hang them out to dry afterwards

Sole of the boot is both anti slip with rubber, and water resistant (but not waterproof)

Boots are fairly well put together – the materials are sewn together instead of glued

Comes in 4 cool colors – black, green, orange and red

Come in 8 different sizes for different sizes of dogs. There is a sizing chart provided so you can pick the right size for your dog. Size 8 for example is 3.25 inches wide

As long as you get the right size for your dog (refer to the sizing chart for instructions on how to measure your dog’s paw), the velcro should keep the boot on your dog while walking

Usually pretty easy to both put on and take off most dogs

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Anti Slip and Non Slip Dog Boots: Buyer’s Guide

What Are Non Slip and Anti Slip Dog Boots and Socks?

Boots and socks that allow your dog to have more traction, usually with a rubber sole, on slippery surfaces.


Are Anti Slip Boots or Socks Better For Dogs?

We’ve found that the selection of anti slip socks out there isn’t that great for dogs right now.

The boots available seem to perform better for anti slip purposes


What Activities Are Anti Slip Dog Boots Good For?

It depends on how well the boot fits your dog, but most people find that walking is fine – both around the house and outside.

Some dogs are ok with running, hiking and other activities, but some people find that for these more intense activities the boot slides around on the paw or sometimes comes off.


What Size Boots Do I Get For My Dog?

The company should have a boot sizing chart (if you are looking on Amazon – it’s in the product pictures next to the main image) that will tell you how wide and big each boot is.

They should also have instructions on how to measure your dog’s paw and select a boot for the size of the paw.


Are The Boots Actually Waterproof?

No. They will get wet like a sock in any conditions where there is water around.

You should hang them out to dry after they get wet.


Do The Boots Protect Against Rough Objects and The Heat?

The boots have a rubber sole on them that is intended to protect against hot pavements, small thorns and rocks, and salt.



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