Dog Paw Wax: 8 To Know About Using It



Dog paw wax is popular because it’s easy to apply, and it is useful for a range of purposes.

From moisturising cracked paw pads, to providing traction and anti slip benefits, to providing a waxy barrier in the summer on hot pavement – there’s a few different things it is made for.

We take a look at what paw wax is, all the things it’s used for, and what the best paw waxes on the market might be. 

We even take a look at whether home made or DIY dog paw wax is an option.

Let’s jump into it!

(NOTE: this is a general informational and educational guide only. It is not professional advice. See a vet or qualified expert for professional advice).


Dog Paw Wax: 8 Things You Need To Know

The top rated dog paw wax we mention in this guide is:

Mushers Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax (on Amazon)


1. What Is Dog Paw Wax?

Dog paw wax is a wax type product, similar in feel and consistency to human hair wax, that is usually made with a combination of bees wax, plant and leaf wax, and plant or vegetable oils.


2. What Types Of Dog Paw Wax Are There?

Most dog paw wax is similar in terms of being made of similar ingredients, and being used for similar purposes.

The 100% natural dog paw waxes are usually non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-staining.


3. What Is Dog Paw Wax Used For – What Does It Do?

Some waxes are for paw protection, some are for paw healing and repairing, and some do both.

They do this by forming a semi-permeable wax shield over the paw skin, or by lubricating the skin with vitamins and other beneficial minerals found in the wax ingredients.

Specifically, the range of uses dog paw waxes are used for include:

  • Protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice and salt 
  • Prevent abrasions, burning, drying and cracking
  • Can be used for activities like mushing, hunting, walking or most outdoor activities
  • Can be used to moisturise dry or cracked skin, and help heal and repair wounds


4. How To Apply Dog Paw Wax

The best way to apply it is to follow the instructions on the wax product you buy.

But, as a general rule, you might take a small amount, spread it evenly on your fingers, and spread it evenly across your dog’s paw pads and in between their toes.

Apply it in a thin layer across the skin and exposed areas of their pads and toes.


5. Best Dog Paw Wax

You can check out our full guide on dog paw waxes and balms.

In that guide we look at some USDA Organic pet balms which contain at least 95% natural ingredients, such as the 4 Legger Organic Healing Balm and Pawstruck Ruff Relief Balm.

One of the most popular dog paw waxes on the market is Mushers Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax (on Amazon).

It can be used for just about all the above listed uses.

It is made of 100% pure natural waxes (including White and Yellow Beeswax, Carnauba, and Candelilla Wax) and White & vegetable oils with vitamin E. 


6. Dog Paw Wax For Summer

As mentioned above, dog paw wax has the ability to provide some level of protection of the dog paw pads from hot sand and hot pavement in the summer by providing a waxy layer over the paw skin.


7. Dog Paw Wax DIY & Homemade Solutions

You could try a natural or organic oil at home. Organic coconut oil might achieve a similar result from a moisturising point of view.

But, to be honest, dog paw wax is relatively cheap, there are 100% natural ingredient and non toxic options, and it’s formulated specially for protection or repair.

So, there’s no real time or cost benefit to trying to do a DIY or homemade option for dog paw wax.

But, if you want to give it a try, as a general guide to make homemade dog paw wax…

You’ll need 2 parts olive or almond oil, 2 parts coconut oil, 1 part shea butter, and 4 parts beeswax.

It’s as simple as mixing the ingredients over a low heat on a stove top in a pot/pan until it is one liquid. Pour the liquid into a small plastic container you can seal, and wait for it to dry out. It’s ready to use once it has gone hard and set.

You can find  Better Shea Butter here (on Amazon), and Mary Tylor Naturals Bees Wax here (on Amazon).

Always check with your vet that any home made or alternative recipe is safe for your dog before making it or applying it.


8. Anti Slip Dog Paw Wax – Dog Paw Wax For Traction

Dog paw wax might help slightly with traction on surfaces like hardwood or ice for example, but it is not ideal.

A better option might be ant slip dog boots which have rubber soles for traction.

A popular option for this is My Busy Dog Water Resistant and Anti Slip Dog Shoes (on Amazon).


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