Best Pet Stairs & Steps: Reviews, & Top Rated List


You may need dog/pet stairs and steps for different reasons.

Some people might want them for inside the house for helping pets get up onto couches and beds, whilst others may want them for their car.

Regardless, we’ve put together a list of the best dog/pet stairs and steps, and included links to full reviews of these pet stairs where you can check out their main features and drawbacks.

Let’s take a look!


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Best Dog/Pet Stairs & Steps: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our top picks for the best pet/dog stairs and steps are:

Pet Stairs For Inside The House


Pet Stairs For Cars/Vehicles


Best Dog/Pet Stairs & Steps: Reviews

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs – Standard, & Extra Wide Models: Reviews

Pet Loader Steps: Reviews

Snoozer Scalloped Pet Stairs/Ramp: Review


Other reviews:


Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Steps

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These steps are made of a foam base and are covered with soft removable washable fabric. They are designed for smaller pets.

Pet stairs made for small dogs, and inside the house use for furniture, beds etc.

Available in a range of different colors

Available in 3, 4 and 5 step models

Available in standard, and wide models

The standard models are 15 inches wide, whilst the wide models are 16 inches wide

The 3 step stairs are 15″W x 13.5″H x 18″L, have 6 inch deep steps, and 4.5 inch high steps

The 4 step stairs are 15″W x 19″H x 24″L, have 6 inch deep steps, and 4.5 inch high steps

The 5 step stairs are 16″W x 22.5″H x 30″L, have 6 inch deep steps, and 4.5 inch high steps

The base of these stairs is made of foam

There is a fabric removable and washable cover over the stairs that looks good inside the house

Made in the USA



For small dogs only

Could have better anti slip on the underside of the stairs to keep the stairs from slipping around on wooden floors



  • Good, affordable stairs for inside the house for small dogs




Armarkat Pet Steps


Pet stairs for both cats and dogs

These Armarkat Pet Steps are made of a faux fleece material that looks similar to carpet and goes well with most interior settings. The steps are designed for both cats and dogs up to 70lbs in weight.

Come in a white ivory color

There’s two sizes available

There’s a 17″(W)x25″(D)x25″(H) size with 7 inch deep steps, and 4 steps in total

There’s also a 17″(W)x25″(D)x25″(H) size with 9 inch deep steps, and 3 steps in total

The covering material on these steps is faux fleece

The base underneath is pressed wood

These steps can support pets up to 70lbs max weight

The faux fleece looks nicer indoors that a lot of the plastic pet stairs available

Stairs can be used for lounges, other furniture, beds and other indoor uses



The faux fleece can get dirtier and over time be worn down more than plastic stairs



Overall, these stairs look good, are affordable and well made/durable. Good for small to medium sized pets




PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs

Regular PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs


These pet stairs are made of a durable but lightweight plastic, and come in two different models – one for small to medium sized pets, and one for large to extra large sized pets.

An affordable set of hardened plastic pet stairs with 4 steps

Total stairs dimensions when set up are 24 L x 16 W x 19.5 H inches

Steps on the stairs are 4.75 inches high, and 5 inches deep

Has a weight limit of 120lbs, but designed for small to medium sized pets

Weigh only 5lbs, so the stairs are quite lightweight

The stairs fold up so you can store them away when not in use

Good for inside the house with couches, chairs, and beds.



Some people don’t like the look of the plastic inside their house. They prefer a fleece covered type pet stairs set instead

These stairs can wobble a bit when heavier dogs are using them – you may need to find a way to secure the stairs on either side to prevent wobble

The anti slip on the bottom of the stairs could be better

Some people find the stairs are too narrow for medium sized pets



A good cheap option for light and small sized pets. May be too narrow and start to wobble for larger sized pets


X Large PetSafe Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs


The differences with the X Large pet stairs are…

They are designed for large and extra large pets

They can support up to 200lbs

They measure 28 L x 18 W x 25 H inches in total

The steps measure 6.25 inches high by 7 inches deep

The weight of the stairs is 9lbs

… You should keep in mind the dimensions – especially the width of the stairs, for larger pets. You might want to go for a wider set of stairs with a sturdier design if you have pets that are large size and up.


Best Dog/Pet Stairs & Steps: Buyer’s Guide

Dog/Pet Steps For Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large Dogs – How To Choose A Size Of Stairs

To choose a size of pet steps for your pet, you can consider the following:

– the weight capacity of the stairs

– how wide the stairs are – do they seem wide enough for your pet?

– what size of pet the manufacturer says the stairs are for


Dog/Pet Steps For Inside The House – Couches, Furniture, Beds etc.

The manufacturer will tell you if the stairs are for inside the house or not.

Something to make note of is that some people don’t like the plastic stairs for inside the house as they think they look ugly.

If this is you, you may want to go with fleece covered or fabric covered stairs instead as they tend to look better with interior dècor.


Dog/Pet Steps For Vehicles/Cars Like Sedans, SUV’s, Trucks etc.

Manufacturers will tell you if steps are for vehicles and cars or not.

Most steps for vehicles will usually always work to load pets into the back of the car.

Check the width of the steps to see if the steps will be able to help you load your pet into the side seat entry of the car.

If the steps above don’t seem suitable for your car, you may want to try a pet ramp like the PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp (on Amazon).


Can My Pet/Dog Use Pet Stairs?

Most pets can, but if your dog has a health condition, ask their they are able to use the incline of a ramp.

It’s important to check the weight limit of the ramp and make sure your pet comes within that weight limit. 


How Do I Get My Pet To Use Stairs?

Some pets and dogs take some time to get used to using steps – from a few days to a few weeks.

Positive reinforcement training with treats or your dog’s favorite toys works well.

So, be prepared to take some time training your dog.

This guide outlines some of the important basics on how to train your dog.


Best Stairs & Steps For Dachshunds 

Read more in this guide about the best stairs and steps for Dachshunds


Alternative To Pet Steps & Stairs – Pet Ramps

An alternative to pet stairs/steps are ramps. Read more about the best pet ramps in this guide



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