Best Dog House Heater & Furnace: Review & Buyer’s Guide


We’ve already written about 22 ways to warm up, heat or insulate a dog house for cold weather.

One of those ways might be with a dog house heater or furnace.

A good dog house heater or furnace might keep the inside of a dog house warm in the colder winter months.

There’s certainly other factors like insulation that you have to consider when making and keeping a dog house warm, but a good electric dog house heating product can actively lift the temperature.

There is a few options when it comes to electric heating products, so, in this guide, we’ve aimed to simplify the understanding process for you by cutting the fat and only giving you the information you want and need to know.

Let’s take a look!


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Best Dog House Heater / Furnace: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Best Dog House Heater/Furnace


Best Dog House Heater – Akoma Hound Heater Review

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Let’s start with the good. The features of this heater include:

A 100,000 cycle Thermostat – so you can control the minimum and maximum temperatures that the heater operates at. Adjusts from 30 to 100 F

High Limit Switch Shutoff – unit shuts down if it reaches 210 F

32 Cubic Feet Heating Capacity – you can heat a dog house roughly the size of 3 x 3 x 3.5 feet (length x width x depth)

150 Watts – has 150 Watts of heating power, and draws roughly 1.3 Amps

Heat Shield On The Back – to protect your dog from getting burned

Roughly 7 Foot Stainless Steel Spring Protected Cord – to protect against chewers

Long Lasting Element – 150 Watt heating element that is designed to last

Integrated Mounting Plate – so you dont need a separate mounting bracket

Igloo Dog House Bracket Available – in case you have an igloo dog house and not a flat surface dog house

Quite Small and Compact – Dimensions measure roughly 10.5 inches wide X 10 inches tall X 4.5 inches deep

Quiet Easy To Install – 1) Drill a hole through the wall of the house, 2) Feed the cord through the hole, 3) Mount the Hound Heater Dog House Furnace using the integrated mounting plate, 4) Set the thermostat and plug in. 5) You’re DONE!

Installation instructions and a mounting template included

Not very expensive to run

Rounded corners to the heater are safer for your dog


And, this is what might need to be improved, or what may be potential drawbacks to buying this heater:

For Best Results – you need a dog house with a dog flap, and insulation. The dog house needs to be fully enclosed essentially. If your dog house has no insulation or gaps and holes in it, this heater will not work for you.

Control Knob Is Cheap and A Little Flimsy

Not 100% Accurate Or Precise in showing heat level

Actual Unit Can Get Hot To Touch – whilst the heating element is covered, the actual unit can get hot at high heat. You will need to make sure the heater is near to top and out of the way on the side or back wall, or come up with a guard of your own so your dog doesn’t touch it.

The Heater Works, But The Dispersal Of Heat Can Be Inconsistent – even with this heater in your dog’s house, it’s still worth having a properly insulated dog house floor with warm blankets so your dog’s stomach and front doesn’t get cold

Durability – the heater comes with a warranty, but how many years it will last (whether it is a 2 year + heater or not) is not clear. When you buy, check warranty conditions and length




Best Dog House Heater – Buyer’s Guide & Things To Consider


With a dog house heater, you absolutely need to be across the safety aspect of the installation.

In particular pay attention to:

Read all instructions, warnings and product information for the heater carefully

Fire hazards that the heater may come in contact with (wood/straw and other flammable material)

Electrocution hazards that the heater may present (water, chewing through the wire, coming into contact with metal etc.). It’s worth checking the outdoor rating and waterproofing level of the heater

Consult an electrician or qualified professional if you are unsure about any of the technical or electrical aspects of the heater

Consult a vet if you are unsure as to what temperatures are safe for your dog (both hot and cold)


In regards to the positioning of any heater, definitely read the installation instructions and follow them.

But, in general:

You generally want to mount this dog house heater on the back wall with a little distance between the side walls and the ceiling, and the heater and the wall it is mounted on itself

Mount the heater up higher where your dog won’t roll on it or reach and touch it

The heater is electric and needs to be plugged in. Make sure the dog house is near a power source, the cords are out of the way and not in the constant weather, and are covered so they don’t present a chewing hazard for your dog


Installation and What’s Required

Tools Required: 

You will need a measuring device, drill, 1 1/8″ wood bit, screw driver and six wood screws (not included).

General Mounting Might Include:

Step 1

Tape the Hound Heater mounting template in a higher wall corner of the dog house. Away from the entrance is desirable.


Step 2

Place the bit in the center of the template’s black circle.


Step 3

Drill a hole all the way through the wall.


Step 4

Carefully feed the cord all the way through the previously drilled hole making sure the cord is not kinked.


Step 5

Mount the Hound Heater in an upright position using four sturdy wood screws. The “C” on “Caution Hot” is the top of the unit.


Step 6

Mount the Hound Heater Heat Shield about 2 inches above the top of the Hound Heater. The purpose of the shield is to deflect the rising heat and disperse it more efficiently in your pet’s house. It will also protect the ceiling from getting too warm.


Step 7

Set the thermostat to the desired temperature for your pet. (Medium setting is approximately 45-50 degrees F)


Step 8

Plug the unit into a GFI outlet.


Can You Get A Heater With A Ventilation Fan?

Yes, Akoma also do the Akoma Heat N Breeze Dog House Heater and Fan (on Amazon).

You can switch the heater element off and turn the fan on in the warmer summer months.

It’s not an A/C but more of a fan that just moves air.



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