Best Bark Control/Anti Bark Collar For German Shepherd Adults & Puppies



We’ve written this guide specifically for owners who are looking for the Best Bark Collar For A German Shepherd Adult or Puppy.

A German Shepherd when full grown is on average a large dog with large breed dimensions and measurements.

We’ve identified some of the most popular bark collar models from some of the most reputable brands for German Shepherds of different sizes with different neck sizes.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide with some FAQs and important information to consider when thinking about buying a bark collar for a dog or puppy.

(NOTE: It’s very important to point out that this is a general information reviews guide only. It is not professional advice. A qualified vet or animal health and behavior expert are the only people qualified to give you professional advice about using and selecting a bark collar.)

With that in mind, let’s check out the bark collars!


Best Bark Control/Anti Bark Collar For German Shepherd Adults & Puppies

Some of the best anti bark dog collars on the market at the moment for German Shepherd could be these popular models:


Best Bark Control/Anti Bark Collar For A German Shepherd: Reviews

SportDOG SBC-R No Bark Collar

As a quick summary of the features of this collar:

  • Customisable NoBark training collar
  • An improvement on the SBC-6 and SBC-18 collars
  • Has newer technology than the SBC-10R
  • Choose from 3 programmable training modes: Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User-Selected
  • Also choose from 10 levels of static stimulation
  • Collar uses Silent Partner™ technology that is supposed to identify your dog’s own unique bark, and only respond to that. It is supposed to filter out other dogs’ barks, and other external noise
  • Comes with both long and standard contact points – for long haired and short haired dogs respectively
  • Has an OLED display that shows the current mode of operation, as well as battery-life status
  • Has a built in safety feature for the most constant barkers – the corrections stops for 30 seconds if the collar detects 80 seconds of 15 barks or more
  • Collar is waterproof and submersible to 10 feet
  • Collar is for dogs 8 pounds or larger with neck sizes 5″ – 22″
  • Battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charges in roughly 2 hours. It lasts about 200 hours per charge

You can read the full SportDOG SBC-R No Bark Collar Review Guide here.


Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar

As a quick summary of the features of this collar:

  • A bark training collar that is triggered by your dog’s bark
  • Has Sound Recognition Sensor Technology
  • It’s the smallest and most compact no bark collar in the Dogtra range
  • Has a static training mode
  • Static training mode has Low-Mid stimulation in 1-6 levels
  • There’s a non-stimulating Pager Vibration warningbefore static stimulation is delivered.
  • The collar is fully waterproof
  • Comes with 5/8″ Surgical Stainless Steel Contact Points
  • The battery is a 2 hour rapid charge battery – so it’s rechargeable 
  • For dogs 10lbs and over, with neck size 9″ to 20″
  • LED indicator light to show the battery life

You can read the full Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collar Review Guide here.


Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar

As a quick summary of the features of this collar:

  • No bark collar for bigger or more stubborn dogs
  • Has both static stimulation, and vibration only training options
  • The static stimulation has 10 different levels of varying intensity static
  • The static power output is low to high, so can be used for soft up to harder temperament or more stubborn dogs
  • The vibration is the High Performance Pager (HPP) vibration training option
  • The collar is completely waterproof
  • The collar is for dogs 35lbs and up
  • The collar has a 2 hour quick charge rechargeable battery
  • Has a persistent bark indicator
  • Has a battery indicator on the collar
  • Has Accelerometer Bark Sensor technology
  • Comes with plastic shielded 5/8″ Enhanced Contact Points

You can read the full Dogtra YS600 No Bark Collar Review Guide here.


PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

As a quick summary of the features of this collar:

  • Anti bark collar with a nylon strap and a collar device
  • The technology in the collar device detects vibrations in your dog’s vocal cords to know when to trigger a static correction accompanied by a beep
  • For dogs 8 lbs and up
  • Fits neck sizes up to 28 inches
  • Has progressive correction which means the static levels automatically adjust without you having to set or modify settings
  • There’s 6 different levels of static stimulation
  • There’s a safety feature built into the collar – after 50 seconds of continuous correction, the collar shuts off
  • The collar device is waterproof and submersible to 5 feet
  • The collar uses a replaceable PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included)
  • Has a low battery indicator
  • PetSafe are quite responsive with customer service

You can read the full PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar Review Guide here.


Best Bark Control/Anti Bark Collar For A German Shepherd

What Are Bark Collars?

Bark collars are battery operated collars that are intended to train against, deter and minimise problem barking.

Problem barking is a more consistent and unnecessary barking, as opposed to natural barking which might be more spontaneous in response to certain situations.


Types Of Bark Collars

Bark collars could be categorised by type in several different ways, but perhaps the main way to categorise type is by the type of correction or cue they deliver. So, we might have:

  • Static stimulation (shock) bark collars
  • Vibration bark collars
  • Sound/tone/beep bark collars
  • Spray bark collars (like citronella spray)
  • Multi correction bark collars that use more than one type of correction cue

You can read more about the types of bark collars in this guide.


What Do Bark Collars Do, & How Do They Work?

Bark collars sense your dog’s bark, and automatically deliver usually a static stimulation, vibration or sound via the contact points or collar device on the collar strap around your dog’s neck.

In general, the way they might work is:

  • If customisable or if manual settings are available, you choose the bark collar settings on the collar such as a specific training mode, or a level of static or vibration correction
  • You turn the collar on
  • You put the collar around your dog’s neck
  • You make sure the collar is on the front and centre of the neck, with the contact points touching the skin at all times
  • The bark sensor technology in the collar picks up either or both of the vibration and sound in your dog’s vocal cords
  • The collar device delivers some form (or even a combination) of training correction or cue like a static stimulation, a vibration or a beep
  • The collar device will have a safety shut off feature whereby if your dog continually barks for a certain extended period of time, the collar shuts off


When Might You Use An Anti Bark Collar On Your German Shepherd?

Ultimately the decision lies with you the owner as to whether they use a bark collar or not.

However, you may use a bark collar:

  • Once you’ve worked on building a strong bond with your dog & you have their trust
  • Once you’ve undertaken basic obedience with your dog, or advanced training courses to minimise or stop the barking
  • Once positive reinforcement training has failed to work
  • Once you’ve consulted the advice of a professional dog trainer, and your vet (it’s usually safer to use the bark collar in the presence of a professional trainer who has deep knowledge of animal behavior & the use of bark collars)
  • Once you’ve consulted the laws in your area as to the use of bark collars
  • Once you’ve done your own research on the case studies of use of bark collars and e collars

There are other special circumstances where a bark collar might be your only option.

For example, in a residential area, if you have a dog that won’t stop barking and it annoys your neighbours to the extent that they make serious complaints to your council – you may have limited time to find a quick solution like a bark collar i.e. this is the only choice as training classes might take too long.

Remember – you can use the collar on your dog for a short period of time until the barking stops, and either replace with their old collar, or a dummy anti bark collar.

It doesn’t have to be a permanent thing.


What Size Bark Collar Do I Get For My German Shepeherd?

Look for two things when sizing a bark collar for any dog:

  • The weight range of the dog that fits the bark collar i.e. it might say ‘for dogs 8lbs and over’
  • The neck size that the collar fits i.e. it might say for dogs with neck sizes 6 to 28 inches

German Shepherds on average are a large breed of dog and might have somewhere between a 20 to 25 inch neck size on average.

But, this is an average only.

Measure your dog’s neck size and weight, compare that with the weight and collar size specifications of the bark collar, and consider that information in your buying decision.


Bark Collars For German Shepherd Puppies

Ask your vet about using a bark collars or any form of static stimulation device on a puppy.

Also read the manufacturer’s instructions and information on using their bark collars on young dogs.

Most of the good brands generally will tell you not to use the bark collar on a puppy:

  • Younger than 6 months
  • Under 8lbs

But, check the product description and owner’s manual.


Do Bark Collars Actually Work – Are They Worth The Money, & Are They Effective?

It’s probably fair to say that unlike a remote dog trainer which you can control manually, a bark control collar is probably not as reliable or effective for training.

With an automatic sensing device like a bark collar, how well they work depends on a wide range of factors!

There’s definitely no ‘perfect’ anti bark collar on the market at this stage. There are just some that overall are more reliable, consistent and effective than others.

For some people and their dogs, they do work, and for others they don’t.

Some factors that impact on how well the bark collar works are:

  • The brand of collar
  • The model of collar
  • The dog wearing the collar
  • The sensor technology on the collar
  • The quality of the collar device
  • The battery in the collar
  • How the collar is sitting on your dog’s neck
  • External factors such as noise, other objects and other dogs

You can read more about those factors in this guide – ‘Do Anti Bark Collars Actually Work?’


How Might Bark Collars Be Used Safely?

Safety is also extremely important with a bark collar. Some safety guidelines for using an anti bark collar might be:

  • Always always get your vet’s advice or the advice of an animal health expert – nothing is a substitute for professional advice
  • Read the operating guide, instruction/safety manual and training guide that comes with the collar
  • Research yourself how to use anti bark collars safely
  • Buy from a reputable company who put proper use of the collar and the safety of the dog as a priority like SportDOG, Dogtra, PetSafe or Garmin for example
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended with one on – be there to monitor their reaction the implications of whatever training cue is being administered through the collar. Take the collar off immediately and discontinue use if you notice any negative implications or reactions


Where Can I Read A Comparison Of Some Of The Best Quality Bark Collars?

We wrote a comparison guide on some of the best quality bark collars on the market from some established brands:


Are There Better Alternatives To Bark Collars? What About Remote Training Collars?

As we mentioned in the guide ‘Do Bark Collars Actually Work?‘, remote training collars have the advantage that

  • you control them entirely manually, and you don’t have to rely on the automatic bark collar sensors and overall bark collar technology.
  • The other advantage is that they usually come with all 3 of static shock, vibration and sound/tone/beep training only options. So you can set the collar to vibration only, or tone only for example – if you’re worried about the shock.

You can read more about some of the best remote training collars and e collars in these guides:

If you want to go straight to checking out some of the most popular remote training collars, you do so here:

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425 (on Amazon) – Best Standard/Basic E Collar, Neck Sizes 5-22 Inches

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425s (on Amazon) – Best Standard/Basic E Collar For More Stubborn Dogs, Neck Sizes 5-22 Inches

Dogtra 1900S (on Amazon)Best Advanced E Collar For Dogs 35lbs and Over


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