What Are Food Toppers For Dogs, & Which Are Best?



In this guide, we take a look at dog food toppers.

We look at what they are, and what some of the most popular brands right now might be.


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


Dog Food Toppers


What Are Dog Food Toppers?

Toppers are food products that are added to a dog’s main meal.

They can enhance or boost things such as nutrition and taste of a dog’s food (for this reason, they might also be referred to as a booster or enhancer). They can also generally help with boosting overall health (they might for example contain fish oil too)

Although most food toppers may not be nutritionally complete and balanced, there can also be some that are (so, check this on the label)


Types Of Dog Food Toppers

There’s different types of toppers, with some of the most common ones being:

  • Proper toppers (can be dry or dehydrated food)
  • Pour over toppers (can be broths, stews and so on)
  • Protein boosters (usually a wet mix)
  • Flavor food topper (powder and gravy type products)

Dog food toppers may also be divided into dry, wet, and powder/granular textures and types.


Do Dogs Need Food Toppers?

A qualified vet can advise you whether or not your dog might benefit from, or need a dog food topper.

For a fully healthy dog, usually their main food should be nutritionally complete and balanced, so a topper might not be needed.

But, food toppers can help some dogs with things such as:

  • Helping a dog who isn’t eating their food to eat (because it might make their food more appetising) 
  • Helping boost certain nutrients like protein
  • Helping boost hydration or making food softer (in the case of wet toppers)
  • Providing a treat for a dog 

Checking the topper product description and feeding directions can help guide owners on what for, and how toppers might be used and fed to dogs.

Like regular treats, be careful of overfeeding your dog with toppers on top of their regular meals and food.

Some estimates also say that toppers shouldn’t make up more that 10% of a dog’s diet (petcentral.chewy.com) 


Some Popular Dog Food Topper Brands

Obviously the topper that is best for your dog will depend on what your dog needs and what your dog’s vet recommends.

But, some popular brands on the market now are:


Further Reading On Dog Food

You might like to read this guide where we outline some of the general considerations to take into account with dog food, or this guide where we outline what different vets have said about dog food.



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