10 Ways To Remember Your Dog

Below, we list a range of different ways to remember a dog that has passed away.

They include but aren’t limited to photos and videos, commemorative items, and more.


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1. Dedicate A Space On Your Property To Your Dog

This may be a space in your yard, or it might be space somewhere inside the house 

– In Your Yard

You may put something in the area to mark it, and so you have something to look at

A memorial stone, a sign or plaque, a flower, or something else might be used to mark the space, or add something visual to it

If we take a memorial stone for example, they can be used as feature stones, or even stepping stones. Some an be used both inside and outside the house.

They usually come with an image, and some type of engraving or words on the stone.

A few examples of some more affordable memorial stones on the market right now might be:


– Inside The House

You might have a draw or a counter top with a memento item or a collection of things that remind you of your dog


2. Hold A Burial Service

Some people may choose to bury their dog on their property

There’s a number of ways to bury your dog, both with, and also without a pet coffin or casket

There’s regular coffins and caskets, as well as biodegradable pods available from different online companies.

Once you’ve buried your dog, a burial service may be a way to pay your respects and show love to your dog.


3. Cremate Your Dog, & Spread Their Ashes In A Meaningful Place

Cremation is an option for a dog’s body when they pass away.

Some owners may choose the spread the ashes or deposit the ashes in a meaningful place, such as a place that they enjoyed taking their dog, or a place their dog enjoyed going

This could be on the family property, at the beach, a favorite walking spot, or somewhere else.


4. Collect Your Favorite Photos & Videos Of Your Dog

Making a folder on your computer or phone of all your favorite photos and videos of your dog may be a good visual way to remember them that you can access electronically at any time.

You may even decide to get one of your favorite photos put into a photo frame, and put it somewhere around the house.

One example of a memorial photo frame is the Pearhead ‘Forever In My Heart’ Pet Memorial Frame (on Amazon).


5. Create A ‘Memory Box’ Of Your Dog

A ‘memory box’ is a small box that you put a few of your dog’s personal items in.

It could be their collar and ID tag, a tuft of their fur, their registration certification, photos of them as a puppy or adult, a paw print (if you have one), and so on.


6. Commission An Artist To Make Something For You

A nice way to have something you put around the house might be to commission an artist to draw or paint a picture of your dog.

You can frame the piece and put it on the wall, or put a standing picture frame on a bench top. 


7. Jewellery

A necklace or pendant with a small photo of your dog may be a nice way to have something to remember them.

You don’t have to wear the jewelry – you can store it somewhere as a commeorative piece.


8. Have A Statue Or Ornament Made

A small statue of your dog can be placed around the house, or somewhere outside.

Some companies also do small ornaments of dogs that can be placed around the house. 


9. Other Memorial, Commemorative Or Personalized Pieces

There’s several other memorial, commemorative or personalized pieces you might have made

They include cars, stones, mugs, wind chimes, and some companies even make ‘pet pillows’

They can be made with words, images, and other markings

Pick something that best suits you and what you want


10. Taxidermy

Some people may see this as an odd or controversial option.

But, some pet owners choose to get taxidermy on their pet when they pass away.




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