Sturdibag vs Sherpa vs Sleepypod Pet Carrier: Comparison, & Which Is Better?


In this Sturdibag vs Sherpa vs Sleepypod Comparison, we take a look at 5 popular pet carriers from these brands:

– The Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier Bag

– The Sturdibag Pet Carrier w/ heavy mesh

– The Standard Sturdibag Pet Carrier w/out heavy mesh

– The Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier

– The Sleepypod Atom Pet Carrier


We’ve considered which of these pet carriers might be best for you, and why.

We’ve taken into account the uses, features and of course price of the carriers.

We’ve also done a specific Sleepypod Air vs Sturdibag comparison at the bottom of this guide, as some people request it.

Let’s take a closer look!


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Sturdibag vs Sherpa vs Sleepypod Pet Carrier Comparison: Which Is Better?







Sturdibag vs Sherpa vs Sleepypod Pet Carrier – Which Is Best For You?

If we were to take into account price, range of features and number of uses, we’d pick the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier as the best of the three.

It’s designed for foot, car and plan travel, and has almost every feature you’d want in a carrier.

Second, we’d pick Sturdibag Pet Carriers, and third we’d pick the Sleepypod Carriers.

None of the carriers have anything majorly wrong with them – it’s highly unlikely you’d be disappointed with any of them.

The only thing we would note is that the Sturdibag w/ heavy mesh is a compressible carrier, and some people report that in order to fit it under a standard airline seat in cabin, you do have to compress it. It sometimes won’t fit in it’s elongated shape.

Apart from that you’d have to pay attention to the weight capacity and dimensions of each of the carriers. Make sure your dog is small enough to fit in them.

How do you measure your dog for a carrier? Take two measurements:

One from the base of the tail to your dog’s chest

The other is from the ground to the top of your dog’s shoulders


Sturdibag vs Sherpa vs Sleepypod Pet Carrier: Similarities

The biggest similarity between the carriers is that they are all designed for foot, car and airline in cabin travel

The carriers all have fairly similar features including but not limited to:

Dual side and top entries

Removable and washable bed mats inside the carriers

Shoulder straps that are adjustable

Carry handles

Seatbelt straps

All the carriers are designed for toy to small sized dogs


Sturdibag vs Sherpa vs Sleepypod Pet Carrier: Differences

Price is a fairly big difference between all the carriers

Dimensions are slightly different between the carriers

Weight limits/capacities are also different

The Sturdibag and Sleepypod Carriers have a couple of extra features such as tether points inside the carriers, a collapsible design and crash tested (the Sleepypods are crash tested) designs for example that the Sherpa doesn’t have. They also have a range of colors to choose from

The Sleepypod Atom is a smaller and more compact version of the Air


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Sleepypod Air vs Sturdibag: Which Should You Get?

In our opinion, the Sturdibag Pet Carrier with heavy mesh is the better of the two options when compared to the Sleepypod Air.

It’s more affordable, and is designed for heavier pets, with double the weight limit of the Air – 30 lbs weight limit compared to 15lbs.

Because it’s 4 inches shorter than the Air, it doesn’t need to be compressed to be fit under an airline in cabin seat.


Sleepypod Air vs Sturdibag: Similarities

Both can be used for air, car and foot travel

Both have an attachment point for a tether inside

Both have front and top entrances

Both have seatbelt straps

Both have a carry handle

Both have a shoulder strap

Both have storage pockets

Both have removable and washable bed matts inside


Sleepypod Air vs Sturdibag: Differences

Sturdibag has a 30lbs weight capacity, whereas the Air has a 15lbs weight capacity

Sturdibag has a range of carrier options, including the two most popular – with and without the heavy duty mesh

The carriers are slightly different dimensions

The Sleepypod Air is crash tested

The Sturdibag has tie down points

The Sturdibag has a tension rod design

The Sturdibag with heavy mesh only comes in black, whereas the Standard Sturdibag and Sleepypod Air both come in a range of colors


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