Non GMO Dog Food: What To Know



This is a short guide about non GMO dog food.

We discuss the potential impact of GMO ingredients on pets, as well as list some non GMO pet food brands.


(NOTE – this guide contains general information only. It does not contain any professional advice, and is not a substitute for professional advice. Speak to a qualified veterinarian or animal professional about the health of your pet/s, and specifically about your pet/s diet and feeding)


Non GMO Dog Food


Firstly, What Are GMOs?

GMOs are generally organisms with genetic material that has been modified in a lab with genetic engineering.


What Are Examples Of GMO Ingredients Commonly Used In Dog Food?

Corn and soy are a few of the most common genetically modified crops – particularly in the US.


Are GMO Ingredients Safe Or Unsafe For Dogs?

The reality is that most dogs have eaten, or will probably eat GMO ingredients if they eat a commercial pet food.

Whether or not GMOs are safe for dogs is a question that hasn’t yet been answered definitively. More short term and long term animal feeding studies might be needed.

For example, points out:

  • Not much is known about the long-term health effects of GMOs on humans or pets. There is little scientifically sound, unbiased research available to consumers hoping to become more educated about these products that go into their pet’s diet.

Some sources do indicate that GM foods might have some potential risk.

One recent long term, peer reviewed report found (

  • … a diet of GM corn and soy led to higher rates of severe stomach inflammation in pigs, which are physiologically similar to dogs also reports though that there is currently’ no objective evidence of’ certain ills being in GM foods.

Read more thoughts and feedback from a holistic vet on GM dog foods at also outlines some other potential causes for concern with GMO foods.


What Are Non GMO Ingredients?

Generally, non gmo ingredients haven’t been genetically engineered or modified in a lab – they have been grown naturally, or with techniques like selective breeding.


Examples Of Popular Non GMO Dog Food Brands

A popular dog food on the market right now that is non GMO is:

Some sources indicate that it’s worth looking for certified organic dog food if you want to find true non GMO food. also has some additional resources on GMOs used in pet food, and shopping for non GMO pet food brands and products.


Further Reading On Dog Food

You might like to read this guide where we outline some of the general considerations to take into account with dog food, or this guide where we outline what different vets have said about dog food.











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