Awesome German Shepherd Themed Gifts & Products


Maybe you want to treat yourself, or maybe you have a friend who simply loves and adores German Shepherds.

Either way, if you need to buy a German Shepherd themed gift or product, this guide contains lots of them.

We’ve found some of the most popular, awesome, thoughtful and outright cool gifts for German Shepherd owners and lovers.

There’s a bit of something for everyone in here, so browse, explore and enjoy!


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A List Of The Best German Shepherd Themed Gifts & Products

In case you don’t have time to go through the whole list, here is a summary of our top choices:

General Gifts


Cuddly & Soft German Shepherd Themed Plush & Stuffed Toys

Some of the top rated German Shepherd themed stuffed animals and plush toys from SMALLEST, to BIGGEST:


– Life Sized German Shepherd Themed Stuffed Animals


GSD Themed Costumes & Masks For Humans












Leggings, Tights & Pants




Hats, Caps, Beanies & Visors








Baby Clothes


Cookie Jar


Keychains & Key Rings


Sew On & Iron On Patches


Wine Glasses, Holders & Stoppers


Blankets & Bed Covers




Phone Cases




Mouse Pads


Figurines, Statues & Sculptures




Regular Stickers


Car & Truck Window & Bumper Stickers


Wall Decals


Artwork, Prints & Painting


Posters & Wall Decor




Purses & Bags




Lunch Box, & Food Bags


Lanyards & Card Holders








Watches, & Pocket Watches






Notebooks, & Notepads


House, Xmas & Garden Ornaments


Yard Signs




Jigsaw Puzzles


Golf Club Covers, & Balls


Xmas Sweaters, Cards, & Stockings


16 Inch German Shepherd Plush Toy/Stuffed Dog

View On Amazon

Plush toy/stuffed German Shepherd

Cute, soft, cuddly and squeezable

Good quality and well detailed

For kids but not children under 3 (small parts)

View 16 Inch German Shepherd Plush Toy on Amazon


8.5 Inch German Shepherd Plush Toy

View On Amazon

Bean-filled plush toy – soft and cuddly

Fits Fancy Pals Toy Pet Carriers

Pairs with 12″ Rodan Flopsie


High quality

Small – not for children under 3 (small parts)

View 8.5 Inch German Shepherd Plush Toy/Bean Filled Dog (on Amazon)


Tan & Black German Shepherd My Dog Figurine

View On Amazon

Cute and fun German Shepherd figurine is perfect for a desk, bedside table or other feature spots

Can be used as a memento for lost German Shepherds

Dimensions measure 7″ L x 3 1/2″ W x 3 3/4″ H

Hand painted with great detail

View German Shepherd Figurine on Amazon


German Shepherd Etched Wine Glass

View On Amazon

All Purpose 12.75oz Libbey Wine Glass

Safe for a dishwasher for cleaning

Frosted look that is smooth and very detailed

Pattern does not wear off and glass does not go cloudy

View German Shepherd Wine Glass On Amazon


German Shepherd Box Sign (2.5-Inch by 6-Inch)

View On Amazon


Cute, goofy and homely box sign

Made with high quality wood and distressed paint design

Designed to stand on their own or hang on the wall

Perfect for a home or work desk, shelf, furniture top or feature part of the house

View German Shepherd Box Sign on Amazon


Car Magnet, I Love My German Shepherd, 2-Inch by 7-Inch

View On Amazon

Text reads: “I (Heart) My German Shepherd”

Magnet sticks to cars, mailboxes, refrigerators and anything metallic

0.30 weight magnet material

High Gloss UV Ink

2 Inch by 7 Inch in size

View Magnetic ‘I Love My German Shepherd’ Car, Mailbox & Fridge Magnet on Amazon


German Shepherd Dog Themed 16oz Pint/Drink Glass

View On Amazon

All Purpose 16oz Libbey Pint/Drinking Glass

Safe for a dishwasher for cleaning

Frosted look that is smooth and very detailed

Pattern does not wear off and glass does not go cloudy

View German Shepherd Drinking Glass on Amazon


German Shepherd Dog Wine Bottle Holder Figurine Statue (for Kitchen Decor)

View On Amazon

Wine Bottle Holder – perfect for a kitchen or wine collection area

Can also hold small to medium bottles of spirits

Can be repainted if you want to

Dimensions are 6.5″ height, by 11.5″ length by 4.5″ width

Made of Cold Cast Polyresin Acrylics

View German Shepherd Figurine Wine Bottle Holder on Amazon


German Shepherd Yard Warning Sign “Security Force German Shepherd” 

View On Amazon

For yards and lots letting people know there is a dog on the property

Printed on UV protected Styrene with UV inks

Weather resistant

11″ x 11″ New Sign

Made completely in the USA

View German Shepherd Yard Warning Sign “Security Force German Shepherd” on Amazon 


German Shepherd 5.25″ Cookie Cutter, Metallic

View On Amazon

Can be used for general baking, cutting dough, clay, or any soft food or material

Can get in 1 through to 5 packs

For adults and kids

Measures 5.25″

Made of Heavy-duty tinplate steel

View German Shepherd Cookie Cutter on Amazon


German Shepherd Dishwasher Clean/Dirty Sign Magnet

View On Amazon

Very cute way to tell if the dishwasher is clean or dirty – show clean german shepherd and dirty mud covered GSD

Large 3 inch sign is easy to see in the kitchen

Works as a magnet – will not mark your dishwasher

High-quality glossed aluminum will not rust or stain

View German Shepherd Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Sign on Amazon



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