ILIFE ‘A Series’ vs ‘V Series’ Comparison: A4s vs A6 vs V3s vs V5s vs V7s vs V8s


ILIFE offers a few different robotic vacuums in their robo vac range.

Two of their ranges are the A series and V series.

We’ve previously done a comparison guide for the ILIFE A Series, and a comparison guide also for the ILIFE V Series.

To save you some additional time and research, we’ve put together an ILIFE A4s vs A6 vs V3s vs V5s vs V7s vs V8s Robo Vac Comparison Guide below outlining the main differences and similarities between these robo vacs (and mops).

You should get a good idea of which one might be best for you based on matching up this information with your own preferences and needs.


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ILIFE A4s vs A6 vs V3s vs V5s vs V7s vs V8s: Robo Vac Comparison Guide

You can go straight to viewing these robo vacs here:

A Series


V Series


ILIFE A4s vs A6 vs V3s vs V5s vs V7s vs V8s: Which To Get?

The A4s and A6 are the more basic and affordable models.

These are the ones to look at if a lower price is your preference.

They are also vacuums only.

With the exception of the V3s, the V series are vacuums and spot mops.

The V3s is the most basic model, and the V8s is the most advanced model.

So, consider these points if you are deciding which model to get.

You might like to read this guide which outlines some of the other top robot vacuum models for pet hair and general cleaning, as well as pet hair vacuum buyer’s tips.


ILIFE A4s vs A6 vs V3s vs V5s vs V7s vs V8s: Differences

Some of the unique features that make each vacuum unique from the other (apart from price) are:

The A4s has mini room mode for better cleaning of certain small rooms in your house, and has Gen 1 Cleaning System

The A6 uses the Electrowall for isolating the cleaner from certain areas, and Gen 2 Cleaning System

In terms of the V series vacs/mops…

The V8s is the most advanced model, then the V7s, then the V5s, followed by the V3s Pro which is the most basic.

The V3s Pro is a robo vac only.

The V5s Pro is a robo vac and spot mop, with a more advanced Max motor.

The V7s Pro is a robo vac and spot mop, which has smart dust bin technology.

And, the V8s has LCD front display/button technology, along with bigger water and dust containers.

Overall, we would say the V3s Pro probably offers the best value for money when you look at it’s price and performance. It’s basic, but it’s quite affordable.


ILIFE A4s vs A6 vs V3s vs V5s vs V7s vs V8s: Similarities

Some of the similarities might be:

All are robotic and automatic operating 

All have 3 cleaning modes – edge cleaning mode, auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode

All have side brushes to clean walls and edges

All can clean up pet hair, and regular dirt/debris

All can clean hard floors, and low pile carpets

All have a rechargeable battery 

All are self charging vacuums that automatically re-dock to recharge

All have a dust container/are bagless vacs

All can be scheduled to clean at certain times

All can also clean automatically with the touch of a button

All have a 1 year limited warranty 


ILIFE A4s vs A6 vs V3s vs V5s vs V7s vs V8s: Reviews

We’ve previously done a review and comparison guide for the ILIFE A Series, and a review and comparison guide also for the ILIFE V Series.

We list the features of each model, and consider who they might and might not be for.

You’ll note that the V Series has the Pro models which are the updated and newer models.



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