How To Celebrate Your German Shepherd’s Birthday: 13 Cute Ideas


Your dog is special to you, so it only makes sense that your celebrate their birthday in style.

We’ve put together a list of 13 super cute and fun ideas for your German Shepherd’s birthday that will be both memorable and enjoyable.

Combine these ideas together throughout the day to leave your dog or puppy feeling like the most spoiled pooch in the world by day’s end.

One of our favorite ideas is the dog massage – but we will let you read through the list and pick and choose for yourself.

Let’s check it out …


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How To Celebrate Your German Shepherd Dog/Puppy’s Birthday: 13 Cute Ideas


1. Pick some of their furry best friends to go play with

Does your dog have any other dog friends that they are friendly with?

If so, ask the owner if it’s ok if they have a play date on your dogs birthday – even if it’s only for 10-20 minutes.

If you are good friends with the owner, you might like to ask them if you can take their dog for a long walk with your dog, or their dog can come over to your place for a few hours.

Dogs that live in a home with only other humans will appreciate this this play date a lot.

If your dog doesn’t have any best dog friends, you can think about taking them to a dog park (as long as they don’t have aggression issues)


2. Bake, or Make & Refrigerate Treats and Biscuits For Your Dog

Baking or making and refrigerating birthday dog treats and biscuits for your dog is both super fun for you, and your dog with find them so tasty (it’s so satisfying and makes you so happy to see your dog enjoy something you’ve put time and effort into).

It’s as easy as find some recipes (and check with your vet or a qualified dog nutritionist of course that the ingredients are safe for your dog), get some dog biscuit/treats molds or dog dough cutters, put the ingredients together, bake in the oven/freeze in the fridge/freezer, and serve when ready.

There are a couple of great make at home dog biscuit and dog treats here:


You can also buy some fun but affordable dog treat/biscuit molds and cutters here:


3. Make, or Order Dog Safe Cake, or Dog Safe Cupcakes For Your Dog

Similar to making treats for your dog, making a cake is equally fulfilling.

You’ll want to personally make sure you don’t feed your dog anything they have allergies to or has ingredients which can be toxic for dogs. If you’re unsure – ask your vet.

There are cake mixes with all natural human grade ingredients which are popular like the Puppy Cake Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake Mix and Frosting (on Amazon)

If making birthday doggy cake sounds like too much work, why not make it easier and find some places that sell doggy birthday cakes with ingredients that are safe for dogs (google dog bakery, or dog cakes, in your area).

You can ring them up, order, and pick it up on the day.

Your dog is sure to woof it down in no time.

Plan this for the end of the day so your dog has a nice surprise at around dinner time.

If your dog has other doggy friends around on the day – think about getting some doggy safe cupcakes instead that they can all enjoy.


4. Set up treat adventure game

This one is pretty fun, and can be done in the backyard or front yard.

You’ll need two people. Get one person to hold your dog, while you show them a treat.

Then you’ll want to have several items you can place treats under or in on the ground – let your dog see you putting treats under or in each item.

When you’re ready, your dog can be let go and can run around to each item and try to get the treats out.

You can even do something like fill a Kong toy with peanut butter (as long as your dog isn’t allergic) or your dog’s other favorite snacks.


5. Buy them a big bone to chew on

I don’t know about you, but our dogs love chewing on big uncooked bones from the store.

They are not only god for their teeth, but provide a good hour of chewing entertainment.

You can give your dog their bone after they come back from a nice big walk.


6. Buy or get a new dog toy or two – play with your dog with the toys

What sorts of dog toys does your dog like?

Chew toys and rope toys are usually good for big dogs like German Shepherds.

If your dog likes rope toys, make sure you spend a good amount of time playing tug with them.

It could even be something simple like throwing the ball for them to fetch until they get tired.

Our dogs like plastic containers to play with and chew on too. As long as they are BPA free, these containers can provide some good mental stimulation and fun.


7. Go on an extra long walk

All dogs like walks.

This is something to do when you get up first thing in the morning – take your dog for an extra long walk so that they are nice and tired when they get home.


8. Take your dog to his or her favorite place

Some dogs LOVE the beach. Some dogs LOVE pools. Some dogs LOVE going in the car and sticking their face out the window and feeling the air on their face.

Whatever or wherever it is that your dog is really happy – schedule a visit for them to go there or experience that thing.


9. Give your dog a massage and lots of tummy rubs

Have you ever given your dog a massage?

Some dogs love being touched and getting pats and tummy rubs.

If you’d like to try out a doggy massage, have a read of this dog massage guide which outlines how to do it and other things to look out for.


10. Schedule some cuddle time

Good for the end of the day.

Assuming your dog is a bit of a lap dog or loves laying down next to you or in the same room as you – make sure you schedule some time simply sitting with your dog close by.

You can put a movie on, or if its winter put the heater on, and let your dog lay down next to you while you pat him or her.


11. Take some photos

Make sure you have your camera on you.

Doggy massages or doggy play dates are examples of times when your dog is sure to be really happy.

Make sure you capture some cute and happy photos that you can look back on that will make you smile.


12. Bake them some doggy treats or doggy biscuits as treats throughout the day

You can bake some dog-tasty doggy treats or biscuits using dog friendly ingredients.

Ingredients like pumpkin, molasses, vegetable oil, and water together in a bowl, and whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon can make a good dough.

Although ask a vet or pet nutritionist what is best for your dog.

Bake the treats/biscuits in custom treat molds for extra cuteness.


13. Buy their favorite food for dinner

Last but not least, all dogs have a food that they simply go crazy for.

Make sure you have your dog’s favorite food handy for dinner as a nice way to finish off the day.


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