Quick/Simple Homemade Dog Nose Butter Recipe


If you are someone who likes making things at home, or for some reason you’d prefer not to get a commercial product, this homemade dog nose butter recipe might be of interest to you.

A good nose butter provides the benefit of adding moisture to the skin on and around the nose, and helps the skin heal and recover.

This is handy for dogs that have a dry or chapped nose.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and the recipe!

There’s one for butter, and one for wax/balm!


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Homemade Dog Nose Butter Recipe

If you want more of a homemade dog nose butter or DIY dog nose butter, you have two options:

– Go with some simple and natural/organic coconut oil

– Actually make the butter yourself


Firstly, A Caution About Homemade Recipes For Dogs

Always check with your vet that any home made or alternative recipe is safe for your dog before making it or applying it to your pet. Get their approval first.

You’ll especially want to stay away from any ingredients that may be toxic for dogs, or from ingredients that your individual dog might be allergic to.


Homemade Dog Nose Butter

As a general guide, the steps to making dog nose butter might be …

1. You’ll need:

– 2 parts (can use tablespoon) unrefined organic shea butter,

– 2 parts coconut oil,

– 1 part sweet almond oil, 

– 6-8 drop of a non-toxic all natural essential oil (don’t use too much essential oils – some of them can be toxic for dogs in high concentrations).


2. Boil (with oil boiling pot and boiler – a double boiler usually works well) the coconut oil and shea butter together until mixed in.


3. Add the coconut oil and essential oils after you’ve removed the pot from the boil and mix those in.


4. You can then pour the contents into a tin or tube or container of your choice and wait for it to solidify.


5. Once it has hit room temp it is ready to use.


6. Other notes …

Plant Therapy Essential Oils (on Amazon) makes a USDA organically certified essential oil – so it’s been certified it has at least 95% natural ingredients.

Read more about what the USDA Organic stamp means on product labels in this guide.

You can find Better Shea Butter here (on Amazon) here.

NOTE: you can make the butter without the essential oils if you prefer the butter to be odorless.


Homemade Dog Nose Wax/Balm

We thought we would also include a guide to making homemade dog nose wax and balm.

As a general guide…

1. You’ll need:

– 2 parts olive or almond oil (can use tablespoons),

– 2 parts coconut oil,

– 1 part shea butter,

– and 4 parts beeswax.


2. It’s as simple as mixing the ingredients over a low heat on a stove top in a pot/pan until it is one liquid.


3. Pour the liquid into a small plastic container you can seal, and wait for it to dry out.


4. It’s ready to use once it has gone hard and set.


5. Other notes …

You can find Better Shea Butter here (on Amazon), and Mary Tylor Natural Bees Wax here (on Amazon).


Video Tutorials On Making DIY Dog Nose/Body Butter

Dog Body Butter (Pups & People)

Paw & Nose Balm For Dogs (Mobile Paw Spa)


Don’t Want To Make Homemade Dog Nose Butter? – Commercial Dog Nose Butter Is An Option

Some people may not have time to make, or may be unsure about making homemade dog nose butter.

In that case, there is commercial dog nose butter available.

One natural and certified USDA organic dog balm is:


Other butter and balm products include:


You can read more about dog nose waxes, balms, moisturizers and creams in this guide.

You can also read about coconut oil for dog noses in this guide, if you want to look at coconut oil as an option.



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