30+ German Shepherd Quotes & Sayings For All Occasions


German Shepherd can be so adorable, cute, and bring a much needed smile to your day.

We’ve gone ahead and started compiling a list of the best German Shepherd quotes, sorting them by categories such as love, protection, intelligence, shedding just to name a few.

We certainly aim to update this list as we go, so if you have any good quotes you’d like to see added – by all means drop us a message or leave a comment with your suggestion.

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30+ German Shepherd Quotes & Sayings For All Occasions


German Shepherd Love Quotes

What did humans do to deserve German Shepherds?

The only thing better than coffee is my German Shepherd

Not every human knows how to love a German Shepherd, but every German Shepherd knows how to love a human

If people had hearts like German Shepherds, the world would be full of love, loyalty, and head tilting….lots of head tilting.

When I look at my German Shepherd, I don’t see a dog. I see a friend, a family member, a protector.

All you need is love…and a German Shepherd

My German Shepherd makes everything better

Always be yourself…unless you can be a German Shepherd…always be a German Shepherd

Never trust anyone that doesn’t like your German Shepherd

A German Shepherd is one of the only dogs in the world that loves you more than you love yourself

To you, your German Shepherd might just be your dog, to your German Shepherd, your German Shepherd you are everything

The more I get to know my work mates, the more I get to love my German Shepherd

STRANGER: How many kids do you have? ME: 3 including the one with big ears that sheds all the time.

Who needs a best friend when you’ve got a German Shepherd

My German Shepherd makes me happy, even if boys don’t

German Shepherds are where the heart is

My German Shepherd is like a good drop of wine…she/he warms my soul in ways no person can

Smile….sparkle….shine….lick people’s face profusely

FRIEND: What are you doing tonight? ME: Watching Game of Thrones with my housemate FRIEND: You’re talking about your German Shepherd aren’t you? ME: Duh


German Shepherd Mom Quotes

I’m one of the best kinds of moms…a German Shepherd mom!


German Shepherd Protection Quotes

My German Shepherd can run 40 yards in 4 seconds. Want to try your luck?

My best friend has fur, paws, and 42 sharp/scary teeth. What’s your next move?

Why spend $5000 on a home security system when I’ve already got a German Shepherd

My German Shepherd reminds me of me a little bit… he/she has a strong sense of self, and an in-built bullsh*t detector


German Shepherd Intelligence Quotes

My German Shepherd knows 10 different commands and sits when she’s told to. You can’t manage to put the seat down after you’ve gone to pee. Go figure.


German Shepherd Shedding Quotes

German Shepherd…more like German Shedder

German Shepherds have two shedding frequencies – 1. always, and 2. a little bit more than always.

GSD – Great Shedding Dog


Miscellaneous German Shepherd

TEACHER: What do you want to be when you grow up Tom? TOM: I want to be a German Shepherd TEACHER: ….that’s….good Tom

(ME THINKING TO MYSELF): I wonder at what point an 85 lbs German Shepherd thinks it’s a good idea to become a lap dog


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