13 German Shepherd Memorial Ideas To Remember A Loved Dog Companion


When you lose a pet companion, it can be a tough time. Not only do you lose a pet, but it can feel like losing a friend or family member.

Having said this, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. 

Instead of focussing on the loss, you can celebrate the good times and contribution you made to each others’ lives. 

Make it positive! 

We’ve put together 12 beautiful and touching ways you can commemorate your German Shepherd, which include inside and outside German Shepherd memorial ideas.

Hopefully you find joy in them as much as we do!


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13 German Shepherd Memorial Ideas To Remember A Loved Companion


1. German Shepherd Urn

A common option among pet owners. If you’d prefer not to bury your dog, you can opt for a cremation.

There are a range of beautiful urns out there to place your GSD’s ashes in with patterns, or other images and words.

You can choose to spread the ashes in a special spot, or keep the urn somewhere special.


2. Remembrance Box

A remembrance box is a box where you place special items of your dog into.

Collars, photos, toys, documentation, a USB with videos and special memories – the list goes on.

You can feature the box somewhere in the house, or store it away and pull it out and have a look over everything when you feel the need.


3. Bury your dog on your premises, and get a German Shepherd Memorial Statue, Memorial Stone, or Plaque 

If you opt to bury your dog, or even if you just want to create a memorial in your yard, you can get a German Shepherd memorial statue, German Shepherd Memorial Stone, or German Shepherd plaque to place in the spot where you choose to have the memorial.

Place some flowers and a phote around the memorial, and it can look really nice.

In this guide, we identify a concrete German Shepherd Statue with angel wings that might be suitable for a memorial spot.


4. Plant a flower or plant in a special place in your garden

A really beautiful gesture.

In the memorial place, instead of getting a stone or statue, you can plant a flower or other types of plants.

The flowers or plants can signify new life springing out of an old passed friend.

The care you put into growing the new flower/s and the new flower/s themselves is a symbol of your continued care and appreciation of your dog.


5. Create a scrap book, or wall collage with photos, collar, and memories

A super easy and simple way to remember your GSD.

Buy a scrap book from the shop and place anything in there that reminds you of your dog. You could also buy a cork backed wall board and make a photo collage of your dog.

Similar to a remembrance box, you can store the scrap book somewhere special and pull it out anytime.

The collage you can place in a spare room in your house. 


6. Get a figurine or sculpture

A German Shepherd figurine or sculpture is an innocuous but cute way to remember your dog.

A small figurine can be placed on a nightstand or can be carried with you in your purse or handbag.

A sculpture could be a medium or life sized sculpture that you can place around the house.

You can check out German Shepherd statues, figurines and sculptures in this guide.


7. Picture Frame

Picture frames can be placed on a table stand or on the wall.

You can place photos in them, quotes, or a photo of your dog with a loving quote next to it.

Love heart shaped frames or frames with patterns are always pretty and presentable.

You can find a German Shepherd themed picture frame like this one from E&S (on Amazon).


8. German Shepherd Ornament

And ornament with a thread attached to hand on a stand, post or place somewhere are great.

You can get ornaments in different shapes, and some you can hang on your car rear vision mirror.

Something like this heart shaped German Shepherd ceramic ornament customised with your dog’s photo on it is affordable, but a wonderful memento.


9. Candle Holder, or German Shepherd Remembrance Candle

Cheap but beautiful option.

Get a remembrance candle, or a glass candle holder from the shop, and decorate it with a photo of your dog and fasten their collar around it.

Remembrance candles with come printed with either a photo or text on it as a tribute to your dog. You can also get flameless options that you can keep next to your bed.

Check out German Shepherd Remembrance candles here on Zazzle.


10. Get a sketched portrait done of your dog – using an image you hold dear

You can find and pay an artist to commission a photo of your dog.

They can sketch your dog in a type of art sketch that suits your taste/preference.

You can frame this portrait and put it on your wall – they can looking really amazing and classy.


11. Get a poem written, or write the letter yourself and frame it

Write a poem, a tribute letter, an obituary – whatever you like – and frame it in a picture frame or wall frame.

Accompany the writing with a photo of your dog, and you have something nice to look at and also read as a reminder or memorial.

You can remember all the things that your GSD did that made you feel loved, the special memories your had with each other – anything that feels special to you.


12. Get jewelry like a pendant remembering your dog, or a bracelet with their name engraved

Necklaces, pendants, bracelets and charms are a great way to remember your German Shepherd.

A necklace pendant you can place a picture of your dog inside the locket, or a bracelet you could engrave the name of your GSD on the inside of the bracelet.

There are a few options when it comes to jewelry – check out these German Shepherd themed jewelry pieces for more ideas.


13. German Shepherd Tattoo

Some people choose to remember their dog with a small tattoo on their ankle or foot.

You can get a little GSD silhouette done with your GSD’s name – a beautiful way to honor your dog.


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