Educator ET-300 vs ET-400 vs ET-800: Comparison, & Which To Get



This is an Educator ET-300 vs ET-400 vs ET-800 e collar comparison guide.

We list the differences and similarities of these e collars, and discuss which one to get based on the features of each.

Let’s take a look!


(NOTE: this is a general information guide only, and is not professional advice, or a substitute for professional advice. A qualified vet or animal expert is the only person qualified to give you expert advice in regards to your pet/s)


Educator ET-300, ET-400 & ET-800

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Educator ET-300 vs ET-400 vs ET-800: Which To Get?

You’d get the ET-300 or ET-400 for dogs over 5lbs (up to around 150 lbs), with soft to normal temperaments (who aren’t too stubborn, tough or who don’t have high prey drives). The ET-300 will give you a 1/2 mile range, whilst the ET-400 will give you a 3/4 mile range.

You’d get the ET-800 for larger dogs 25 lbs and over, and with soft up to stubborn and harder temperaments – it’s a more powerful e collar (low to high power, compared to the low to medium power of the 300 and 400 models). It also has up to 1 mile of range.

It’s estimated by Educator that the 800 and 1200 series models are about 40%-50% more powerful with their stimulation than the 300, 400 and 900 series models.

There’s also the ET-800 Plus for dogs 50 lbs and over.

*Some of this information is based on information found in Educator’s ‘Buying Guide’


Educator ET-300 vs ET-400 vs ET-800: Differences

The ET-300 and ET-400 have mostly the same features (for dogs 5lbs and up, and for soft to normal temperament dogs, and has many of the same other features).

The only key difference is that the ET-400 has a 3/4 mile range compared to the ET-300 which has a 1/2 mile range.

The ET-300 also has a slightly smaller receiver and remote.

The ET-800 ‘The Boss’ has several difference compared to the ET-300 and ET-400.

It is more expensive, is for larger dogs (25lbs and up), is for harder temperament dogs, has a longer range (1 mile), and has slightly better blunt pulse stimulation.

The ET-800 Plus is for the largest of dogs – 50lbs and up.


Educator ET-300 vs ET-400 vs ET-800: Similarities

  • All models have stimulation, vibration and tone modes
  • All models are rechargeable with rechargeable batteries
  • All models are for dogs with necks up to 29 inches
  • All models are available in one or two dog systems


Educator ET-300, ET-400 & ET-800 Reviews


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